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Retailers + Visa Decision Sciences

Driving incremental sales, new customer acquisition and increased loyalty for retailers

Campaign Goals

Shopkick’s retail partners wanted to measure the incrementality of the Shopkick program.  They wanted to know of the sales, transactions and customers that Shopkick was driving, how many would NOT have occurred without the Shopkick program.  Visa Decision Sciences measured program incrementality for individual retailers, as well as incrementality for the Shopkick platform as a whole, both across all merchants and specifically within verticals such as department stores, specialty stores, and electronics/big box.

Shopkick Solution

Users enrolled in Visa’s card-linked offers program, whereby they earned kicks for purchases made with a linked credit card at participating merchants.  Visa was then able to measure incrementality based on spend behavior through a highly sophisticated twinning methodology. Visa looks at user spend in the prior 12 months to signing up for Shopkick, finds that person’s ”twin” based on over 250 variables, and then looks at spend for the user and their twin after the user has enrolled in the card linked offers program through Shopkick.


The findings are that Shopkick is a highly incremental program for Shopkick retail partners as a whole and these results stand true across different retail verticals. 57% of all sales driven by Shopkick are incremental.  That incremental spend is driven by new customer acquisition as well as increased loyalty of existing customers. 55% of department store sales are incremental, 49% of electronics/big box stores sales are incremental and 67% of specialty store sales driven by Shopkick are incremental.



Sales driven by Shopkick are incremental


of incremental sales are NEW customers


of incremental sales are increased LOYALTY of existing customers



Drive Incremental Sales
Drive Customer Acquisition
Drive Increased Loyalty of Existing Customers


Department Stores Specialty Stores Electronics/Big Box


Kicks for Purchases