How to maximize credit card rewards with Shopkick

I’m usually the one in my group of friends with all the hacks when it comes to shopping. But after meeting up with my girls for lunch last week, I found out that I’ve yet to master the art of shopping. 

Somehow we got on the topic of credit cards and I told them that while I do have them, I’d always preferred using cash or my debit card to shop because I didn’t want to have to worry about paying it off later. They immediately told me that I was doing it all wrong and how much I was missing out. Since I love to shop, they told me how often I could be earning points towards cashback, gift cards, and frequent flier miles just for using a credit card to shop. I’m always down for getting the most out of my shopping trips, so I took their advice. And let me tell you, I’m definitely glad I did. I even found out how to maximize credit card rewards by using my favorite shopping app.

If you’ve been in the dark about credit card rewards like I have, you’ll definitely want to pay close attention while I tell you just how you can maximize credit card rewards by using a mobile shopping app.  

What I’ve Learned About Credit Card Rewards 

how to maximize credit card rewardsOne thing I’ve learned about maximizing credit card rewards is that there are so many different ways to do it; you just have to choose the method that works for you. For instance, I have a friend who travels regularly for work. She uses her own credit card to pay for her flights, hotels, and rental cars, and then she has her job reimburse her. This might seem like a lot, but she swears by it—insisting that this way, she gets to keep all the rewards that she earns from the initial purchases.

I don’t travel for work—and maybe you don’t either—and that’s okay because there are plenty of other opportunities to maximize your credit card rewards by making everyday purchases. One way that I’ve found that works for me is by using a shopping rewards apps—an app that I’ve downloaded and linked my credit card to in an effort to really maximize my rewards. 

The Best Type of Shopping App to Maximize Rewards

If you have never before heard of shopping rewards apps, that’s okay. It wasn’t too long ago that I hadn’t either, and now I consider myself a bit of an expert on how to combine shopping rewards apps with my credit card to really maximize my reward-earning potential. The first step is to understand what shopping rewards apps are available to you and how they work. There are several different kinds, ranging from apps that reward you for shopping at certain stores to apps that reward you for particular types of purchases such as gas or coffee.

The best type of shopping rewards app to link with your credit card is one you can use at several different stores—both online stores and physical locations. You can obviously use your credit card almost anywhere, so you’ll want to get a shopping rewards app that is equally as versatile; otherwise, you’ll be as my friends say, “missing out.” 

Maximize Credit Card Rewards with Shopkick

My favorite shopping rewards app is Shopkick. I’ve been using Shopkick for years but it wasn’t until recently that I decided to link my credit card with the app. You see, before, I was using Shopkick any time I went out shopping for the essentials because it’s so easy to use that I’ve incorporated it into my routine. Before leaving the house, I would look up nearby stores that were offering rewards points (also called “kicks” in the app). Some of these stores offer kicks for simply walking in. Then, I would open the app to see what products I could locate to scan for even more kicks; it’s like a fun scavenger hunt for rewards. Once I’d earned enough kicks, I could trade them in for a gift card to do even more shopping! 

Now that I’ve linked my credit card, I have the chance to earn even more rewards. The credit card that I use already gives me a percentage back on purchases, so by linking it with Shopkick, I’m rewarded for using the app too! Once I discovered this, I couldn’t wait to tell my friends how I’d taken their advice up a notch. They told me that they’d expected nothing less of me since I was the self-proclaimed “Master Shopper.”  

Now that I’ve linked my credit card, I have the chance to earn even more rewards.  

I know from experience that figuring out how to maximize credit card rewards can seem intimidating, but it’s really not. There are so many different programs these days that reward you for using credit cards. Whether you’re interested in earning points for travel or getting cash back on your purchases, there’s a program out there for you. If you’re looking for the best program, I highly recommend downloading Shopkick and linking your Visa or MasterCard. In no time at all, you’ll go from a newbie user to an expert at getting your kicks and, most importantly, trading those kicks for gift cards to do even more shopping to maximize your earning potential!

It’s time to get your kicks! Shopkick makes shopping a rewarding experience, helping you truly maximize your credit card rewards. Download the app today and boost your shopping budget! 

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Shopkick is the fun and easy way to earn free gift cards for the shopping you already do. Download the app now!

How to maximize credit card rewards with Shopkick



Shopkick is the fun and easy way to earn free gift cards for the shopping you already do. Download the app now!

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