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Leading Winery

Driving product consideration and purchase conversion in the wine category

Campaign Goals

A leading winery wanted to create awareness of products through a ‘Spring Entertaining’ campaign centered on pairing wines with delicious recipes for entertaining purposes. The campaign also focused on increasing consideration of products in store, and driving purchase conversion.

Shopkick Solution

Shopkick first leveraged engaging lookbook content to create awareness among users. Lookbooks promoted wines by pairing the products with delicious recipes, providing consumers with ideas about how to use wine to make the most of their spring events. Shopkick also informed users about products through branded in-app video and promo units.

Once in store, Shopkick incentivized users with kick earning rewards to engage with and purchase products. To drive incremental purchases, Shopkick adjusted kick amounts based on in-flight consumer actions, awarding users who were not planning to purchase with higher kick amounts. 


Shopkick was able to create awareness and reach a large incremental audience. 83% of shoppers on average first became aware of Spring Entertaining wines via Shopkick, and 78% of shoppers on average had never purchased the wines before.

The campaign drove consideration and trial as 49% of users were not planning on making a purchase before they got to the store.

Shopkick was able to increase product consideration for future shopping trips. 24% of users who did not purchase during the store trip indicated that they plan to purchase Spring Entertaining wines within the next month.


Incremental purchases


New audience (had never purchased product before)


Awareness lift through Shopkick



Increase awareness
Product engagement
Product consideration
Drive sales and purchase conversion


Walmart Target Walgreens Publix Kroger Other


Lookbook Video Promo unit In-store scans (Dynamic Kicks) Purchase validation