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A chat with CEO Adam Sand: 2019 marketing technology predictions

As 2018 comes to a close, marketers are gearing up for what’s to come in the new year. We sat down with Shopkick CEO Adam Sand to discuss his marketing tech predictions for 2019 – the exciting opportunities that lay ahead, the biggest challenges that marketers will face, and more.


Challenges to come:

  • Physical stores transform into consumer destinations: With in-store foot traffic continuing to decrease year-over-year, retailers need to find new ways to drive shoppers through the doors. 2019 will see brick and mortar stores rapidly trying to reinvent themselves as a destination and physical escape for consumers.
  • Going beyond location: While location based advertising has grown tremendously, marketers are still struggling to dig deeper and learn more about their consumers beyond their physical location. In 2019, marketers will search for richer data to reach the right mobile consumer.
  • Consumer privacy laws: The next year may not see major changes in privacy laws, but the reality is surely on the horizon in the years that will follow. In 2019, companies will begin making precautionary changes and determine how they’ll function moving forward.


Challenges that will ease up:

  • Personalization: 2019 will see an increase in fun, personalized mobile engagements. Little by little, mobile experiences will become more targeted as data on the individual consumer becomes more and more rich.
  • Serving the right message at the right time: Consumer data including location, shopping history, and purchase history on both an item and store level will allow marketers to more effectively serve shoppers the right message, at the right time.
  • Leveraging video through the consumer journey: The more that marketers know about their consumers, the easier it will become to reach shoppers with video at the right moments along their purchase journey.


Exciting opportunities ahead:

  • Computer vision dominates as ultimate search tool: The advancements in visual search and increasingly intelligent smartphone camera technology will enable shoppers to access product-level details and comparison shop while in the aisle.
  • Item-level purchase data will be the Holy Grail: This specific product information will reshape the way companies structure their loyalty programs. 
  • Marketers will take a stand: As consumers increasingly use their wallets to make a political statement, brands and retailers will identify and use their voice to attract more business.

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