Brand and retail partners

Reach engaged shoppers in the moments that matter

Shopkick is a leading shopping rewards app that helps brands and retailers keep their stores, brands, and products top of mind throughout the entire shopper journey, driving incremental engagement and sales.

Achieve measurable results for multiple objectives

Support new
product launches

Enhance in-store
product discovery

in-store demos

product innovation

cross-portfolio sales

Drive incremental

Drive richer engagement all along the path to purchase

Content and context

Increase awareness and purchase intent pre-shop with contextually relevant native content

In-store and mobile shopping

Reward in-store and online shopping on a pay-per-engagement basis

Sales and insights

Drive measurable ROI and gather full-funnel attribution insights

Major brands and retailers partner with Shopkick to incentivize consumer behavior in-store and online



retail locations offering kicks for walking in or scanning

for brands

Shopkick’s pay-for-performance solution for brands drives omnichannel brand engagement all along the path to purchase. Shopkick incentivizes in-store product engagement at-shelf and incremental purchases through rewards, not discounts. Independent third party Nielsen Catalina has proven that with Shopkick, brands can drive positive ROI and steal share from competitors.

for retailers

Shopkick’s retail solution increases basket size and loyalty while driving net new store visits and purchases, as validated by Visa Decision Science. And because we use reward points we call 'kicks' when a shopper enters the store rather than a coupon or discount, we can drive deeper engagement, dwell time, and ultimately sales without margin erosion.

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