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Keeping up: 3 mobile marketing trends for 2019

Mobile marketing trends for 2019 won’t solely be centered around new technology that emerges for serving advertisements. Therefore, brands must prepare for the future of mobile commerce by reaching out to consumers where they buy, whether it’s online or in the shopping aisle.

Now is the time for brands to invest in technology that travels, such as mobile phones and wearable devices. In addition, social media may become a more critical purchase channel as younger consumers prefer it. Even voice shopping will take a more prominent role as consumers become comfortable with the technology which enables it. Brands that find ways to deliver content to these new devices will be best prepared to leverage mobile marketing trends in 2019.

3 Mobile Marketing Trends Leading 2019 Efforts

  1. Mobile Video

Mobile video marketing has been a trending topic since the creation of the smartphone, and this category is only going to become more prominent this year. Competition will also grow with mobile predicted to drive 72% of growth in video ad spend by 2023. Marketers choose this platform for several reasons, including:

  • Access to new features: By using mobile video as a platform, brands can take advantage of features exclusive to mobile like rewarded experiences or augmented reality. These features engage consumers in content and are often more cost effective to implement through smartphones.
  • Enhanced in-store experiences: Mobile video acts as a means of connecting the physical and digital spaces for consumers in the store. It can also improve the consumer experience as they enter, by providing a virtual video greeting to welcome them.
  • Improved sales through proximity: Shopkick leverages proximity in its goal of driving in-store sales with great success. Leveraging mobile video when shoppers are physically near products can help drive awareness and convince the consumer to pick up the item, priming them for sales. Teaming this with incentives like rewards points (or in Shopkick’s case, kicks) further enhances brand affinity and increases the likeliness of purchase.
  • Insights on consumer viewing habits: Brands can gain useful insight into how receptive consumers are to their video strategies through scalable mobile campaigns. They can also see important details like how video directly impacts sales online and in the shopping aisle.  

Brands must ramp up efforts on mobile video platforms to ensure their continued success in 2019. These platforms are scalable, targetable, and far more intuitive than traditional video options. Their flexibility makes them an ideal option for CPG brands who need to engage consumers in the aisle.

  1. Voice Technology

Voice technology didn’t become as big a venue for sales in 2018 as many expected, but the technology continues to catch on. In 2018, it accounted for about $2.1 billion in sales, and the platform is still in its infancy. Despite this, brands are establishing voice shopping channels to serve growing demand.

mobile marketing trends 2019Campbell’s is one such brand jumping on voice shopping mobile marketing trends. The Campbell’s Kitchen app offers consumers artificial intelligence-driven cooking assistance via the Alexa smart speaker. Through this strategy, the brand encourages consumers to interact with products along their shopping journey—from planning out their dinners, to purchasing the products, and even as they’re cooking. It also provides Campbell’s with valuable insight on how consumers interact with its brand online and how to improve the process. After helping consumers plan meals, the app guides them through checkout on various online shopping platforms like Instacart, Amazon Fresh, or Peapod. This strategy leverages a value-added experience which helps consumers better use new technology.

Brands should consider the skills they can bring to the voice search process to gain an early foothold on voice shopping. More consumers obtaining smart speakers and using them to their full abilities poises this category for a massive expansion in 2019 and beyond.

  1. Social Commerce

Another emerging area brands must consider for sales in 2019 is social commerce—shopping directly via social media. About 66% of brands invested in social commerce in 2018 and for good reason. Shopping via social media is becoming a significant sales driver among the vast Generation Z demographic. These digital natives grew up with social media sites and are most comfortable using them for everything from staying in touch with friends to purchasing their favorite products.

Connecting with users of these sites requires the ability to communicate with micro-influencers. These individuals have pull in social circles which makes their recommendations powerful purchase motivators. By cultivating genuine relationships with these individuals, brands can grow their reach in the social commerce space as it develops.

Preparing for Mobile Marketing Trends in 2019

Mobile marketing trends in 2019 cater to a new demographic of digitally savvy consumers.

Mobile marketing trends in 2019 cater to a new demographic of digitally savvy consumers. Mobile video marketing will continue to grow in popularity and voice shopping may shift into the mainstream. As more consumers seek out new ways to purchase products, brands must prepare by expanding their mobile and digital marketing efforts.

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