The importance of video marketing for your business in 2018-2019

The importance of video marketing doesn’t lie in your brand’s message but instead in your ability to improve the customer experience. Video marketing for brands—from smaller challenger brands to multinational conglomerates—is less about advertising and more about providing consumers with a service in conjunction with products. This added value marketing strategy is something which will be in high demand as consumers require more video content. 

This demand for content is something seen in the rapid growth of mobile video. When consumers have questions or concerns about a product, they’ll turn to their mobile devices and seek out information on that product. When your brand is associated with that content, your brand will be thought of as the trusted authority in your field. Building authority through video marketing will help your brand stand out as the medium gets more crowded in the years to come.

Video Marketing as a Service

Brands can use their consumers’ questions as a way to provide more value to a consumer. Consider a scenario where a consumer wants to try out a “cat’s eye” makeup look but has never done one before. He or she types in the phrase and then discover a Covergirl video demonstrating that particular style. The consumer may watch the tutorial for the information, but they’re also seeing:

  • Product info: This is obvious because the tutorial prominently features Covergirl products and clearly states the product line and colors used, as well as purchase options.
  • Links to buy: In the description of the video are several direct links to the specific products. This linking makes purchase easy without the need to advertise directly to consumers.  
  • Upsells: While the primary focus of the cat’s eye video is the eyeliner used, the brand also advertises concealers, powders, and other makeups as part of the tutorial.  
  • Consistent branding: A portion of the Covergirl logo can be viewed in almost every frame of the video, ensuring there is a consistent brand experience.  

the importance of video marketingUsing this strategy, Covergirl can advertise products while also providing a valuable service to consumers. This strategy adds to the brand’s reputation as a trusted authority on makeup. In addition, because they are a relevant authority on cosmetics, their videos appear first when consumers are looking for products via a search engine, increasing brand discoverability.  

The Importance of Video Marketing With Mobile

Mobile video is becoming one of the most commonly used mediums when compared to all other digital channels. Mobile video consumption is expected to account for 60% of all online video viewing in 2018. This use shows us that consumer viewing behavior is shifting to mobile and this is where marketers must move their efforts as well. Mobile video is particularly important to brands as it provides:

  • Timely messages: One of the most substantial benefits of mobile video advertising is its ability to reach consumers as they’re traveling. When consumers see a video ad shortly before seeing a product, the message is fresh in their minds and that familiarity breeds sales. Location-based marketing is such a powerful tool. Fifteen of the top 20 retailers are using it to drive sales.
  • Rewarded opportunities: Rewarded video—where consumers receive rewards for watching the video—can be useful for both incentivizing consumers while improving watch rates for ads. This platform offers opportunities for branded content, as they are better ways for brands to stand out. Mobile video ad spending will hit $18 billion this year and, as competition increases, rewarded platforms can provide an edge.
  • Greater reach: Mobile video is an essential tool in markets where consumers may not have regular access to computers. In these markets, mobile devices act as consumers’ only Internet connection, meaning that in reaching these individuals, brands must be mobile. As it stands, most recent figures show that 12% of U.S. consumers who use the Internet are smartphone-only connectors, in that they just have Internet access through a mobile device.

Consumers are going mobile first, meaning that brands must follow suit. Mobile video is going to be a significant part of the video marketing segment in the years to come, and brands that accept that will be best prepared to leverage it. Brands can use third-party apps as a way to offer rewarded video options to the apps they provide customers. This rewarded video is one of the components of Shopkick, in that consumers receive kicks (rewards points) for viewing branded content.  

Consumers are going mobile first, meaning that brands must follow suit.

The importance of video marketing through mobile is going to become more evident in the years to come. Providing content in a way that enhances your brand’s reputation can improve sales. Leveraging a third-party app can also allow you to access unique features only available through mobile apps, expanding your brand’s reach.

Shopkick is heavily focused on the impact of video and offers our partners the opportunity to leverage it through the power of mobile apps. For more information, contact us.

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The importance of video marketing for your business in 2018-2019



Shopkick is the fun and easy way to earn free gift cards for the shopping you already do. Download the app now!

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