The three best video marketing platforms to launch your new brand/product

There’s not just one best video marketing platform for every brand. In some cases, a social media video campaign works best, while in others live media is better for building new product buzz. All these forms of video marketing have advantages and disadvantages. You’ll need to weigh those to determine the best video marketing platform for your new product launch.

The size of your existing online audience and your brand’s profile are important determinants of this. A brand with a large social media following, for example, may consider launching a new product on one of its social media channels but may miss out on the opportunity to reach a new audience. Smaller brands may find they get more attention with live videos but lose out on making a lasting impact due to their brevity. Often, a combination of all the best video marketing platforms will give your brand the reach it needs to connect with new consumers.

Creating Clout With Social Video Platforms

About 500 million people watch Facebook videos daily. That’s a huge market to work with, and it’s not limited to Facebook alone. About 82% of Twitter users watch videos while videos on Snapchat generate 10 billion views a day. Video marketing on social media offers many benefits, but with those benefits come drawbacks.

Pros Cons
  • Ease of use: Setting up a video campaign on social media is relatively simple, as most social media platforms offer ad interfaces where brands can purchase ad space.
  • Simplified targeting: People share information about themselves online, and that information becomes usable data. Brands can connect with consumers who would use their product, ensuring they’re reaching out to the buyers with higher potential.
  • Massive reach: Global use of social media is growing, and that allows brands to reach areas they never have before. As new markets open, new opportunities to reach consumers do as well.
  • High competition: Of course, with this many active users, social media is saturated with brands who all want to connect with consumers. This much competition makes it difficult for challenger brands without massive followings to stand out.
  • Higher cost: Brands incur the cost of creating video content to run on social media. Then, they must buy space to share that content. These costs add up quickly.
  • Low engagement rates: Strict advertising on social media, which is sales focused, may not see strong engagement rates with consumers as consumers aren’t typically looking for sales content.

Social media video platforms can yield a lot of great leads for product sales, but they require almost constant maintenance and a large following. As a result, it’s difficult for brands to stand out on these platforms. To improve results, add live announcement components to your new product launch campaign.   

Going Live to Announce a New Product

best video marketing platform pros and consNothing creates more of an event vibe than a live announcement. Going live is a feature many platforms are rolling out, and brands that use them have seen success. This emerging platform is only expected to grow in the years to come.

Pros Cons
  • Ease of use: Creating a live video takes significantly less effort than a high production commercial.  
  • Low cost: Live video is available on a wide range of platforms and requires only a minimal investment.  
  • High engagement: Live video leverages scarcity as it’s available for a limited window. This scarcity makes consumers more likely to click on the ad while they can, to be the first to see it.
  • Reduced reach: As the video is being targeted to an audience online, it immediately eliminates those not on the site at the time, reducing the reach of the live event.
  • High competition: As live video is low cost and available through many social platforms, many brands are using it.
  • Short form: Live events are typically quite short—often less than one-minute long. This short form limits the window to connect with the consumer.

Live events are a fun way to share the news about a new product launch. They offer a great opportunity to connect with influencers who participate and drive engagement. Of course, this is not a stand-alone campaign. Often, brands like to partner with in-store events to improve sales.

The Best Video Marketing Platforms Offer Rewarded Video

The final category of video marketing platforms that offer the best potential for conversion is the rewarded video platform. These types of platforms work by giving the user rewards points—or in Shopkick’s case, kicks—for watching video content.

The best video marketing platform for new product launches isn’t one single platform, but several.

Pros Cons
    • Low cost: By giving consumers points—as opposed to discounts—brands don’t incur an immediate cost when the consumer purchases items like they would with coupons.  
    • In-store targeting: In shopping apps that provide rewarded video, there is also an in-store component that gets consumers to handle the item in the shopping aisle, increasing sales potential.
  • New audience exposure: These platforms can often expose your brand to a new audience that may not be aware of your brand.
  • Minimal opportunities: Not many platforms offer rewarded video. These types of options are generally available in games or through mobile shopping apps.  
  • Security concerns: Not all rewarded video platforms are equal. Look for agencies that are Verified by TAG and with audits completed by MRC compliance standards to ensure you’re working with a quality company.  
  • Limited length: Usually, rewarded video platforms are restricted to short-form advertisements.

Rewarded video often comes in conjunction with an app, like a shopping app. The best video marketing platform for new product launches isn’t one single platform, but several. This way, a brand can eliminate the drawbacks of each video marketing platform while still reaping the benefits.

Shopkick provides an innovative app that leverages rewarded video and in-store engagement strategies for offering real marketing insight and ROI to our partners. For more information, contact us.

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The three best video marketing platforms to launch your new brand/product



Shopkick is the fun and easy way to earn free gift cards for the shopping you already do. Download the app now!

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