Date night outfit ideas on a dime!

As a mommy of three boys who desperately looks forward to a date night with the hubby when the opportunity arises, one of my first thoughts on the subject is usually “What am I going to wear?!?!?” This is always a bit of a struggle, as my normal wardrobe consists of business casual for the workday and yoga / athletic wear for the after hours baseball games and kids sporting events that consume nearly every evening. Needless to say, neither my closet nor my budget allows me the luxury of Jimmy Choo’s and a fabulous new little black dress to wow the hubby. So, what is a girl to do when looking for a fresh date night outfit?

Utilize the All-Powerful Pinterest

More often than not, a few lingering minutes on Pinterest actually does my heart and my fashion sense some amazing good. Many times I stumble across a date night outfit that I LOVE, and then I head straight for closet with that inspiration to see if any of my current clothing items can work together and achieve a knock-off version of that style. It is always amazing to me when I find a gem buried in the back of my racks that is just what I need to pull an outfit together.

Raid a Friend’s Closet

As a mom on a budget, one of my favorite thrifty tips for clothing is to have a friend or sister who will share her wardrobe with you. Even if your bestie isn’t the same pant or shoe size, many tops and accessories can be made to fit a variety of people. Plus, if you both share what you’ve got, it doubles the options for both of you and gives a lot more possibilities for new outfit combos.

Shop Used Clothing Options

Another way that I keep my date night wardrobe hot without breaking the bank is by buying used. From thrift stores and garage sales to Facebook marketplace and Ebay auctions, there are TONS of very nice clothes out there that can be purchased for pennies on the dollar because they hung in someone else’s closet for a bit before finding their way to you.  

Looking for new outfit ideas for date night? We've got you covered!

Mix up an Old Favorite

If your husband is anything like mine, he remembers baseball stats from 2 years ago, but likely couldn’t tell you what I wore the last few times we had a date night. Being a woman of opportunity and budget, I use this to my advantage and recycle old date night outfits. Of course, I remember what I wore and like to keep things fun and fresh, so I mix up that repeat dress with a fun cardigan, a different shoe choice, and maybe a scarf or belt accessory.

So now that you have some ideas brewing on HOW to find fab outfits, let me give you some advice on WHAT to wear! Here are my favorite “go-to” ways to dress amazingly using a lot of what I already have on hand.

Dress Up Jeans with a Sexy Top

Whether you are into a super skinny pencil jean, a slightly distressed boyfriend style, or even white or brightly colored denim, pairing jeans you already own and love with a sexy top is a great way to create a new style without having to reinvent the fashion wheel. My most recent favorite is my dark grey skinnies paired with a slightly sparkly black top. Depending on the date, pair with either heels or flats to finish the look. You can find affordable options at T.J. Maxx or Marshalls (and don’t forget to earn free gift cards while you’re shopping!). 

Monochromatic with a Jacket

When I was in high school, my mom warned me never to wear the same color on top and bottom. As I grew older and learned to beat to the rhythm of my own fashion drum, I found that I really love pairing a monochromatic outfit with a jacket, blazer, or cardigan of some sort. All black is a favorite for its slimming quality and goes great with my cutesy cropped jean jacket for a casual look, as well as with my khaki blazer if I want a bit more sophistication.  I also sometimes opt for a monochromatic gray outfit when I am feeling edgy and pair it with a stunning leather jacket. If you want a bit more depth and color, add a scarf to the mix and you’ve got a great date night style.

Show A Little Skin

As a mom, I am not normally the epitome of a sex kitten when I am in my natural habitat of work or home.  My husband thinks I am beautiful no matter what I wear, but one of the things that I have come to realize is that choosing an outfit for date night that shows a little more skin than normal really gets him excited. While I stay away from these styles for the office or PTA meetings, I do have a few outfits in my repertoire that I bring out especially for him. Ideas to try include off the shoulder or no shoulder tops, shorter than normal skirts or dresses, low cut blouses or those with open back designs.

No matter what style, fabric, color, or genre your date night outfit falls into, be sure that you have fun with it! The sexiest outfit you will wear is one that you feel beautiful, confident, and fabulous in.