5 Simple January Delights

With the year mark of the pandemic quickly approaching and January’s long winter days feeling slightly longer, we’ve noticed families are searching for new, small ways to celebrate. After all, many times it’s the small things that can make us smile the most! If your family is also looking for fun ways to make sure the days don’t seemingly blend together, we’re here to help. Below, we’re sharing five simple things you can do with your family that are sure to make everyone’s day feel a little extra special.

1. Picnic Indoors:

Picnics remind us of warm spring and summer days, but they’re equally as enjoyable during the winter. Whip up a fun menu of picnic foods (this article is sure to help!) and make sure to pack all of the picnic necessities (take a peek at this piece!). Then cart everything to your family room and setup your picnic inside. You might be eating steps away from your kitchen, but even the small change of scenery will help to create a memorable experience for everyone.

2. Go Ice Skating:

Research the locations where you and your family can go ice skating in your hometown! Cities often put ice skating rinks into place downtown, so see if there’s one where you live. You can also visit an indoor rink to skate without some of the elements. Ice skating is a great way to get everyone moving, potentially try something new, and stay socially distant.

3. Plan a Sunday Brunch:

Make your Sunday extra special and plan a complete brunch menu! This article has plenty of recipes to inspire your menu. If you want your meal to feel even more celebratory, create invitations to invite your kids to the fun. Then ask them to make decorations. A Sunday brunch together might become a weekly favorite!

4. Make Someone Smile:

If you find that you’re feeling down, one of the best things to do is to reach out to someone else. In this case, consider doing a random act of kindness. Send a note, purchase coffee for the person behind you, or buy flowers for a friend. There are plenty more ideas for you to consider here!

5. Sip a Warm Drink:

The winter is the season to lean into all things cozy, and warm drinks are a must-have! Try making hot chocolate, sample coffee or tea you have never tried before, or make your own hot apple cider. Once you have your drink of choice, sink into your couch to watch a movie, catch up on a show, or read a book!

How are you spending your January? Let us know your family’s favorite simple activity on Facebook!