A Toast to Kicks & Cocktails – Welcome Minibar to Shopkick

Minibar has been added to Shopkick!  Now we can earn kicks while having our beverage of choice delivered to our doorstep. Cheers to that!

Minibar joins Shopkick

Seriously, apart from the convenience of not having to make a run to the store when it looks like the drinks are running low, Minibar is also helping my inner hostess reach her true potential!

I’m never quite organized enough to think about what wine to have with what meal when I’m grocery shopping or have enough time to make it worth my while to specifically make a run to the liquor store.  Now neither my lack of organizational skills nor time matter – in the morning when I decide what’s for dinner – I can place a minibar order for delivery and get drinks plus kicks delivered the same day!  

Wine for dinner, beer for the game on the weekend (and more beer on Saturday when it looks like we’re running out!), and gin and vodka for our cocktail-loving friends.   They’ve got the big brands and they’re helping me to discover some new ones that I’d like to try – and give me some talking points for introducing them to friends (again that inner hostess wants to come out)!

Rose sounds good – and I love the look of this bottle

Minibar Rose!

I’m totally intimidated when it comes to hard liquor – but the descriptions make it easy to select.  And new brands are fun to introduce and try with friends.  “New Amsterdam Gin” sounds like just the ticket for our Friday night cocktail party.

minibar gin

Speaking of cocktail parties, I’ve always had trouble estimating how much alcohol I’ll need to buy.  Minibar is here to help – they have a tool under “Extras” called “Event Planner” where they ask you how many guests you’ll be having and for how long.  Voila, here’s the answer:  for a 3-hour party with 15 guests, you’ll need to provide about 60 drinks – and they suggest a breakdown based on alcohol type and whether the party is during the day or night.  Helpful!  

And for that really special party – my husband’s milestone birthday is coming to mind –it might be time to call in the professionals – say a bartender.  But where does one find a local bartender who wants to do parties at people’s homes?  Ahh look no further, under “Extras”, Minibar has a feature called “Book a Bartender”.  Now I can serve those fancy cocktails at my husband’s party without worrying about having to pull it off myself.  

Minibar is easy to use.  When you are in the Shopkick app, look under “online stores” to get your kicks with your Minibar order.  The first thing Minibar will ask for is your address – delivery is available in a lot of cities but not everywhere, so good to start there.  They then show you the exact selections available for your area, and the next available window for delivery.  

Minibar and Shopkick

I’m loving earning kicks with online shopping on Shopkick.  Have you tried it yet?  Watch this video to see how it’s done.  Don’t have the Shopkick app yet?  Download it here and get started earning reward points toward free gift cards today!