eBay, Groupon and Amazon gift cards join the Shopkick rewards mall

If Starbucks, Target, and Sephora weren’t enough excitement for you, we’ve now added 3 new gift cards to the Shopkick app! Please join us in welcoming eBay, Groupon, and Amazon gift cards to the rewards mall!

eBay and Groupon gift cards

Recently added as a way to earn kicks in the Shopkick App, eBay and Groupon have become some of our users’ favorite places to shop online. With eBay’s 1 Billion active listings and Groupon’s daily savings on experiences, services and more, there’s plenty of items to shop through and earn kicks at checkout. eBay gift cards are available for every $5-$10 you earn and Groupon’s gift cards are available in $10-$25 increments. Once you cash in your kicks, the gift cards are digitally downloaded into the rewards section of your account, and can be used instantly! Yeah, it’s just that simple.

Mindblown gif shopkick Amazon gift cards

How to get free gift cards

If you haven’t used Shopkick before, then it’s time for you to download the app and give it a try! We have several ways to earn kicks (our point system) that can be cashed out for gift cards. Unlike competitors in the coupon and rewards space, Shopkick also allows you to earn points for simply walking into stores and scanning products.

Happy Shopping!