eBay and Shopkick team up to deliver hot deals and free gift cards

Shop and you shall receive. Online shopping with eBay is now more rewarding than ever thanks to a new partnership with Shopkick, the app that gives you free gift cards for shopping online or at the local grocery or mall. When you visit eBay through the Shopkick app and make a purchase, you can earn Shopkick points (called “kicks”) that can be immediately redeemed for free gift cards. That means shopping for date night outfits from eBay can lead to a free gift card to The Cheesecake Factory, free movie tickets from Fandango, or a variety of other rewards.

How eBay works

Connecting millions of buyers and sellers around the world, users can find pretty much anything they’re looking for on one site. Navigate to eBay from the Shopkick app to discover deals on everything from vintage teacups to trendy clothes, cool treats and more. Place a bid on a product or buy it right away. This year, eBay has even launched a price match guarantee on over 50,000 products to ensure that an eligible deal is the best available price online.

Visit eBay through Shopkick the next time you’re in the market to save money and get rewarded with free gift cards for your everyday shopping.

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Need one more reason?

We’ve also added gift cards for eBay in the Shopkick app! So get out there and start Shopkicking.