6 Ways to Store Produce to Keep it Fresh

Our refrigerators look and feel as though they are more stocked now than ever before. Because we’re trying to stick to our healthy (or somewhat healthy!) regimens, much of what’s inside our refrigerators is produce. With an increase in purchasing produce also comes an increased desire to make sure it stays fresh throughout the week. We’ve been researching some of the best tips and tricks, and we’re sharing what we’ve learned and uncovered on our own below. 

1. Make Sure Produce is Dry:

When we arrive home from the grocery store, one of our instincts is to rinse off our produce. While that’s a great idea in theory, produce can start to go bad if it’s too wet in your refrigerator. If you do plan to wash your produce, make sure it’s completely dry before you put it away. This is when your salad spinner comes into play!

2. Skip Rinsing Berries (for now):

You will absolutely want to rinse off your berries before you eat them, but berries don’t love being exposed to too much moisture. As a result, according to this article, it may actually be best to leave your berries in their original packages for now and rinse them off in bunches that you plan to eat right away.

3. Treat Herbs Like Flowers:

When you bring flowers home, you likely place them in a vase. Sometimes, you might even place your vase by the window. Many herbs like to be treated the same way! So, save space in your fridge and add herbs to your windowsill or countertop instead.

4. Line Your Crisper:

Chances are high that your produce will either produce moisture while inside your refrigerator or not all of the water from the rinsing you did when you got home will have dried off. So, line the bottom of your crisper’s drawer with paper towels. We know they are a hot commodity, but they will help to keep your produce fresh.  

5. Store Fruit Properly:

Before you add all of your fruit to your refrigerator, double check that’s where it likes to be stored. Items like apples will stay fresh longer when placed in the refrigerator, but they will ripen faster if they’re left at room temperature. Bananas, on the other hand, don’t like to be in the refrigerator. Instead, keep them at room temperature.

6. Don’t Over Buy:

The temptation to purchase all items in bulk is definitely there right now, but try to keep in mind what your family will eat throughout the week. If you still find that you’re having to toss items, think about buying less or stop at the grocery store midway through the week to pick up additional produce once your family has finished the first batch of berries or bananas, for example. Produce has definitely been kept well stocked!

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