4 cooking games to make meals more fun together

When family and friends gather in the kitchen, there are bound to be plenty of laughs and great dishes. Sometimes, though, the party could use some “oomph” and that’s where playing fun cooking games can be your secret weapon. Start planning your next get-together with a cooking theme and play one of these fun kitchen games.

Mystery Ingredient Challenge 

We’re all familiar with popular cooking television shows, so imagine bringing those shows to life in your own home! Invite a few friends over for a themed night surrounding a mystery ingredient. A few days before the party assign each guest to create either an appetizer, main course, or dessert featuring the mystery ingredient. You could also focus on just one dish (like the dessert) and have everyone create their own unique and fun version.

Cooking Show Charades

Another great idea to combine cooking with a traditional group game is Cooking Show Charades. This will work best if you are familiar with popular cooking shows, but the options should be some kind of TV personality or show styles like a southern chef, homemaker, cake decorator or grill master.

4 Cooking Games to Make Meals More Fun Together

Try it with specific ingredients or dishes if you’re brave! You’ll have to decide if talking is allowed, but acting out your charades pick while your dinner guests try to guess who or what you are is a recipe for a good time. Get into it and have fun!

Cooking Bingo

A great game to play with kids in the kitchen is Cooking Bingo! You’ll need to create a few bingo boards ahead of time with squares consisting of common ingredients, utensils, cooking methods, and phrases like “preheat the oven.” As you make dinner, you’ll go about your business and talk your way through the recipe while the kids keep their eyes and ears open so they can mark their bingo squares — and maybe learn a little! Laminate the bingo cards and have them use stickers, small candies, etc as markers. The first one to yell “Bingo” gets a prize – maybe the dessert of their choice!

Play Dough Chef

4 Cooking Games to Make Meals More Fun Together

This one is for the younger crowd, the ones who are a bit impatient while you prep and prep — keep them busy creating their OWN dish. This works great for pizza night – supply some extra pizza dough and let them play with the stretchy, sturdy dough, making shapes, sculptures, and animals. Throw in a few cookie cutters, and they’ll be fully entertained ”cooking” alongside you. While you focus on the main course, they’ll be safe from the hot oven, sharp knives, and other kitchen hazards.

The best part is that you’ll be able to bake their finished creations, and they’ll be able to eat them! Supply some dipping sauces and turn their entertainment into a perfect pre-dinner snack to tide them over. Heck, you might even find this a hit with older kids and young adults!

Entertaining your dinner guests does not have to be expensive or elaborate by any means. By simply being creative in the kitchen and using one of these fun cooking games, you can create memories and delicious meals anytime!