How to Support Your Community During COVID-19

We all have favorite small businesses we enjoy supporting whether they’re located in our hometowns or online. Many of the businesses we are thrilled to support during other times throughout the year are the same businesses that are being hit the hardest now during the coronavirus quarantine. Though we may be inside and at home, there are still plenty of simple and easy things we can do to support our communities. Here are five of our ideas:

1. Contribute to Charity Campaigns

Online campaigns are launching to support small business employees who cannot work during COVID-19, and we have been happy to support them during this time. When many of us donate $5 or $10 to these campaigns, those amounts add up to much more and fast!

2. Order Takeout

We may not be able to eat in person at our favorite local restaurants, but many are still offering takeout. So, order online and turn to Uber Eats to bring you your delivery. P.S: Make sure to use Shopkick if you order with Uber Eats because you’ll earn kicks!

3. Purchase a Gift Card

A gift card can go a long way for a small business in your community. Your purchase provides cash flow for the business now, and it offers a promise that you’re going to return once they can open their doors again.

4. Post on Social Media

Posting about your favorite shops, boutiques, and restaurants on social media is a quick, easy, and free way to show your support! Consider sharing menu items you enjoy from local restaurants or items you have purchased from local shops. Everyone enjoys visuals!

5. Shop Small

If you do need to purchase something online, try supporting a smaller shop or boutique! Many have online stores so their items are always available, and now shopping online is the best way to pick up new items while still keeping your social distance.

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