4th of July tips and tricks: how to get the most out of your holiday

Red, white, and blue, BBQs, parades, fireworks. Every 4th of July celebration comes with some variation of these classics, yet not all holiday celebrations are created equal. We polled our community to see what tips and tricks they recommend for having the best Fourth of July experience this year.

4th of July Preparation

Holidays can be lonely. Make sure to include those who may not have a place to go this 4th of July

Consider being an ‘includer.’

Holidays can be lonely for those who don’t have family nearby and/or who have a small social circle. Invite someone to your party or get-together who may be sitting at home alone. Extending kindness and hospitality goes a long way. – Kristen E.

Have a plan

BE SAFE! Don’t drink and drive! – Charlene D.

Leave your dogs at home or inside when fireworks are present. More dogs are lost on the 4th than any other holiday because of the loud noises that come with fireworks. – Melissa B.

Sunscreen, sunscreen, SUNSCREEN! – Paola S.

Keep everyone entertained during the Parade

Bring beach balls! Bring the water bottles that can mist you. Pack summer snacks like watermelon! Pack something comfortable to sit on. Make t-shirts as a family or be sure to wear red, white, and blue! – Lindsay M.

Midday Activities

Keep it Cool

Get a kids plastic pool…fill it with ice and water…throw your drinks in there….gets and keeps them ice cold for hours! (Add ice as needed) – Brittany T.

Go Floating

Here in Texas it is HOT hot!!!! 4th of July means finding water to cool off in – so floating the river is a big deal!!! You need ice cold adult beverages, tubes/floats, a floating cooler and something to play tunes that is waterproof and you are set for a grand day of celebrating!  – Katelyn N.

Go Get Some Kicks

Do some shopping at the outlet mall. Get some kicks while there. – Jeffrey P.


4th of July Sparklers

Don’t burn down your house.

Only shoot bottle rockets outside once your front door is actually closed. – Melissa B.

Sparkler Safety

Punch a small hole in the bottom of a solo cup to create a hand-shield for little ones who might be a little nervous about holding a sparkler for the first time. They can put their hand inside the cup, pop the sparkler stick through the hole and little fingers will be safe from burns. – Melissa B.

Let someone else handle the Fireworks

We are very lucky to live close to a Six Flags. My kids enjoy spending the evening riding rides. Then when it is time for fireworks we stop and enjoy the awesome show. Then ride a few more rides and then head home. – Ruth H.

4th of July Dessert Options:

smores by the fire

Get creative with your S’mores Recipe

Use chocolate chip cookies as the “bread” for an epic s’mores on the grill once the meal is over. Spread the flat side of a chocolate chip cookie with peanut butter then fill with marshmallows and chocolate squares. Wrap individually in foil. When you’re ready for dessert, toss them on the grill and get ready for a fantastic twist on a classic summer dessert. Bring enough for everyone! – Melissa B.

Personalized S’mores

Get some mini flower pots, fill it with charcoal and get some skewers. Each child will have their own pots to make s’mores. – Molly R.

Make a Sparkler Cake

Me and my kids usually bake a cake and we put Sparklers on each of the four corners and light them up. So my tip is, bake the cake, put Sparklers on the 4 corners and light them up!! However, before you cut into the cake, make sure the Sparklers are fully out. Enjoy your cake Molly R.

Don’t forget the real reason we got the day off:

American flag photo

Remember what you’re really celebrating – our independence, a very important historical holiday – Kyle J.

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