5 Ways to Keep Kids Entertained in Summer

Since you and your family may not be able to head out on your typical vacations and day trips this summer, you might be running out of ideas of how to keep your kids entertained. Leave the brainstorming to us! We’ve got you covered. We compiled some of our favorites and ditched the typical suggestion to just “put on a movie to keep them busy for a couple hours.” Let’s get the kiddos moving, thinking, and out into the fresh air for a change all while staying safe at home. Take advantage of this time together and have a fun-filled summer making memories as a family! Start out by trying one of these activities:

1. Sidewalk Chalk:

A tried and true classic, you can’t go wrong with a little street-side art! Get the creative juices flowing by heading to any dollar store or craft store and picking up a pack of colorful chalk. There are so many options for activities you can do with chalk and your sidewalk as a blank canvas. Try guessing games like hangman, a game that gets you moving like hopscotch, or make original masterpieces! You could even try using your collective imaginations to create your own game – maybe something resembling a new version of a favorite board game like Candy Land or Pictionary!

2. Cornhole:

Try playing a fun lawn game like cornhole (or as some people call it, bags)! This is a great way to get everyone outside and moving and start up a little friendly competition. Is this a tired game for your family? Try tweaking the rules and turning it into a game similar to H-O-R-S-E. Show off your fancy moves and see how creative, silly, or impressive you can get with your trick shots. Can your family members match your skills or are you the one true cornhole master? Go find out!

Don’t have a cornhole set but are feeling handy? Try building your own! It’s a great way to try something new or if you’re a seasoned craftsman, you can teach your kids great life skills while having fun building something that you’ll enjoy together. Check out this guide!

3. Water Games:

If it’s too hot to be standing in the sun for long periods of time, turn to water games! Try setting up your sprinklers to turn on for a couple hours during the day while you’re burning up in the house. Head outside and just run around through the water to cool off, or make a game of it. Who can last the longest without getting sprayed? Better start practicing your duck and weaving skills! Also, don’t forget about other fun water games like water balloon fights. If you don’t have water balloons, try throwing household sponges to soak each other. You can also break out a Slip ‘N Slide, but if you don’t have one, you can also use any old water resistant tarp like you’d have for camping or painting. Just lay it out on the grass, spray it down with the hose, and get to sliding!

4. Themed Dinners:

If your family is really missing going out to your favorite restaurants, try having a themed dinner! Dress up like chefs and waiters and prep your kitchen and dining room for the evening. Pull out tablecloths and set out silverware to make it more realistic, and try making copycat versions of your go-to dishes from your restaurant of choice. Some fun ideas could be trying a hibachi night like at Benihana or a made to order burrito night like at Chipotle.

If you’re REALLY feeling creative, kick it up a notch by making it a whole event by dressing up for the part. For example, have a luau-themed night with fish or chicken teriyaki, fresh fruits, and fun cocktails (or mocktails). Don’t forget to wear your beach party best – think: leis, Hawaiian shirts, pool floaties, whatever you got! You could also do a Disney-themed night dressed as princesses or animal sidekicks with foods like Ratatouille or even ~the gray stuff~. Check out these Disney recipe ideas. Other ideas would include dressing up like characters from your favorite TV shows and movies like Scooby Doo, Tiger King, That 70’s Show, and more! 

5. Build a Fort:

Really set on the idea of staying in to watch movies? I totally understand! Maybe try spicing up your time on the couch by working together with your kids to build the greatest castle in all the land (read: pillow fort). Grab all your pillows, blankets, quilts, and stuffed animals to make it super cozy. Spice it up by adding some Christmas lights, ribbons, and other decorations! Turn it into a legendary movie night by heading into the kitchen and making some snacks to make it feel extra special. Popcorn and hot chocolate are always hits, but you could also get your kids involved with baking cookies or making hot fudge sundaes. 

Send us pictures of your summer fun on social media. We can’t wait to see what you came up with!