11 Fun Family Activities for Winter Break at Home

In between celebrating the holidays this week and counting down to the new year next week, many families will be spending time at home together. We always enjoy the final two weeks of the year because they feel both fun and relaxing at the same time. Even though we have spent more time at home than ever before this year, there are still fun ways to make your time off feel like a true staycation. So, we’re detailing 11 fun family activities you can do at home with kids of all ages! 

Build a Fort:

Kids (and adults!) love building and spending time in forts, so gather pillows and blankets together and start building. You can even add string lights inside! Think about naming your fort and drawing a sign to make things official. Cozy up inside and watch a movie, read a book, play a game, or tell stories together.

Write a Story:

Your kids likely have books they love to read and reread again and again. To spark their imaginations, ask them to write their own story complete with words and illustrations. Computer paper is perfect for this because you can easily have the pages bound together at an office supply store. You can also tell stories aloud or write a family story together. Whatever you and your kids create will become a new favorite!

Do a Scavenger Hunt:

We know many of you love to spend time outside! One of the easiest activities to do is to take a walk. To keep kids entertained, think about doing a scavenger hunt in your neighborhood while you stroll. Decorations will likely still be on display for much of this week and next, so consider giving Studio DIY’s scavenger hunt a try!

Make a Calendar: 

Rather than purchasing a calendar, create your own with photos you have captured this year! Sites like Minted and Shutterfly have great easy-to-use options to create desk and wall calendars to use in your home or work-from-home office spaces. Ask your kids to help you to choose the photos and design each month together! You’ll love looking back on past memories throughout 2021. 

Do a Puzzle: 

Puzzles are a great activity you can complete all in one sitting or return to throughout an extended period of time. Working on a puzzle on the floor always works well because there’s plenty of space. If you’re working on a larger puzzle, however, you will likely want to house it in a spot that it can stay until it’s complete. A card table, desk, or dining room table works wonders for this purpose! Then you can add a piece or two whenever you walk past or settle in for a longer session. Stores like Target and Walmart have puzzles, and you can also find them at bookstores. If you want to make your own from a photo you captured, look into Zazzle!

Play Board Games:

If you can’t quite remember when you last played a board game together or you play them frequently, choose one to play together! You can even create a tournament where you play multiple games throughout the week or weekend, and the person with the most wins gets a prize.

Send Mail:

During the holidays, many of us are sending and receiving holiday mail. But, once January arrives, the “fun” mail tends to stop. So, ask your kids to draw pictures or make cards for friends and family. Their January days will be brightened instantly!

Make a Wrapping Paper Craft:

Before you throw away the wrapping paper that’s tossed aside after opening holiday gifts, think about saving it. We spotted this article from Buzzfeed that details plenty of crafts you and your kids can make from wrapping paper as a way to reuse it! 

Play with Water:

Even though it may be a little cold in many areas to go swimming in a pool or the ocean, that doesn’t mean your kids can’t play with water. Young kids love to “help”, so have them wash their toys in the bath or sink. You can also play with water beads! Another simple idea? Add bubbles to a bath. 

Donate Toys:

The holidays typically mean adding more toys to your collection. If your kids have toys they no longer play with or you simply want to create more space in your home, why not spend time choosing toys to donate. Think about placing a number around the donation, like 5-10 toys, and then asking your kids to review what they love and what they really don’t play with as much anymore. Giving old toys a new home means they can keep being enjoyed, which is the goal!

Have a Spa Day:

The week in between Christmas and New Year’s Eve is one we hope is relaxing. To enhance the relaxation and fun, host a spa day at home! Purchase face masks you have yet to try, do manicures and pedicures, soak your feet, and enjoy a bubble bath. This is also the perfect time to officially wear sweatpants and leggings! After your day at the “spa”, read a book, catch up on a TV show, or watch a movie…and order takeout.

A quick tip: bookmark these ideas for the winter and rainy days! Most of these ideas aren’t holiday specific, so refer back to them whenever you need an idea for something fun you and your family can do inside together. As always, make sure to keep the conversation going on Facebook!