How to get a free gift card on every trip to Best Buy!

With the stream of exciting opportunities we’ve announced over the last week, it’s hard to believe we still have more to tell you, BUT WE DO! Starting today you will have over 250 scans available every week at Best Buy! Yes, you read that correctly: Two. HUNDRED. and Fifty. Scans!

Dancing Best Buy associates SNL gif

For those Shopkick users who have been with us for a while, you may remember back in July when we launched weekly scans at Best Buy. We started with 300 kicks available per week, and with the addition of more scans, you’ll now be able to earn over 1,000 kicks every week at Best Buy. Needless to say, this is taking it to a whole new level.

How to see all 250+ scans available each week:

  • If you haven’t already, download the Shopkick app

  • Open the app to check out the stores nearby, and click on the Best Buy icon

  • Scroll down to see the categories of available scans

  • Swipe left to view all the items available in each category

  • Not a fan of scrolling? You can also jump to specific categories to see the full number of scans available in each department

Best Buy gift cards with Shopkick


How to quickly earn a free gift card at Best Buy.

In order to help you earn gift cards as fast as possible, we asked a few top earning Shopkickers for some tips and tricks. Here’s a few to get you started:

Get your phone out early

“Make sure you have the app open when entering Best Buy and start at the back of the store by the TV’s.”  -Karen S.

Look for clues

“Always look for the red sign next to the price, it indicates that the item is on sale and could be what you’re looking for.” – Kurt J.

No need for heavy lifting:

“If you can’t find or reach the barcode on the item, use the barcode on the price tag.” -Abby J.

Get more kicks for purchasing

“Always be on the lookout for some great clearance or sale deals, the best part is you get points off your purchases.” -Marcella Z.

(and if anyone asks what you’re up to…)

“Most people are curious about what Shopkick is and once I give the details, they are interested in trying it out themselves. I give them my invite code and it’s a win/win for us all.” -Neeka D.

Happy Shopkicking!