Cozy Winter Soup Recipes

What are your favorite meals to enjoy during the winter? This season, we’re leaning into all things cozy more than ever before. And, for us, that means soup is our most popular meal on our family menus! We’re fans because soup tastes delicious on cold days. Plus, it’s easy to pair with other simple menu items (hint: grilled cheese). Not to mention, a single soup recipe also typically makes multiple servings, which means leftovers you can enjoy later in the week or freeze for future meals. Below, you’ll find five winter soup recipes that will quickly become family favorites in your household!

Sausage Meatball Soup:

There’s no other way to say this other than to say this soup is incredible. It’s hearty and filling, and just like The Kitchn says, there’s something so fun about finding a mini meatball on your spoon! The core ingredients are sausage, spinach, and Ditalini pasta, and the additional ingredients provide plenty of flavor. The result is a soup you will truly enjoy well beyond the final serving!

Tip: When we made this soup, we added an extra cup of pasta to make it even more hearty. We were not disappointed!

Vegetarian Kale Soup:

This soup combines many foods you have likely enjoyed before – kale, potatoes, and cannellini beans – into a recipe that you can cook in one single step! Outside of peeling and chopping, the only other work you will need to do is to pop everything in the pot and simmer for 25 minutes. This is perfect for a relatively quick weeknight meal!

Cozy Chicken and Dumplings:

When a soup has more than 3,500 positive reviews, it’s one you simply must make! Chicken noodle soup is a forever favorite, and chicken and dumpling soup offers a wonderful alterative. To cook this soup, you will need chicken and dumplings you will make yourself (the steps are doable). Add vegetables and heavy cream (plus, a bit more), and you will have a hearty winter soup recipe with plenty of leftovers. 

French Onion Soup:

For some reason, French onion soup sounds like an excellent idea for Sunday night dinner! It offers warmth with plenty of flavor, and you could also serve it as a first course to a larger dinner. Just in case you need more convincing, this recipe calls for Gruyere cheese. Need we say more?

Tomato Soup:

This tomato soup is billed as “the best ever” by Taste of Home, and we’re on board! Various types of tomatoes are needed for obvious reasons, but the surprises come from the carrots that are also required! We’re intrigued, and we’re also planning to whip up grilled cheese for the ultimate pairing. Keep this in mind for your next snow day!

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