Leading Pet Supply Subscription Company

A leading pet supply subscription company partnered with Shopkick to drive incremental sales both online and in-store

Campaign Goals

A leading pet supply subscription company was seeking an omni-channel solution to bridge the gap between its digital and physical sales channels, and drive purchases both online and in-store. The brand turned to Shopkick to influence purchase behavior at home, online, and in-store without the use of coupons or discounts.

Shopkick at Home & On the Go

Shopkick’s always-on mobile commerce offering allowed the pet supply company to engage shoppers at home and drive consistent online sales. Through incremental, multifaceted digital marketing campaigns (including branded emails, in-app messages, and push notifications) Shopkick highlighted reward earning opportunities and built intent to shop. By increasing reward incentives sporadically through these incremental campaigns, Shopkick grew demand exponentially and saw more than a 650% increase in orders over non-campaign days.

Shopkick In-Store & At Checkout

To drive in-store sales, Shopkick used branded in-app content to build pre-shop awareness and consideration, and to incentivize shoppers to visit Petco, PetSmart, or Target to earn rewards. In-store, Shopkick guided shoppers  directly to the featured pet products in-aisle, and used rewards to incentivize product engagement. By offering heightened rewards for making a purchase, Shopkick drove incremental, unplanned sales.

Results – Online

  • 653% average lift in online orders on promotional days
  • 326% average lift in gross merchandise sales (GMS) on promotional days

Results – In-Store

  • 5:1 Return on investment
  • 69% of purchases were unplanned
  • 20% scan to purchase conversion
  • 86K+ in-hand product engagementt A 


Avg. lift in online orders on promotional days




Of purchases were unplanned



Build brand awareness

Drive omnichannel consumer engagement

Boost sales amongst existing and new customers

Retailer Distribution

National: Target, Petco, PetSmart

Products Used

Branded Lookbook, Promotional Units, In-Store Scans, Purchase Validation, Consumer Research Study, Digital Marketing Messaging (Email, IAM, PNS)