digital impact on in-store shopping

Digital’s impact on in-store shopping: How CPG brands can use it to their advantage

Brands are starting to recognize digital’s impact on in-store shopping. In the past, digital media was a way to connect with consumers in their homes, as a replacement to traditional media like television. Today, it’s about in-the-moment marketing. This type of marketing requires connecting with consumers in those few minutes before they make a decision in the shopping aisle.

Brands need a way to differentiate themselves from competitors in the shopping aisle. CPG brands are in a unique position, as they sit right next to their competitors on the store shelf. If products are difficult to find among competitors, the brand must find a way to make it stand out. Mobile shopping apps can be used for this purpose, as they encourage consumers to seek out specific products by incentivizing interaction.  

The Importance of In-Store Interaction

Getting consumers to a product in the store is no easy feat. There are advertisements for other brands competing for a finite amount of attention. There is also a consumer’s existing loyalty to a brand to consider. They may choose the same product every time because it’s what they’ve always selected. Brands that leverage in-store mobile marketing can combat both these problems, as well as enjoy some other benefits including:

  • Higher purchase potential: For obvious reasons, a consumer inside a store has higher purchase potential than one watching an advertisement at home. They are near the product and are already shopping. It is the hope that as they are receptive to purchases, they are also receptive to advertising.
  • Better brand retention: A brand that offers a memorable in-store experience is likely to gain the consumer’s attention. This brand will be more memorable to the consumers. That brand retention could result in a purchase down the road as the consumer already knows the product’s location.
  • Improved brand perception: Brands that assist consumers or incentivize product interaction improve consumer trust. That trust can build brand affinity, which could also increase sales in the future.
  • Avoiding price point competition: By focusing on enhancing the in-store experience for consumers, brands avoid getting pulled into price wars with lower cost products competing for the same market. These brands differentiate themselves by providing a service, rather than a discount.

digital's impact on in-store shoppingThe in-store interaction you have with the consumer is the last chance you have to gain the sale. This limited window means increasing your branded presence either in the store or finding a way to connect with consumers as they shop. This area is where mobile shopping apps offer clear-cut advantages.

Boosting the Digital Impact On In-Store Shopping With Mobile Apps

Mobile apps allow brands to communicate with consumers on the go. Additionally, these apps can also provide a way for brands to guide consumers to products in-store. This in-store guidance is achievable through a mobile-based rewards program.

Shopkick, for example, uses a system based on rewards to incentivize consumer behavior in the shopping aisle. Shoppers can receive “kicks” for visiting the location. They also receive kicks for scanning codes on certain products. They can also receive additional kicks for scanning their receipts after purchasing products. During three parts of a shopping trip—reaching the location, finding the product, and buying the product—the path to purchase is incentivized.

Shopkick allows you to leverage the impact of digital on in-store shopping.

Shopkick allows you to leverage the impact of digital on in-store shopping. This app helps you to direct consumer traffic in the store while also encouraging interaction with products. As consumers are increasingly using their mobile devices to make their daily tasks easier, working with a program designed to do just that is critical. Partner with Shopkick to ensure your digital campaign improves the customer experience in the shopping aisle.

Shopkick gives our partners access to the benefits of mobile shopping apps, helping them reach and influence consumers on the move. For more information, contact us.

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