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How to take advantage of mobile commerce in retail

Brands and retailers looking to take advantage of mobile commerce in retail should consider exactly how consumers have incorporated mobile devices into almost every part of the typical shopping trip. Shoppers rely on their mobile devices to research stores, brands, and products. They compare different deals being offered and look up which stores are nearby to determine where they’ll shop. They no longer have to create paper shopping lists or clip paper coupons; these functions can now be completed on a smartphone.

Not surprisingly, given this convenience, the number of people using their mobile devices for shopping purposes has soared. Two-thirds of consumers use their phones while shopping and even more shoppers conduct some form of pre-trip planning on their mobile devices.  

How to Take Advantage of Mobile Commerce in Retail

Use mobile to improve accessibility.

Going to a physical store simply isn’t feasible for everyone. It takes time to drive, walk, or take public transportation, not to mention walk around the store, choose items, and wait in line. A mobile commerce platform offers you a way to increase accessibility to your goods to busy consumers who fill their idle moments with shopping, as the mood strikes them.

You’ll need to, at the very least, ensure that your main eCommerce website is optimized for mobile, not just desktop, so photos and descriptions can shrink down to an appropriate size. You’ll want to streamline purchase processes and allow repeat shoppers to take shortcuts for a quicker checkout.

Going one step further, you want to make sure you’re prepared to offer an omnichannel retail experience. Let shoppers know they can order via mobile and pickup in-store. If they’re in-store and can’t find what they’re looking for, give them the option to order via mobile and have the out-of-stock item delivered to their doorstep.   

Attract new prospects with mobile.

The potential to bring in new customers is one of the best reasons to consider partnering with a third-party mobile shopping app. Many of these platforms already have a loyal user base—some of which may already be your customers, but many more that may be new to you. This captive audience is opting-in to the mobile shopping experience already. You just have to be prepared to engage, grab their interests, and give them a reason to visit the store for your product.

Mobile offers a new selling channel.

People who shop both online and in-store are far more valuable customers than those who limit their shopping methods to one channel. A 2018 study examined global data from retailers combining online and offline sales data, finding that omnichannel shoppers accounted for 7% of all customers but a four times larger (27%) share of sales. The study also found that among retailers in North America with both an app and a mobile website, apps accounted for 70% of mobile transactions in Q1. In fact, for these retailers, apps accounted for a larger share of transactions (47%) than desktops (33%).

If you haven’t already, consider how creating a mobile shopping app provides a more optimized and direct purchasing opportunity. Inviting shoppers to opt-in to mobile communications like push notifications can be helpful in reminding app users when they’ve left items in their carts but haven’t checked out, and helpful in alerting them of sales or new products in-stock. There are many ways to improve the retail shopping experience using app and beacon technologies in-tandem. For instance, time-strapped shoppers who don’t feel like standing in line can place a mobile app order from the parking lot and run another errand, or browse in-store while they await a real-time notification that their pickup is ready. 

Harness mobile to help with brick-and-mortar decision-making.

using mobile commerce in retailInformation is one of the reasons shoppers love mobile eCommerce. They like being able to see the product description, correct pricing, product specifications, and reviews at-a-glance. In that way, having all this information readily accessible via a mobile app complements the brick-and-mortar experience, rather than competing with it. Shoppers may also use their phones to compare two in-store products at once or to see recommended items they might consider purchasing along with an item they’ve got in-hand.

Mobile video is another important way to bring eCommerce tactics into your physical location. Google research shows at least 55% of shoppers use online video while actually shopping in a store. So, providing access to product tutorial videos or promotional content through an app can be an ideal way to help browsers pass the threshold to become buyers.    

Mobile experiences reward loyalty.

Gone are the days where consumers are carrying dozens of plastic reward cards in their wallets or on their keychains. Loyalty programs are now maintained via apps on smartphones. With many customer loyalty program apps, shoppers can easily earn and combine points from online and in-store purchases. They can also access offers through their mobile devices to redeem in-store.

You can create your own loyalty program, accessible via your mobile app, in addition to partnering with a third-party mobile shopping rewards app like Shopkick to access an already-loyal user base. Providing a favorable mobile experience turns first-time visitors into repeat customers and encourages your top consumers to spend even more.

Take Advantage of Mobile Commerce in Retail with Shopkick

Shopkick offers a way to achieve all the aforementioned objectives. The innovative shopping rewards app:

  • Improves accessibility: Shopkickers can make purchases both in-store and online. Our partnering brands and retailers create specially designed campaigns optimized for mobile with branded lookbooks, video content, and more.
  • Attracts new prospects: Shopkick has a loyal user base—many of which may not be in your current network. Expand your reach by tapping into Shopkick’s pool of loyal shoppers. Consumers can first learn about your retail store by logging into the Shopkick app to see who is offering rewards points (or “kicks”) nearby.
  • Creates new channels: Users think of Shopkick as a fun scavenger hunt for rewards points called “kicks;” they are encouraged to use the app both in-store and while they’re at home to find opportunities to earn points. 
  • Aids in decision-making: Simply scanning a product’s barcode can provide additional information about a promotional item. It doesn’t get much easier than that! Partnering retailers and brands can include video content in campaign materials, which will not only earn shoppers points, but educate them and help with decision-making as well.
  • Builds loyalty: Once consumers have incorporated Shopkick into their shopping routine, it’s likely they won’t want to shop without it. If they’re going to shop, they may as well shop with retailers and brands that reward their loyalty. 

Are you still wondering how Shopkick can strengthen your mobile strategy?

Are you still wondering how Shopkick can strengthen your mobile strategy? Consider this example: one leading cereal brand that partnered with Shopkick gobbled up 28% of the market share from competitors with a back-to-school campaign. Through in-app content, rewards points, and bundled discounts, the cereal brand solicited sales from a number of people who hadn’t planned on buying from them when they first arrived in-store. In fact, 82% of purchases were directly inspired by engagement with the Shopkick app!  

Want to get the most out of mobile commerce in retail? Read more success stories or contact Shopkick to learn how to become one of our partners and reap all the benefits of mobile without a costly upfront investment.

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