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These 3 innovative product launch ideas will take your marketing strategy to the next level

Innovative product launch ideas don’t have to be sophisticated, full-scale campaigns. Sometimes, focusing on a single channel like video, social media, or even in-store events can build enough buzz to get consumers excited about your new product. In this case, a brand should focus on quality over quantity to see the most robust marketing ROI from a new product launch.

Innovation and technology are closely linked. Marketing managers who want to create an innovative product launch will need to look to these technologically focused, available options to find the most reliable path. Whether they’re taking advantage of the conversion potential of video or reaching out to consumers via mobile apps, brands must find a unique angle to make an impression on consumers.

Here, we discuss three innovative product launch ideas that will take your marketing strategy to the next level:     

#1: Use Video Teasers to Entice Audiences

Video is a powerful medium for spreading the word and generating buzz around a new product. Video gains 1,200% more shares than text and image-based posts on social media sites. Brands utilize video teasers in their product launch strategies to attract the attention of a potential consumer. These campaigns are different from standard campaigns as they’re designed to build hype rather than introduce the product.

CoverGirl used this strategy in launching a new foundation for multicultural skin, Trublend Matte Made. The brand released a video that focused on diversity in the beauty industry and discussed the challenges that multicultural individuals face when finding makeup that works for them. The brand did not focus heavily on the new product, but instead, CoverGirl used the video as an opportunity to speak to an unrepresented market. This sparked a conversation about a problem, and CoverGirl’s new foundation was designed to be the solution.

Teaser campaigns work by priming the consumer to focus on a specific problem. They don’t typically include a lot of hard advertising content but instead, focus on engaging consumers. For these reasons, such a campaign acts as an excellent pre-launch strategy for a new product.  

#2: Hold In-Store Scavenger Hunts for Incentivizing Engagement

In-store scavenger hunts offer a unique way to engage with consumers in the shopping aisle by providing a gamified marketing experience. This strategy is one that shopping rewards app Shopkick leverages in improving awareness of a new product. Through the mobile app, consumers are incentivized to find specific products in-store and scan their UPC codes to gain kicks (rewards points). Brands can use this strategy to guide consumers to new products in the aisle and boost engagement, even when those new releases don’t have the best possible shelf location.

Getting consumers to physically interact with a product significantly increases the chance they will purchase it. When a consumer is familiar with the feel of a product in their hand, it leads to a connection with that brand. Even if the consumer doesn’t purchase that product at the time, they may make a purchase in the future because they’re already familiar with the brand, the product, and its features.

#3: Recruit Micro-Influencers to Create Excitement

3 innovative product launch ideasWhen the term influencer comes to mind, we often think of highly-followed social media celebrities. However, micro-influencers are a bit different and are simply average people who have gained respect in their social circles. Micro-influencers may include the mom who heads up the PTA, the pre-teen who teaches her friends about makeup, the tech-savvy friend who always has great ideas on using apps to save money, or any other leader of a social group. Micro-influencers are ideal for CPG brands seeking an audience for a new product launch. While their audiences may be small, they’re highly engaged and also very loyal.

Brands can leverage exclusivity to gain the attention of these micro-influencers before a product launch. They may consider sending these individuals coupon codes, free samples, or rewards points to encourage them to share the news of the new product. For a minimal investment, brands can gain a lot of attention from their target demographics.

Using Mobile Apps With Innovative Product Launch Ideas

Mobile apps can be the best avenue to reach consumers because they allow for in-the-moment marketing. There are limited windows where consumers may be more receptive to trying a new product. This could mean reaching them when they’re out shopping, as they’re near the product, or when they’re planning their trip to the store.

Mobile apps provide an engaging way to connect with these consumers when they’re not in front of the television or the computer.

Mobile apps provide an engaging way to connect with these consumers when they’re not in front of the television or the computer. Through mobile apps, brands can provide consumers with information about the new product, where it can be located, and offer incentives for purchase. Mobile apps connect brands to consumers on the move in ways that other advertising mediums can’t, which is why they should be an integral part of any new product marketing campaign.

For brands that wish to reach a larger audience, third-party apps offer a solution. Partnering with a third-party app like Shopkick allows a brand to connect with consumers who may not have been previously familiar with their products, or who they may not have been able to reach through their prior marketing efforts. Additionally, third-party apps like Shopkick help to guide consumers directly to a new product, incentivize engagement, and increase the likelihood of purchase.

Shopkick helps our partners make the most of new product launches by connecting them with potential customers in the shopping aisle. For more information on how our innovative app can boost awareness of your new product, contact us.

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