Three video advertising benefits for brands competing in the digital space

Video advertising benefits CPG brands by making them more discoverable in the digital space. The technical benefits—in the way that video helps companies rise in the rankings on social media and through search engines—are important but often overlooked. Video advertising has the ability to increase the discoverability of a brand in the digital space and improve sales potential with consumers in the shopping aisle.

Video can also be used to gain attention across social media platforms, through shares of video campaigns. In addition, rewarded video is providing marketers with a new way to connect with consumers. These three methods of advertising—search engine optimized video, social media engagement, and incentivized interactions—may be overlooked but can be powerful marketing tools.

How Video Advertising Improves Search Engine Rankings

Search engines are still the primary way that consumers seek out information on the Internet, which is why brands must ensure their website and apps will show up when consumers search for products in their categories. Video can give a brand an advantage when it comes to gaining attention in search results for specific products. There are many reasons for this, but some of the main ones include:


  • High demand: When it comes to preferred forms of content, video is the winner. About 56% of consumers stated that they prefer video content over images, text, or audio options. As more consumers seek out video content, search engines would consider this content more relevant to specific keywords and phrases than other material and rank video pages higher as a result.
  • Relevance through dwell time: The time spent on a page is a key factor in how relevant that page is for certain keywords. Video encourages consumers to stay on a page longer than images or text, which a consumer may only skim. This longer time spent on a given page translates into higher search engine rankings.
  • Exclusive options: Another thing that boosts videos in search engines is the ability to filter content to only videos. Most major search engines, Google included, offer a tab where consumers can view only videos associated with the topic they searched.


Video advertising allows brands to stand out in search engine rankings by offering a way to connect the brand to keywords related to their products. This is a way to increase the brand’s visibility, which tends to have a snowball effect. As the brand rises in the search rankings, more consumers learn of it and may share the video, increasing its visibility.  

Reaping Video Advertising Benefits Through Social Media Platforms

top video advertising benefitsIt’s estimated that video generates 1,200% more shares than image and text. More than a few brands have built massive online followings through video advertising on social media. Take Starbucks’ 2017 holiday campaign “Here’s to the Holidays.” By the end of December 2017, the video had amassed over 76 million views across multiple social media platforms.  

In creating the video campaign, Starbucks chose to focus on an inclusive holiday season. This open-minded approach gained much attention as in the past; there’d been controversy regarding Starbucks and its holiday cup designs. By using an animated video to advertise Christmas celebrations from multiple perspectives and debut the cup designed for the season, the brand was able to amass major attention for a simple holiday promotion.  

This type of video content creates a deeper emotional connection with consumers who want to share that brand’s message. The reach that these videos achieve is only possible through the massive potential of video platforms, social media sites, and online communities.

Improving Sales Through Incentivized Video Interactions

Brands want to make a positive impression on consumers with every interaction. However, establishing that interaction in the first place is a challenge because consumers rarely seek out advertisements. Strict, sales-focused content is necessary for brands but challenging to get consumers to watch.  

Video advertisements are often disruptive, in that the consumer must watch an ad before they can continue on to the content they wanted to see. Or, the advertisement bothers them when they’re not interested in viewing it, like in a popup. When this is the case, consumers aren’t going to be receptive to the brand’s message.

However, if the consumer has the option of watching a video in exchange for something, this problem is eliminated. When consumers feel acknowledged for choosing to view an advertisement, they tend to be more receptive. Shopkick leverages this strategy in its rewarded video platform. Consumers receive rewards for viewing branded content to completion and as a result, walk away with a favorable impression of the brand. This incentivized approach not only makes your brand memorable—it also makes the memory a positive one. The next time a consumer is looking for a product in your category, they’ll be far more likely to remember your brand’s product and seek it out.

Video advertising benefits brands by allowing them to gain attention in the crowded digital space.

Video advertising benefits brands by allowing them to gain attention in the crowded digital space. Brands can rise in search engine rankings with video content, ensuring discoverability when a consumer searches for their products. Video boosted with social media can have massive reach, even from short advertisements. Finally, rewarded video allows brands to incentivize consumer interactions, increasing sales potential. Video advertising offers brands an opportunity to increase sales by increasing brand visibility, and shopping apps can help boost that effect by providing incentives for engagement.

Shopkick partners leverage our app as a platform for engaging consumers with rewarded video. To discuss this offering, as well as the other benefits of our innovative shopping app, contact us.     

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Three video advertising benefits for brands competing in the digital space



Shopkick is the fun and easy way to earn free gift cards for the shopping you already do. Download the app now!

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