5 Easy Cooking Ideas for Kids

If you’re in the middle of spending more time at home, your refrigerator, freezer, and pantry are likely fuller than they’ve been in weeks. Rather than focusing on the “why” behind the increase of food to enjoy at home, think of this as an opportunity to explore the kitchen with your kids. From meals to enjoy for breakfast, lunch, or dinner to sweet treats to whip up together, we’re sharing five quick and easy ways to inspire you and your kids to have fun in the kitchen.

5 Easy Cooking Ideas for Kids:

Try a New Recipe:  

Every family has their favorite go-to recipes, so mix things up and try something new! To make this more fun for your kids, encourage them to choose the recipe you will all try together. Maybe it’s not a new recipe at all but instead enjoying breakfast for dinner, for example. Delish has plenty of kid-friendly recipes for any type of eater, so make sure to take a peek.

Cupcake Decorating:

Cupcakes are fun and easy to make no matter the reason, and days spent at home are definitely a reason for some levity! Mix up the batter together and bake your cupcakes. Then encourage your kids to ice cupcakes themselves. If you have vanilla icing on hand, consider adding food coloring to make things more fun. Fruit is also a great thing to use to make faces, and you can always add candy. What will your kids create on their cupcakes?

Chopped Challenge:

At Shopkick HQ, “Chopped” is one of our favorite cooking shows! A Chopped Challenge is a fun and easy way to make your kids feel like they’re competing on the show. The directions are simple: pull three random ingredients from your freezer, refrigerator, or pantry, and encourage your kids to get creative as they decide what dish they want to make. Next, set a timer and get cooking. Once the dishes are complete, make sure to have a taste test to decide on the winner! For a little more direction: consider creating the challenge after specific meal times.


Like cupcakes, cookies are always a great idea! If you have favorites you look forward to during the holiday season, now is a great a time as any for them to make a comeback. You can also try something new! If you’re looking for a great recipe source, Sally’s Baking Addiction blog has incredible recipes that never disappoint. Of course, sugar cookies are always welcome, and kids can have fun decorating them as well.


Every day likely feels like Friday, so tonight sounds like a pizza night! Purchase pre-made dough (or make your favorite recipe), and divide the dough so each member of your family can create a personal pizza. Then, add your favorites from sauce and cheese to toppings galore! For an added layer of fun, do a taste test and decide which pizza turned out the best. P.S: English muffin pizzas are always a hit too! Top with your go-to options, then bake at 375-degrees for 10 minutes.

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