5 Trendy Workouts to Try at Home

Aside from staying home during the current pandemic, one of the best things we can do for our mental and physical wellbeing is to stay active. Spending 10, 30, 45, or 60 minutes a day invested in a workout has the potential to make you feel strong and accomplished because you’re sweating and moving your body. Thanks to the known benefits and in an effort to encourage us to continue (or start!) our workout routines, many gyms and fitness studios are now posting their classes online. So, if you have been wanting to try out a trendy workout, like Peloton, Barre3, or Orangetheory, keep reading because we’re sharing five trendy workouts you can try for home!

1. Peloton App

You’ve likely heard of Peloton and their bikes, but did you know they also have an app filled with plenty of other workouts? Try out yoga, strength training, walking, running, cycling (of course), and more via the app with any of their trained instructors. Classes range from quick 10 minute sessions to hour long classes you can participate in live or at your leisure (everything is saved). At the time we’re publishing this post, Peloton is currently offering a 90-day free trial. 

2. Obe Fitness 

Obe Fitness is known for their 28 minute workouts, and they recommend alternating between cardio (SWEAT), strength (STRENGTH), and yoga (FLOW) classes throughout the week. Because the sessions are short and known for their high energy feeling, we won’t be surprised if you achieve their recommended goal of 5 classes/week. Try a free trial to see what you think before joining and paying for a monthly membership.

3. Shopkick 

Have you worked out with us yet? We have been launching new workout videos on Mondays and Wednesday in the app and also on Facebook Live! Mondays is devoted to mindfulness, so join us to practice yoga and stretch with Cat. On Wednesday, join us as we try a different workout each week. We’ve done Zumba, stretching, and core work so far with Nikki!

4. Orangetheory 

If you have not yet tried Orangetheory, you likely have a friend who is a big fan. Typically, Orangetheory workouts are an hour long, and they’re designed to work on “endurance, strength, and power”. Currently, the team behind Orangetheory is launching daily workouts for you to do at home with most lasting for 30 minutes. Everything is free through the Orangetheory At Home program!

5. Barre3

Barre3 combines strength training together with ballet, and the full-body workouts are known to be challenging. Choose your level and stream workouts online during a time that suits your schedule. Currently, you can enjoy a 15-day free trail and some items you may wish to purchase to use during your workouts are discounted.  

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How to Homeschool: DIY Time Capsule + Craft

First grade teacher Mrs. Lamb returned to Facebook Live yesterday for her latest segment! She offered insight into how we can all consider adopting a different mindset while social distancing continues. We think the quote Mrs. Lamb mentioned was so on point for this time in all of our lives, especially as it relates to how kids and families might walk away from this COVID-19 experience.

We didn’t realize we were making memories. We just knew we were having fun.

With the above in mind, Mrs. Lamb offered a new craft idea and a fun way to memorialize this quarantine experience. Let’s dive into both below!

Quarantine Time Capsule:

Mrs. Lamb said she has seen a quarantine capsule PDF from Kiddy Charts making the rounds on social media, so she and her family decided to download it. We’re so happy she did! Mrs. Lamb highlighted a few of the great pages that are inside, and we think families with kids of all ages will enjoy it.

One page prompts participants to trace their hand, and Mrs. Lamb layered her family hands on top of each other in colorful construction paper. The result is so sweet, and it will be a wonderful memory to look back on years later! Other pages offer chances for your kids to interview you for your outlook as an adult during the quarantine, favorite activities you’ve done together as a family, about me pages, and more.

Think about completing one page each day, and encourage your kids to add color and their own unique doodles using crayons, colored pencils, markers, and more. Once your book is complete, Mrs. Lamb said she plans to laminate her family’s book. She purchased a laminator online from Walmart, which is a great idea, or you could also opt to create a box or slip completed pages into page protectors within a binder.

DIY Bird Feeder:

If you have citrus in your refrigerator, considering creating a DIY bird feeder! Mrs. Lamb said she cut an orange in half, made sure to eat the fruit in the interior, and then saved half of the peel. She created two holes, which you can make too using a pen or pencil, and threaded twine through to act as a way in which to hang the feeder.

Then, Mrs. Lamb researched what birds can eat. She realized she had many of the items, like sunflower seeds, raisins, and nuts, in her cabinet, so she and her kids created their own bird food mixture. They popped their bird food inside of the peel and placed the completed feeder in the freezer to help the ingredients bind together.

To continue their learning experience, Mrs. Lamb and her family plan to place the feeder outside and take note of the birds that pay visits to the feeder. You and your kids can take pictures of the birds that visit, make videos, and even create your own drawings.

Overall, a DIY bird feeder is a simple craft that costs very little to make, and the results can be enjoyed for a while!

Make sure to take a peek at Mrs. Lamb’s full video for even more, and tune in tomorrow for her next installment on Facebook Live! Let’s keep making memories.

5 Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids

Almost all of us may have been asked to stay at home, and we’ve shared ideas for indoor activities to do with kids, like crafting and cooking, but that doesn’t mean that time spent exploring the outdoors is suddenly off limits. In fact, now more than ever, outdoor fun feels refreshing and even more necessary as a way to burn off energy for both kids and parents. Walking and running around your neighborhood together is always a wonderful option, but we have five more ideas for you to consider. Let’s go outside!

Five Fun + Simple Outdoor Activities for Kids:

Bike or Scooter Ride:

Your kids likely love riding their bikes or scooters on your driveway or around the block, but when was the last time you joined them on your own set of wheels? Take a family ride together! Explore your street, neighborhood, or a new-to-you part of town. This is a great family activity to incorporate daily even if it’s just a quick ride around the block.

Scavenger Hunt Walk or Hike:

Now is the time to explore your own backyard or neighborhood, but switch things up so it doesn’t feel like an everyday walk or hike. Think about creating a scavenger hunt! You can create your hunt by listing shapes or colors you would like your kids to find, or you can suggest specific objects. This printable Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt by Baby Boy Bakery is perfect for the occasion!

Backyard Camping:

A proper camping trip might not be in the cards at the moment, but we’re certain all of your gear will be equally as fun in your backyard. So, camp out together! Tell stories, make up a skit by the fire, play games, and don’t forget about the s’mores. If you don’t own a fire pit, never fear – you can make s’mores in the oven! The Food Network has a great quick and easy recipe.

Field Day:

School is out of session, and your kids might be missing out on field day. So, create your own! Create an obstacle course, jump rope, play volleyball, see which family member can win at H.O.R.S.E, run races, and more. This post by The Simple Parent has a number of fun (and easy!) ideas you can play at home.

Outdoor Movie:

You don’t always have to watch movies inside! If your weather is cooperating, take your movie night outside. Use a projector to create your own screen on the side of your house or on a sheet. If you don’t own a projector, set your laptop up outside. Don’t forget to pop popcorn and have your favorite candy on-hand.

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5 Easy Cooking Ideas for Kids

If you’re in the middle of spending more time at home, your refrigerator, freezer, and pantry are likely fuller than they’ve been in weeks. Rather than focusing on the “why” behind the increase of food to enjoy at home, think of this as an opportunity to explore the kitchen with your kids. From meals to enjoy for breakfast, lunch, or dinner to sweet treats to whip up together, we’re sharing five quick and easy ways to inspire you and your kids to have fun in the kitchen.

5 Easy Cooking Ideas for Kids:

Try a New Recipe:  

Every family has their favorite go-to recipes, so mix things up and try something new! To make this more fun for your kids, encourage them to choose the recipe you will all try together. Maybe it’s not a new recipe at all but instead enjoying breakfast for dinner, for example. Delish has plenty of kid-friendly recipes for any type of eater, so make sure to take a peek.

Cupcake Decorating:

Cupcakes are fun and easy to make no matter the reason, and days spent at home are definitely a reason for some levity! Mix up the batter together and bake your cupcakes. Then encourage your kids to ice cupcakes themselves. If you have vanilla icing on hand, consider adding food coloring to make things more fun. Fruit is also a great thing to use to make faces, and you can always add candy. What will your kids create on their cupcakes?

Chopped Challenge:

At Shopkick HQ, “Chopped” is one of our favorite cooking shows! A Chopped Challenge is a fun and easy way to make your kids feel like they’re competing on the show. The directions are simple: pull three random ingredients from your freezer, refrigerator, or pantry, and encourage your kids to get creative as they decide what dish they want to make. Next, set a timer and get cooking. Once the dishes are complete, make sure to have a taste test to decide on the winner! For a little more direction: consider creating the challenge after specific meal times.


Like cupcakes, cookies are always a great idea! If you have favorites you look forward to during the holiday season, now is a great a time as any for them to make a comeback. You can also try something new! If you’re looking for a great recipe source, Sally’s Baking Addiction blog has incredible recipes that never disappoint. Of course, sugar cookies are always welcome, and kids can have fun decorating them as well.


Every day likely feels like Friday, so tonight sounds like a pizza night! Purchase pre-made dough (or make your favorite recipe), and divide the dough so each member of your family can create a personal pizza. Then, add your favorites from sauce and cheese to toppings galore! For an added layer of fun, do a taste test and decide which pizza turned out the best. P.S: English muffin pizzas are always a hit too! Top with your go-to options, then bake at 375-degrees for 10 minutes.

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P.S: Yesterday, we shared five simple and easy crafts to do with kids!