3 Easy No Knead Bread Recipes

Have you made bread while quarantined at home? We have been adding new recipes to try to our ever evolving lists, and we have to admit how much fun we have been having in our own kitchens, not to mention watching other people embrace making new recipes in their own spaces. We have tried a few bread recipes over the past few weeks, and we think we’ve narrowed down the three easiest options. Below, we’re sharing all of the details so you can check “bake bread” off of your list (and likely add it right back on once you taste the results). 

1. No Knead Focaccia:

In our book, you can never go wrong with a recipe from Bon Appetit. We spotted this No Knead Focaccia recipe on Instagram and set aside a Sunday to bake this bread. It quickly became a family favorite! The bread will rise once inside your fridge and a second time on your counter, so we recommend starting to prep the dough early in the morning. Serve it with pasta for a fun Italian dinner night meal or cut slices in half for delicious sandwiches!

2. Brown Sugar Banana Bread:

If you have never baked bread before, banana bread is a great place to start! You will not need to purchase yeast to make this recipe come to life, and it’s a great way to make sure to use bananas even if they have become a bit too ripe to eat. The ingredient that makes this recipe different is in the name: brown sugar. Serve for breakfast or enjoy a slice (or two!) as a snack in the afternoon. Your family will love this recipe! 

Brown Sugar Banana Bread | www.shopkick.com

3. No Knead Bread:

This No Knead Bread is another tested and loved recipe by the Shopkick team! Oftentimes, bread needs to be kneaded, which makes the process of prepping it feel a little more daunting. This bread makes a classic loaf once baked, and there is no kneading involved. You’ll want to start prepping the dough the day before you want to eat it, so keep that in mind. Also, the author of the recipe walks through the steps of using a Dutch Oven and not, so the post is definitely worth reading.

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