Celebrate Scavenger Hunt Day with Shopkick

What was your favorite book when you were growing up? If you’re like us, Roald Dahl’s classic “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” likely topped your book list. Willy Wonka’s world of wonder and chocolate and colorful candy was one we wanted to inhabit. And, who didn’t dream of finding a golden ticket? Well, your dream may become a reality because golden tickets and millions of kicks will be up for grabs next week!

Monday, May 24 is National Scavenger Hunt Day, and Shopkick is celebrating the best way we know how – with a week-long scavenger hunt filled with nostalgia and plenty of kicks! We’re launching a scan mission at Walmart stores throughout the country where you can scan a select grouping of products in order to earn 100 bonus kicks. 

But, there’s more! 

(Because, of course there is.)

To give you even more of an incentive to go on your own scavenger hunt in honor of National Scavenger Hunt Day, allow us to unveil the biggest news of all…

We’re hiding a limited number of Shopkick golden tickets in stores throughout the country worth $500 in kicks (each)! Your job is to find one and mail it in by May 31 to receive your prize! 

We aren’t sharing the locations (what kind of scavenger hunt would!?), but we can share a few hints. One city is located in Colorado, another is in Florida, and one more is in Florida…!

So, what are you waiting for? Get your search on!

P.S: If you’re looking for even more chances to win kicks, we’re also giving away 35,000 kicks to select Shopkickers who share their Shopkick Scavenger Hunt journey! Simply snap a photo or video of you (and your crew!) completing the Shopkick Scavenger Hunt and upload it to the app. We’ll announce the winners once our week of scavenger hunt fun is complete!

Create Your Own Baseball Ballpark Inspired Menu

There’s a sport for every season, and the spring and summer are dominated by baseball. In fact, we think one of the best ways to spend a warm summer weeknight or sunny Saturday or Sunday is at a ballpark. We’re eager to cheer on our favorite teams, root for our favorite players, and sometimes jump in on the fun with friends as we play our own nine innings.

One of the reasons why we think we enjoy baseball so much, other than the fact that it’s a classic American sport, is because the food is delicious. Hotdogs, fries, ice cream, and popcorn are all ballpark menu staples. We thought we would round up 10 of our favorite recipes so you and your family and friends can enjoy the baseball menu fun from home!   

Cherry-Vanilla Soda Syrup:

Rather than sharing a cocktail, we thought we would start things off with a drink you and your kids can all enjoy together! The Kitchn shared a recipe for homemade Cherry-Vanilla Soda Syrup that calls for five ingredients, including the soda you will mix it with. It sounds like a fun take on a Cherry Coke or Pepsi!

Pretzel Bites:

Pretzels are a classic food at a ballpark, so try making your own! What’s Gabby Cooking shared an easy recipe for pretzel bites that you can pair with mustard or your favorite sauce of choice. Gabby also shares other pretzel recipes on her site, like these Garlic Herb Parmesan Pretzel Twists.

Pigs in a Blanket:

Instead of serving classic hotdogs, mix things up and opt to make pigs in a blanket! When a recipe is called the Best Ever Pigs in a Blanket, there’s a high probability it’s the one you should use. 

Olive Oil and Parmesan Popcorn:

We have a feeling you will turn to this popcorn recipe often, even when you’re not watching baseball! It calls for olive oil, grated parmesan cheese, and Italian seasoning. Gimme Some Oven is definitely on to something! 

Garlic Fries:

Try your hand at making homemade French fries or purchase a ready-made pack – either option will work well! Once your fries are prepped, you will toss them in a garlic, butter, parmesan, and parsley mixture before baking them to create Garlic Fries.

Walking Tacos:  

This recipe is called Walking Tacos, and it involves prepping all of the classics of a great taco, like meat, tomatoes, beans, and all of the toppings. Once everything is ready, open a bag of corn chips, and pop your taco favorites inside!  

Honey Buffalo Meatball Sliders:

Typically, meatballs are most often served with sauce. But, this recipe calls for hot sauce, apricot preserves, blue cheese, and ranch dressing, so it offers a fun twist. If you try making Honey Buffalo Meatball Sliders, let us know what you think!

Deep-Dish Sausage Pizza:

Pizza is a game day classic, and if you want to feel as though you’re visiting Chicago deep-dish pizza is a must! This recipe will walk you through the steps to make your own crust as you craft Deep-Dish Sausage Pizza. We can’t wait to try it!

Turkey Burger: 

It’s not a baseball game menu if there isn’t at least one burger recipe included! We spotted this recipe for turkey burgers, and we’re excited to try the Mexican version, which calls for topping the turkey burger with guacamole and salsa.

Strawberry Ice Cream: 

To cap off your ballpark at-home menu, dessert is a must! Have you ever made your own ice cream? Celebrate baseball and strawberry season with this egg-less Strawberry Ice Cream recipe. Serve with chocolate sauce, extra strawberries, and waffle cones.

What will you include on your baseball menu for your next watch party at home? Let us know on Facebook!

5 Simple Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

We love moms, grandmas, aunts, cousins, girlfriends, and chosen moms! So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we cannot wait to celebrate Mother’s Day in less than two weeks on Sunday, May 9. This year, we’re imagining many more (safe) gatherings and time spent together after a year mostly spent apart. And, we think you might feel the same way. This year, more than ever, we want your favorite gal to feel loved and celebrated. Below, you’ll find five easy ways to spread the Mother’s Day love!

Get Cooking:

Whether mom typically creates meals in the kitchen or she’s a foodie at heart, think about cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner for her! For breakfast, we’re eying a little something indulgent, like this French toast casserole. For lunch, why not make one of these savory toast recipes? Once dinner rolls around, think about whipping up a family-style favorite, like burgers, taco, or pizza.

Frame Kids’ Art:

Kids are only little once, and we have a feeling mom has a favorite piece of art made by the littles she adores! So, frame it! You can purchase a frame at Target or Walmart, opt for custom framing at a craft store, like Michaels, or send off the piece to become an heirloom with Framebridge. For an added surprise, create a new art piece for mom. Anything with hand or footprints is always a great idea!

Create an At-Home Retreat:

Moms love family time, but sometimes they crave a little time and space away from the chaos. So, create an at-home retreat that encourages mom to step away to read a book or magazine, indulge in a bubble bath, sip on wine or coffee, or catch up with a friend. She’ll come back feeling refreshed and grateful!

Pick Flowers:

Rather than picking up flowers from the grocery store or a florist, think about visiting a you-pick farm and cutting your own flowers for mom. This would be a great outdoor activity for a warm spring day. Plus, you’ll likely capture a few great shots for Instagram too! Quality family time + flowers? It sounds ideal to us!

Send Her to the Spa:

Similar to our suggestion to create an at-home retreat for mom, present her with a gift card to visit a spa or nail salon on Mother’s Day. Many of us have missed our pampering sessions throughout the past year, and Mother’s Day is a great day to resume self-care.

How are you planning to celebrate Mother’s Day? Let us know on Facebook!

Win 125,000 Kicks with Shopkick

We think your week is about to get even better…because we’re giving away 125,000 kicks to four Shopkickers! We know we’re looking for big and small ways to celebrate during 2021, and we know you are too. So, we’re bringing the fun the best way we know how – by giving you a (big) bump for your next shopping trip (or series of trips).

Our Shopkickers are the people, just like you, who engage with us and each other. You’re eager to share the products you’re discovering, the recipes you’re loving, the ways you’re saving money, how you’re earning kicks, where you’re redeeming your kicks, and so much more. Our app keeps getting better, and that’s because of you! 

So, we want to see how you Shopkick!

Entering is easy: 

  1. Snap a photo or video showcasing how you use Shopkick in your everyday life. This could be a video of you discovering lookbooks or a photo of you shopping in stores or online. We’re open to anything and everything – it’s all about you and your experience!
  2. Upload your photo or video in the app or from your desktop. Click here and follow the steps!
  3. Share the 125,000 kicks giveaway news with your friends, family, and followers on social media by using the hashtag #ShopkickPays
  4. Make sure to enter by 11:59 PST on Sunday, March 21. 

We’ll be revealing the four 125,000 kicks winners on Tuesday, March 23! We can’t wait to see your entries and all of the ways you earn kicks. Good luck!

3 Goals You Can Reach in 2021: Part 3

In case you’re just joining us, we’ve been detailing how to take steps toward nine of the most common goals people set every year in January. We’ve talked about how to workout and read more, how to stick to a budget, and how to lessen screen time (even during a pandemic!). There’s more for you to explore here and here. 

As a reminder, we’re sharing simple steps you can start doing today to make goals a reality rather than something you simply write down. Today, we’re going to talk about the final three goals of the most popular annual goals: how to be more eco-friendly, how to stay organized, and how to try new recipes. Let’s keep the goal setting going! 

Be More Eco-friendly: 

Supporting and being kinder to our environment is an ongoing endeavor, rather than something we can solve in one swift motion. But, if we all make even small changes, they do add up! So, consider the ways your family lives, and think about ways you might be able to make revisions. Here are a few ideas:

Recycle: Many communities pick up recycling each week or there are centers within driving distance where you can drop off your recycling. Rather than tossing water bottles, soda bottles, jars, newspapers, and more into the trash, consider rinsing them and placing them into a recycling can instead.

Reusable Bottles & Dinnerware: Consider choosing to use a reusable water bottle throughout your day rather than single use plastic. You can also opt to skip using paper plates and plastic utensils and instead turn to everyday dinnerware that can be washed and used again and again. 

Use Reusable Bags: When you make a trip to the grocery store, how many plastic bags do you typically leave carrying? Likely a lot, which is totally normal! Purchase a few reusable bags you can use each week to cut back on waste. The great thing about reusable bags is they can typically fit more than an average plastic bag, which means you’ll need to make fewer trips back and forth to your car to bring everything inside.

Get Organized:

Whenever the word “organize” is mentioned, typically feelings of overwhelm follow. But, they don’t have to! Rather than thinking you need to completely organize and overhaul your space at once, why not break things down into steps? Here are a few ideas:

Tackle One Area: This might look like a room, or it might look like a drawer! There aren’t rules about how slow or fast you need to organize.

Set a Timer: Think about seeing what you can get done in a block of time. Five, 10, 15, or 60 minutes will definitely allow you to make a dent or complete an entire project! 

Look to the Pros: There are plenty of articles about organization, and some of them are definitely worth the read! We like this piece by Real Simple about how organization pros create order. The tips are 100% doable!

Tidy: Whether it’s at the end of the day or one day a week, think about tidying up your space. Organization doesn’t work unless you do, and your new process will take time to get used to. The key thing is remembering how you feel when everything is in order!

Try New Recipes:

If you’re becoming tired of your meal rotation, it’s likely time to mix it up. Consider trying even one new recipe each week. 

Think about collecting recipes to try and pinning them onto a board on Pinterest. Move the ones you love to a new board after you’ve made them, and delete the ones you know you never want to make again. You can also mix things up by trying rotating through new recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack, so your list is never completely filled with recipes that have many steps (dinner recipes, we’re looking at you!).   

We also post plenty of recipes in the app!

Now that we’ve reached the end of our review of some of the most popular goals and resolutions, which ones are on your list? Let us know on Facebook!

3 Goals You Can Achieve: Part 2

We’ve almost officially reached the middle of January! So, how are you doing with your goals? Have you set goals for the year, or are you still working through what you would like to accomplish this year? Keep in mind, there truly isn’t anything magical about January 1. You can set a goal and start taking small steps toward achieving it at any time!

Last week, we shared the first part of our goal setting series where we’re walking through some of the most popular goals people set each year. The fun part is we’re sharing simple steps you can do today to start working toward reaching each goal, rather than solely having them written down without a game plan. Today, we’re digging into how to read more, how to stick to a budget, and how to spend time with family and friends (yes, even during COVID-19; stay with us!). Keep reading, and make sure to tune back in next week for the third – and final – part of our series!

Read More: 

If books are on your mind, we’re here to help! This goal definitely relates to spending less time on screens, but we thought it deserved its own section. 

Consider starting slow by setting a goal to read 1 book/month. Then try to read 10-20 pages per day or set aside 15-30 minute windows of time to read. The best thing to do is to find a consistent window of time each day to carve out this routine! 

Another idea is to read books that have been turned into movies or TV shows (we compiled a list that you can find here!). Knowing you can experience how a creative team took a book from the page to the screen can be a great motivator to finish a book.

If you’re looking for great books to enjoy throughout the year, Good Housekeeping released a list of the most anticipated books of 2021!

Stick to a Budget: 

There are plenty of articles and tips about how to create and stick to a budget, but we’re here to share simple ways you can stay on track! 

One place to easily spend more each week than you may have originally intended is at the grocery store. So, make a list before you shop. Then stick to your list even as you wander down the aisles. Another idea? Don’t shop when you’re hungry! Because we’ve done it, we can confirm the rumors are true: you do, in fact, purchase more if you shop while dreaming about your next meal or snack.

Another simple thing to do to keep your budget on track is to use Shopkick to your advantage! In between interacting with us on Instagram and Facebook, pop onto the app and explore the Discover page – glance through lookbooks, watch videos, and see how you can earn kicks on your next shopping trip. Once you reach your chosen kick goal, redeem your kicks for a gift card that you can use when you next pick up the essentials on your list. Shopkick is free to use! What budget tip could be better?   

Spend More Time with Family & Friends:  

COVID-19 has definitely changed how we spend time with family and friends and, of course, how often we can gather together. But, that shouldn’t stop you from checking in on your favorite people! Many of us are suffering from Zoom fatigue once we reach the end of the day or week, so we highly recommend taking what some might call an “old fashioned” approach: pick up the phone. 

Plan a time to catch up with a friend or family member, and make it a weekly date! To feel even more connected, you can both plan to engage in the same activity, whether that’s talking while you’re taking individual walks, driving home from work, or catching up on chores (a phone call makes laundry more fun!). A call with someone you love will brighten your day!

We’re here to cheer you on! Keep sharing your progress with us on Facebook as we all work toward achieving our goals (and more) in 2021.

5 Ways to Save Money Before the Holidays

Believe it or not, we have all officially made it to the middle of December! And, can you believe Hanukkah is well underway and Christmas is in just over a week? Suddenly, this month feels like it’s flying by, especially because our to-do lists are all full and (likely) overflowing. If you’re still purchasing gifts for everyone on your list or prepping to enjoy the holiday season, we thought we would share five ways to save money and keep your budget in check. Yes, it’s still possible! Keep reading below.

1. Watch for Sales:

As retailers and small businesses alike try to meet their sales goals this holiday season, many are still launching opportunities to save daily. We find the sales can change quickly from day-to-day, so if you think the price of an item on your list might come down there’s a solid chance it might. This is especially true if you’re purchasing clothing. The key thing to do is to keep tabs on your email if you’re signed up to receive emails, or pop onto the retailer’s website daily. You never know when the sale you’ve been hoping for will launch, and the best thing you can do is to be ready.

2. Redeem Your Kicks:

When was the last time you checked your kick balance? We know you check it often, but if it’s been a minute pop into the app and see how many kicks you have earned. Then, redeem them for a gift card! This is a great way to save because you can redeem your kicks for a retailer that has items you still need to purchase on your list. Checking off the final items will feel great when you know you can use a gift card to lessen the amount you owe!   

3. Follow Your List:

December always means extra trips to retailers and grocery stores alike, and it’s so easy to veer off of your list. In order to keep your budget in check, make a list before you go and stick to it! If you do see items that inspire a different idea, consider if it’s worth it to change course. The thing to do, though, is to edit – don’t add and spend more than you had planned.

4. Shop Online, Pick Up In-Store:

This year, shopping online and picking up your order at the store has become incredibly popular. And, we’re fans for several reasons! First, shopping online still means you can earn kicks. Second, shopping from home means you’re going to be much less likely to purchase items that aren’t on your list. You’re visiting a specific webpage rather allowing additional things to catch your eye as you search for what you need in the store. Third, shopping online is a great way to avoid shipping costs, and you can pick your order up on the same day in many cases. Fourth, it’s the easiest way to social distance! Have we convinced you to give it a try?

5. Go Homemade:

Homemade gifts are typically the most thoughtful gifts given and received year after year. And, it’s for a great reason! They require thought, time, and care, and family and friends typically love to see what you have created with them in mind. So, make an ornament, frame photos you print at the pharmacy, bake cookies, cook and deliver a meal. The options are endless, and the time you will spend creating your DIY will be well worth it both as you save money and experience the reaction of your recipient opening a gift that’s truly one-of-a-kind.

How are you saving money as we near the end of the holiday season? Chime in with our community on Facebook!

Top 5 Thanksgiving Hacks to Make Hosting Fun and Easy

When we think about Thanksgiving, family favorite recipes and visions of loved ones gathered together immediately comes to mind. During a year when we have spent more time apart from family and friends than ever before, a holiday spent (safely!) together sounds like an absolute delight. 

Even though Thanksgiving is one of the most joyful holidays, there’s also an element of stress for the host. So, if you’re planning to host your first Thanksgiving or your fiftieth, keep reading! We’re sharing our own list of 5 tips and tricks to make this year’s hosting duties a breeze.

Top 5 Thanksgiving Hacks to Make Hosting Fun and Easy | www.shopkick.com

1. The Early Shopper Always Wins: 

This year, Thanksgiving is on Thursday, November 26. You’re likely thinking you have plenty of time to shop – and you do! But, why wait until the week of Thanksgiving when grocery stores will be packed to purchase everything you need? Instead, start adding nonperishables and paper products (more on this below) to your pantry, especially if items are on sale. As the holiday approaches, you will only have items like turkey, vegetables, and any fruit still on your list.

Top 5 Thanksgiving Hacks to Make Hosting Fun and Easy | www.shopkick.com

2. “I’m attracted to pie.”

We’ve all heard that homemade recipes are the best recipes, but Lorelai Gilmore wouldn’t knock pre-made pie and neither should you! Consider picking up a pre-made pie or use pre-made pie crust for your pumpkin pie recipe. By purchasing pre-made where you can, you can still add a homemade twist. The difference is the time needed will be far less and will feel much more doable.

Top 5 Thanksgiving Hacks to Make Hosting Fun and Easy | www.shopkick.com

3. Warm it Up: 

Most Thanksgiving dishes require differing temperatures and timelines for cooking, so warming settings will prove helpful. Consider using slow cookers to keep dishes, like mashed potatoes, stored and warm. You can also use thermoses to keep gravy warm, and you can always warm things up in the microwave.

Top 5 Thanksgiving Hacks to Make Hosting Fun and Easy | www.shopkick.com

4. Dress Down Your Code: 

If ever there was a year for a casual dress code, 2020 is the year! While we do suggest wearing something other than your daytime pajamas, encouraging your family and friends to arrive in clothes they feel comfortable wearing will create a more relaxed atmosphere. This year, the focus is truly on spending time together.

Top 5 Thanksgiving Hacks to Make Hosting Fun and Easy | www.shopkick.com

5. Make Cleanup a Breeze

Holidays are typically when we all like to use the “good china”, but why? On holidays, we’re joined by more people than those who typically sit around our tables on an everyday basis. That means more cleanup! To make cleanup a breeze, opt for paper products for everything from plates and napkins to silverware and cups. The added bonus of paper products this year is you won’t be washing used items (a great added safety layer during Covid). 

Do you have any Thanksgiving hacks to add to our list? Join the conversation with us and our community on Facebook!

6 Spaces to Organize at Home

In between planning safe ways to celebrate Halloween and completing fun apple crafts, we have been thinking about other ways we can spend time at home as days become cooler and shorter. Our brainstorming sessions have led us to want to make our homes even cozier, so organizing is definitely on the horizon!

When you hear or see the word “organize”, your mind may wander to thoughts of full days spent cleaning and big spaces becoming decluttered. That sounds overwhelming to us! So, instead, we have smaller areas and projects on our minds. From your hall closet to your kids’ playroom (and a few additional spaces in between), here are the spaces we’ll be organizing and how you can join in too.

1. Closet:

No, we’re not suggesting you pour through your entire closet and decide which items “spark joy” like Marie Kondo. Instead, set aside 15-30 minutes to organize your hall closet or laundry room.

Place coats you and your family will wear during the fall and winter front and center and possibly relocate items you know you won’t need or wear again until the spring or summer. Then review hats, gloves, and scarves. Does every glove have a match? Does everything you own still fit? Do you like the items in the closet? Plan to toss or donate anything that no longer fits the bill.

For even more organization, think about investing in baskets or clear Tupperware containers for each person in your family. Then place their hats, gloves, and scarves inside their baskets or bins. It’s a great way to keep an eye on everyone’s things while establishing a go-to spot for each person.

2. Kitchen Drawers:

We spend a lot of time in our kitchens, and the space becomes even more of a hub during the fall and winter. So, organize your drawers! 

Go through your kitchen gadgets and review what you have. Does everything work? Do you use all of the items? What can you toss? What do you need to repurchase? Throw items away, create a pile to donate, and make a list of anything new you would like to add.

Another idea? Purchase organizers for drawers that have always housed loose items, and make your utensil drawer look pristine. 

3. Pantry:

Your entire family likely visits your pantry multiple times per day, so it can become disorganized quickly and easily. Set aside time to get the space back in order!

Consider reviewing expiration dates to make sure all of your products are still usable. Then review where everything is placed and decide if that works best for your family. We’ve found having zones in a pantries works well. For example, dry ingredients for dinner are together, condiments are grouped together, breakfast foods have a space, and snacks have a nook too. We also know families who have opted to purchase organizers to keep specific things together!

Ideally, your pantry should be a spot anyone in your family can visit, find what they need quickly, and close the door again.

4. Refrigerator:

Similar to your pantry, your refrigerator is another frequently visited area in your kitchen. So, are the items in it all up to date? Consider making sure condiments and other food items haven’t expired. Decide if you’re going to eat any leftovers. Make sure foods are grouped together (your crisper really does keep fruit and vegetables fresh longer!). 

If you want to take things to the next level, reimagine how you store food and drinks in your refrigerator. Consider taking water bottles, juice boxes, and soda out of the boxes or plastic it may arrive in, and place each container loose inside. You may even want to invest in organizers to keep the interior even more organized!

5. Desk:

Many of us continue to work from home or perhaps you’ve worked from home for years. When was the last time you organized your desk? The top is likely fairly polished, but your drawers may not have been organized for a while. 

Think about removing everything from your desk’s interior and reviewing it. Decide if you need to keep all of the items. Review paperwork that may need to be placed in another spot for safe keeping, and toss anything you no longer need. Another thing to do: test your pens, pencils, and markers. Then toss what has dried up and place items that are the same in cups or bags. 

Knowing your workspace is organized both outside and inside will definitely help your productivity during the days and weeks to come!

6. Kids’ Playroom:

Your kids’ playroom is definitely the largest project to take on. But, you can definitely tackle this room in stages, which means you can take on specific areas at a time.

If you want to tackle the whole room, open all closets, storage containers, and bins so you can see everything your kids own. Then review and organize items area-by-area. Take care to consider how often your kids play with specific toys, whether or not they may have outgrown items, and if there are pieces you know are missing. You may even find you want to rotate toys into new areas. For example, toys you wish your kids enjoyed more or those you know they love might be best in prominent, easy to reach areas. On the flip side, toys that require help or supervision might be best further out of reach. 

Another thing to do is to tackle specific areas at a time. For example, you might spend time reviewing books or dolls or Legos. Decide what you would like to keep, toss, and donate. Then review another section another day. Organizing anything one grouping at a time will add up as you go, and you will know you have been thoughtful with your efforts!

Some may find it helpful to organize the space without their kids present, while others may want to involve kids in the process. Neither option is wrong! Whatever you do, make sure the process and the organization method you choose is something your kids can either help you to maintain or maintain on their own. 

What space will you organize first? Do you have any organization tips to add? Let us know on Facebook!

How to Safely Celebrate Halloween

For many of us, Halloween is a holiday we look forward to all year long. It’s a chance to get creative, join together with friends and family to dress up, enjoy all of our favorite treats, and maybe attend a party of two. And, that’s before we even mention all of the fun that Halloween has in store for kids from costumes and school parties to parades and trick-or-treating. Needless to say, we are with you in searching for fun and easy ways to safely celebrate Halloween this year. So, we’re sharing five ways to celebrate Halloween from home!

Carve Pumpkins:

Aside from trick-or-treating, the most quintessential Halloween activity is definitely carving pumpkins. So, plan to purchase pumpkins just like you do every other year! Then choose your pattern or carve your pumpkin free-hand. You could even encourage a little friendly competition amongst family and friends and ask participants to virtually cast votes for their favorite designs. The winner gets a gift card to purchase their favorite treat! 

Decorate + Drive:

Similar to carving pumpkins, plan to decorate your house this year. Big and bold designs are always fun to see, and the neighbors in your community will love driving by to catch their own glimpse. On Halloween (or even before!) plan to drive through your town with your family to peek at all of the decorated homes. 

To make this idea a little more social, you might think about decorating your car for Halloween and meeting at a friend’s house for a drive-by Halloween parade. Your kids can even put on their costumes!

Make DIY Costumes:

This is definitely the year to dive into more involved projects at home, so think about creating your own Halloween costumes with your kids. Something as simple as a cardboard box can go a long way (and we all have plenty of those after shopping online throughout the year!). Then save your costumes to enjoy long after Halloween as you replenish your dress up box with new one-of-a-kind outfits for fun, imaginative play.

Do a Halloween Candy Scavenger Hunt: 

Candy is synonymous with Halloween, but trick-or-treating might not feel like the safest idea this year. So, purchase bags of your kids’ favorite Halloween treats and plan your own scavenger hunt (like an Easter egg hunt!). Hide candy inside your home or outside in your yard and encourage your kids to dress up while they search for their treats. You can even set a timer to see who can find the most candy the fastest! Post hunt, unwind with chili, candy, and a Halloween movie. 

Watch a Halloween Film:

As we mentioned briefly above, plan to watch a Halloween movie! We love enjoying a Halloween classic like “Hocus Pocus”, “Casper”, or “The Adams Family”. Maybe this is the year when you gather for a movie marathon and watch more than one! Plan to pop popcorn and enjoy your favorite candy or dipped apples. If the weather allows, you can even project your family’s Halloween movie choice onto a sheet or screen in your backyard. 

How are you planning to safely celebrate Halloween this year? Share your ideas with our community on Facebook!