8 Summer Fruits, Vegetables, and Meals to Grill

Grilling is among our favorite summer activities, and it always serves as a wonderful opportunity to add new flavor to well-enjoyed recipes. We’re all drawn to grilling classics, like hamburgers, hotdogs, and kebabs, but what about fruit, vegetables, and even Italian and Mexican staples? Today, we thought we would highlight eight foods you can grill that may not have crossed your mind yet. Let’s dive in! 

1. Avocados:

Everything is better with avocado, right? And, we can confirm it takes as incredible as you might imagine grilled! Consider adding grilled avocado to dishes like classic salads, like egg salad or chicken salad, and mix it into guacamole (as always!). The key is to allow it to cool before mixing it into planned dishes.

How to Grill: Cut the avocado in half, remove the pit, and keep the skin. Brush with oil, and grill for 2-3 minutes on each side, according to Real Simple.  

2. Carrots:

Cooked carrots are a go-to for many family meals because they’re healthy and filled with flavor. To mix up this classic mealtime staple, try grilling it! The flavors come alive even more.

How to Grill: For best results, you may want to grill your carrots in a pan, according to The Spruce Eats. They cook for 10-12 minutes, and you will want to adjust the heat of the grill while you cook. Try this recipe, which adds salt and pepper, rosemary, olive oil, and thyme! 

3. Peaches:

Peaches are delicious no matter how you serve them, and we’ve found one of the best ways to enjoy them is grilled. Plan to eat grilled peaches how you normally would – by themselves, in cocktails, and as part of desserts.

How to Grill: The Kitchn shared their method and best tips for grilling peaches. In short, they’re ready to enjoy after 8-10 minutes on the grill!

4. Pizza:

Pizza tastes delicious after being cooking in a wood-fired oven, and we can confirm cooking on the grill creates a similar result! Create a new spin on pizza night when you prep your dough, add your sauce, cheese, and toppings and cook your pizza on the grill instead of in the oven.

How to Grill: Tasty shared a great grilled pizza recipe that you will be able to enjoy in under 30 minutes! Feel free to purchase prepared dough if you don’t want to make your own. Then add olive oil, sauce, cheese, and basil to complete the recipe!

5. Watermelon:

Did you know you can grill watermelon? It’s possible! Plan to add it to classic salads, like watermelon feta salad, or enjoy it for dessert with ice cream. According to Real Simple, adding salt to grilled watermelon is perfect for savory meals, while adding lime juice makes it taste even sweeter for a dessert treat.

How to Grill: The Kitchn knows how to grill fruit, Shopkickers! In addition to their grilled peaches recipe, they also shared a recipe for grilled watermelon. Plan to enjoy watermelon from the grill in 4-6 minutes, and make sure to cut your watermelon into wedges for the best results.

6. Lettuce:

Summer salads are a menu staple, and grilled lettuce offers new flavors to classic salads, like Caesar! We think you will enjoy the flavor added by the grill.

How to Grill: For the best results, plan to grill romaine lettuce. Lightly season with salt and pepper and add a touch of oil before grilling on each side for 2-3 minutes.

7. Pineapple:

If you have yet to taste grilled pineapple, add it to your grilling menu as soon as possible! The sweet fruit is a delight when grilled, and pineapple tastes as wonderful as a side dish to the rest of a grilled meal as it does when added to desserts.

How to Grill: Simply place pineapple on the grill and heat for 2-3 minutes, flipping the sides every so often. It’s truly that easy!

8. Quesadillas:

Similar to pizza, quesadillas taste excellent when they’re cooked on the grill rather than in an oven or on the stove!

How to Grill: The key to a great grilled quesadilla is the flip – you’ll want to cook your tortilla on both sides to make sure it’s evenly crispy and the cheese (and any additional ingredients!) are fully melted and mixed together. If you’re looking for a complete grilled quesadilla recipe, try this grilled chicken option from Delish!

Which recipe, fruit, or vegetable will you try grilling first? Let us know on Facebook!