Pack your bags! comes to Shopkick

Some very informative articles popping up in my Facebook feed say that the anticipation of a vacation sometimes brings even more happiness than the vacation itself. Well, now that has come to Shopkick, we can not only enjoy the anticipation of a great trip, but also have a nice, big, free gift card waiting for us on the other side of it!

Shopkick is combining two of my favorite things: shopping and traveling. When I book my next flight, hotel, or excursion on, I will also get to look forward to the kicks I’ll receive when the trip is over. No more post-holiday blues for me as I’ll have a bunch of new kicks to look forward to – and have fun thinking about how I’ll use them!

How Works

I love the researching and planning stage of a trip. makes it both easy and fun to explore different hotels and provides handy tools for figuring out where to stay. I’ll admit I like a good deal on a hotel – I want it to be central, safe, quiet, and clean while not breaking the bank. will give me even deeper discounts on great, highly rated hotels.

[left] hotel search through shopkick[/left][right] hotel search result through shopkick[/right]

With lots of people using and leaving in-depth reviews, I’m never surprised by what I’m gonna get. If I choose to ignore some warnings in a few of the reviews….well, I only really have myself to blame when I get that noisy room! hotel review through shopkick

How to Get the Best Deal with and Shopkick

Now I can open the Shopkick app, check out what’s new, grab a few kicks right then and there by watching a video or searching for an instant surprise. Then I can click on from Online Stores to plan my next adventure and score additional kicks. I can’t wait to use a Target gift card from the kicks I earned from my last vacation (and my many grocery store runs!) to buy something cute for my next trip booked on… and then enjoy even more kicks afterward! The travel options on Shopkick are like gifts that keep on giving — all my shopping and travel planning are fun and help fund each other. Why would I ever shop or travel without Shopkick by my side? is easy to use with Shopkick! From the Shopkick app, look under “online stores” and click on to book your trip and get your kicks from your reservations.

[left] kicks at online stores in shopkick app


[/left][right] through shopkick app[/right] I’m loving earning kicks with online shopping on Shopkick. Have you tried it yet? Watch this video to see how it’s done. Don’t have the Shopkick app yet? Download it today and get started earning reward points toward free gift cards!