Navigating the Consumer Journey: Awareness to Conversions

At a AdWeek retail event Shopkick’s Vice President of CPG and Retail Partnerships, Stephanie McHale talked with Mondelez’s Regional Vice President, Omni Shopper Activation and Strategic Partnership, Steve McGowan.  The event provided valuable insights into adapting strategies to meet the changing needs and preferences of shoppers. Here’s a recap of some key takeaways from the discussion:

  • Embracing Digital Engagement: With the Shopkick app at the forefront, attendees explored the integration of digital engagement with physical retail experiences. Shopkick’s Vice President highlighted the app’s role in engaging shoppers from discovery to purchase, emphasizing the importance of seamlessly blending digital and in-store experiences.
  • Prioritizing Shopper-Centric Strategies: Amidst constant consumer evolution, speakers emphasized the need to prioritize shopper-centric strategies. By putting the shopper at the center of decision-making processes, brands can better understand and address their needs, driving engagement and loyalty.
  • Balancing Digital and Physical Touchpoints: As digital influence on purchases continues to rise, speakers stressed the importance of balancing digital and physical touchpoints in the shopper journey. By combining both channels effectively, brands can maximize reach and engagement while ensuring a cohesive brand experience.
  • Leveraging Data for Optimization: The integration of data analytics into retail strategies emerged as a key theme. By leveraging data insights, brands can optimize their efforts, identify best-performing tactics, and drive incremental sales growth.
  • Addressing Friction in the Shopping Experience: Speakers highlighted the importance of reducing friction in the shopping experience, particularly in-store. With consumers increasingly seeking convenience and simplicity, brands must focus on streamlining processes and making shopping experiences hassle-free.
  • Ensuring Product Availability: Product availability emerged as a critical factor influencing the shopper experience. By maintaining consistent product availability on shelves, brands can enhance shopper satisfaction and prevent lost sales opportunities.
  • Personalization and Experiential Retail: Looking to the future, speakers envisioned a retail landscape driven by personalization and experiential offerings. By delivering personalized messaging and immersive experiences, brands can create memorable shopping journeys that resonate with consumers.
  • Measuring Incrementally and ROI: Finally, speakers emphasized the importance of measuring incrementally and return on investment (ROI) in retail activations. By accurately assessing the impact of marketing efforts, brands can refine their strategies and allocate resources effectively.

The retail activation event provided valuable insights into navigating the complex consumer journey. By embracing digital engagement, prioritizing shopper-centric strategies, leveraging data analytics, and focusing on friction reduction and product availability, brands can stay ahead in an ever-evolving retail landscape. As the industry continues to evolve, personalization and experiential offerings will play a crucial role in shaping the future of retail engagement.

Disruptors or Delighters?

“If your goal is to delight – and you delight your consumers as much as you can – you end up disrupting those who were not delighting.” – Craig Dubitsky 

In his keynote speech at our inaugural Disruptors Series event in January, Craig Dubitsky, Founder of Hello Products, Co-Founder of eos, early-stage investor in Method and overall industry guru, sparked a fuse that set the energy for the remainder of the day. Throughout the presentations, panels, and break-out discussions that followed, the more than 100 industry experts in attendance contemplated their use of the word “disrupt” while working to incorporate the word “delight.”  

This thought-provoking concept was introduced when Craig put forth the idea that “delight” encapsulates what the best brands were actually doing (or aiming to do) for their consumers in the market, while “disrupt” more aptly describes the effect that such innovative brands have on peer or competitor brands who are continuing with the status quo. So, while disruption could eventually be a part of a brand’s journey, the path to get there should be focused on providing a product that people are delighted by.  


Finding the whitespace.  

Pulling inspiration from his favorite lyricist Leonard Cohen, Craig approaches innovation with the idea that “there’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.”  

Overall, the bar is low for the average “stuff” people are given in the marketplace and, when delighting is not the goal of the competitors, the bar remains low. In these dormant categories, the products are mundane, thus leaving plenty of room for entrepreneurs, innovators and creators to find the crack: the opportunity to delight consumers with products that are more functional, prettier, more eco-friendly, more affordable, etc. Then, in return, this delighting of people disrupts the category, raising the bar and pushing the entire marketplace forward. Shopkick is a great solve for helping to delight consumers along the entire shopper journey. Either through lookbook quizzes, in-app messages, or in-store scavenger hunts, shoppers can interact with brands in a fun and gamified way – delighting them through those moments. Brands should look to solutions that engage consumers, not just force a transaction to create an emotional connection.  

Throughout his career, Craig has lived by this “delight to disrupt” mentality by finding the whitespace in markets dominated by one way of doing things. In Craig’s world, there are no boring categories, just boring executions. So, whether it’s home cleaning products that feel safe rather than toxic (Method), a lip balm that is fun and easily found (eos), or toothpaste that abandons the clinical-feeling industry standard (Hello Products), he has helped shake up monopolized industries by introducing new items that people can enjoy, trust and even get excited about.   


“Delight to disrupt.” 

The ultimate goal is not to strike out the word “disrupt” from our vocabulary or the conversation completely. Rather, it’s time to recognize that there is a better way to approach the process.  

The most innovative brands do not disrupt people’s lives, they delight them.  

By giving people products that cater to their wants and needs while making their lives easier and better, a brand naturally edges out other brands that are not doing so – changing the market and the industry through heightened consumer expectations.  

The Shopkick app brings delight to both its community and partners alike. With its innovative features and user-friendly interface, Shopkick provides an immersive and rewarding shopping experience for consumers. Users can earn points, or “kicks,” by simply walking into participating stores, scanning barcodes, and making purchases, which can be redeemed for gift cards or other exciting rewards. At the same time, Shopkick partners benefit from increased foot traffic, enhanced customer engagement, and valuable insights into consumer behavior. Shopkick’s unique approach to bridging the gap between consumers and retailers makes it a win-win for both parties, making it a truly delightful app for everyone involved. 



Celebrating International Women’s Day (today and every day)

International Women’s Day is a day to recognize and honor the social, economic, cultural, and political contributions of women throughout history, in the present day, and will continue to do so in the future. It is a time to reflect on the progress that has been made toward gender equality and to acknowledge the work that still needs to be done. This year, IWD is all about #embracingequity. This isn’t just a hashtag for this year’s theme, this means recognizing and addressing the systemic barriers and discrimination that women face in all areas of life, including education, employment, healthcare, and politics. Embracing equity for women requires a commitment to creating a world where women have equal opportunities and access to resources, where their contributions are valued and celebrated, and where their voices are heard and respected. At Shopkick, by Trax, we’re celebrating International Women’s Day by showcasing our Fearless Female (as we like to call them) team members’ voices through a month packed with activities and forums where women can share their experiences and insights.

To kick this amazing day off, we thought we’d ask some of the women that are supporting Shopkick to be the best shopping engagement app, how they strive to be the best women leaders at home, at work, in their community and in their free time. See what they have to say below.


How do you empower yourself every day?

I wake up with a glass nearly full mentality and a positive outlook for the possibilities of what each new day may bring; I keep connected to amazing friends, even if only sharing a text to say hello. I can honestly say I have best friends from a very very young age and have added my friends throughout every phase of my life.  I wouldn’t be who I am without my girls!” – Pauline Echols, Senior Account Director (based in North Carolina)

“By pushing myself out of my comfort zone, having a positive attitude, and being consciously kinder to myself. I find that the more self-care I have, the more empowered I become.” – Sarah Roberts, Visual Designer (based in Texas)

“I set daily goals to accomplish and check them off my to-do list. There is something about checking even the smallest things off a list that helps make you feel like you conquered the day.” – Allison Kaminski, Regional Director (based in Illinois)


If you could have dinner with any 3 women (dead or alive), who would it be?

RBG because she spent her life standing her ground in the face of sexism and has paved the way for so many women that have come after her. Lucille Ball because I grew up watching I Love Lucy (thanks to my mom). Not only was she brilliantly funny, but she also proved you can do it all in terms of balancing a demanding career and motherhood. Mariah Carey because she is one of the greatest singers of all time, boasting the most number one hits as a solo artist, female songwriter & female producer. Also, I think she would be a very entertaining dinner guest after a glass of wine or two .” – Joanna Riggio, Sr. Sales Planning Manager (based in New York)

Michelle Obama, Rihanna, and Oprah Winfrey. Their stories of strength and navigating men-dominated fields, not only as women but as women of color, would be fascinating.” – Maria Baez, Content Creator (based in California)

Michelle Obama – she is incredible in many ways, a brilliant mind, a kind human, a great mother, a great wife, a fashion icon, and a powerhouse of a presence! Dame Joan Sutherland – my favorite voice of all time, a woman who was immensely talented but didn’t have the looks to open her doors to the theatrical world. She became world-renowned yet remained kind and always lifted other women around her. Laskarina Bouboulina – an unlikely leader during the worst times, she became a naval commander by chance and with pure grit. I am her descendant and would love to hear about her journey into commanding a fleet fighting for her country’s freedom, but also learn about our lineage.” – Helen Pastras, Lead Product Manager (based in North Carolina)

 DOLLY PARTON (I would cry), Amanda Gorman and Tara Schuster” – Sarah Roberts, Visual Designer (based in Texas)


What is some advice you’d give younger women entering the workforce?

Enjoy the journey and live in the moment when it comes to work. My younger self was always so eager to advance, to get ahead, to go in early and stay super late sometimes at the expense of a healthy work/life balance. Thankfully I have evolved from that and am enjoying a very healthy work/life balance as part of an organization that embraces #equity, bringing your whole self to work and where I strive to live in the moment!” Stella Araya, Senior Director, Partnerships (based in New Jersey)

“BE CONFIDENT! Women deserve it all too, so the most important advice I would give is to not cut yourself short, ask for what you deserve, and keep learning. Especially when just entering the workforce. I would also tell them to not be afraid to change their career paths, or to explore different ones, until they find something they actually like.” – Nancy Awad, Manager, User Analytics (based in Toronto, Canada)

“Never be afraid to speak up or ask questions! Nobody at your job knows everything, and I promise that if you have a question about something, you aren’t the only one. Asking questions is a sign you are engaged and are trying to learn, which is always a great thing.” – Joanna Riggio, Sr. Sales Planning Manager (based in New York)


What can men do to help #embraceequity?

“I believe men can help to #embraceequity by using their actions and voice to advocate for their female counterparts, as well as showing support to the women in their lives by listening and setting good examples for future generations.” – Maria Baez, Content Creator (based in California)

“I have been so lucky to work with men throughout my career that #embraceequity, but of course, I have still had my fair share of negative experiences. What I think men can do to help is to not be afraid to speak up if they notice any inequality happening, and of course to always look inwards and reflect their own behaviour, and ask themselves if they are giving everyone the same opportunities and chances to learn, be heard and grow.” – Nancy Awad, Manager, User Analytics (based in Toronto, Canada)

“Actively listen to women’s perspectives and acknowledge their point of view and experiences.” – Allison Kaminski, Regional Director (based in Illinois)

“Several things need to happen to eventually lose the stereotypes that still impact women in myriad ways. I’d start with the common but immensely useful: think of your female coworkers as if they are your daughters or mothers. How would you want others to talk to them and think of them?
We are all humans with our flaws, and we will judge others. When judging, though, we should have the same standards for what is acceptable or annoying for everyone, regardless of gender identity or other differences.” – Helen Pastras, Lead Product Manager (based in North Carolina)


Strong female leadership is an integral part of Shopkick’s history, today and every day. As you can see in the responses above, #embracingequity is about recognizing the intersecting identities and experiences of women, including race, ethnicity, sexuality, ability, and socio-economic status, and working to address the unique challenges and barriers that these women face. We are so proud of our female leaders for who they at Shopkick, in their community, and at home. Here’s to each of you!!! Happy IWD.

What to Buy, Make, Bake, Sip, and Watch for Valentine’s Day

We’re celebrating all of the holidays this year, and Valentine’s Day is this Sunday, February 14! Though not everyone enjoys seeing all of the red, pink, and white, we are completely on board with any holiday that celebrates love and positivity. Whether you are searching for simple and fun Valentine’s Day cards your kids can DIY for family, friends, and classmates or a fun movie to watch as a family, we have you covered below. We’re sharing what to buy, make, bake, sip, and watch to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home!


The winter can feel long, and flowers are a quick way to brighten any mood or space. Stop by the grocery store and treat yourself to a bouquet or add one to your cart for a Covid-safe delivery to a loved family member.


Rather than purchasing Valentine’s Day cards this year, why not turn them into a fun craft? We’ve found excellent sources for your kids to make their own cards. Messy Little Monster, Oh Joy!, and  Studio DIY (these are fun for adults, too!) all shared printable Valentine’s Day cards. Also, The Pioneer Woman shared nearly 40 cards you can DIY! 


We have been craving sugar cookies, and Ashley Brooke Designs shared a recipe that is allergy-friendly. Learn how to make her gluten-free and dairy-free sugar cookies! Because half of the fun of sugar cookies is decorating them, don’t forget the icing, sprinkles, and cookie cutters.


We’re almost certain you have a go-to cocktail, but when was the last time you made a mocktail? Serve Valentine’s Day drinks your kids can enjoy too when you make one of these recipes from Parenting – we have to say the Shirley Temple with Pop Rocks caught our eye! We also spotted this Hibiscus Mocktini from Real Simple.


Once your cookies are out of the oven and your mocktails are set, you’re ready to watch a movie! A rom-com is a must for Valentine’s Day. The Today Show launched a bracket with their top picks. If you’re looking for more kid or teen-friendly flicks, what about turning on “The Parent Trap”, “The Princess Diaries”, or “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before”? The final suggestion is based on a beloved YA book series with the same name by Jenny Han – teens love it! 

How are you spending your Valentine’s Day? Let us know how you plan to celebrate on Facebook!

10 Work from Home Tips

With our current climate, many people have had to jump into working from home without having the opportunity to properly prepare emotionally, mentally, and physically. It’s safe to say, it’s a big shift all around! Understandably, you might feel as though you’re attempting to determine your new normal as you go. To help you create a work from home life you can grow to enjoy, we thought we would offer our top 10 work from home tips. For many of our Shopkick teams, working from home is part of our weekly routine. So, here’s how we get things done:

10 Work from Home Tips:

1. Keep Your Routine

If you had a morning routine you enjoyed before the quarantine went into effect, make sure to keep that going! If you like to get up and workout first thing, continue doing that. Maybe you look forward to drinking coffee and checking social media – keep it up! Routines help us to feel “normal”, and having that sense of normalcy will keep your productivity going throughout your day.

2. Get Dressed

Shopkickers, getting dressed it key! We know it’s tempting to stay in your pajamas all day because the option of going out is suddenly no longer a true possibility. But, getting dressed will likely make you feel more alert and ready to tackle your day. Again, this also relates to the above of creating and continuing your routine – getting dressed will likely make you feel better. And, for that reason, it’s worth it!

3. Explain Your Work to Family

Working from home can feel tricky, especially if you’re home with kids, other family members, or partners who aren’t joining you by working from home. Your loved ones might spot you and think because you’re also home, you’re free to spend time together. So, set work from home boundaries. Maybe your signal to be interrupted is an open door, or perhaps you step away to enjoy a snack or lunch together. Reminding those you love and who also love you that you’re still working even though you’re home will help everyone to adjust through the transition.

4. Create Your Workspace

If you typically work in an office setting, you likely spend your days at your desk. However, the options will likely feel endless at home. Decide where you would like to work, but don’t feel limited in your options. If you have a desk at home and you enjoy working there, go for it. But, if you would prefer to work from your table or living room, that’s fine too. As a general note: kitchen counters, especially those that have bar height counters can serve as excellent standing desks. Move around your house! It may help your productivity and inspiration.

5. Soak in the Sun

We’ve all woken up to a rainy day and felt like going back to sleep. Working without natural light in sight has the ability to make you feel tired before you begin, so work where you can see the sun. Natural light helps us to feel energized, and working by a window also offers the opportunity to enjoy a nice view and even catch a glimpse of people walking outside.

6. Don’t Snack

One of the top questions many people ask when they’re first starting to work from home is how to avoid snacking. The answer is simple and complicated at the same time: don’t do it! To go back to the first point we mentioned about keeping a routine, keep your breakfast and lunch times intact throughout the day. This will help you to feel satisfied because you will already know when your next mealtime will occur. The other tip: choosing not to work from your kitchen (and the source of the snacks) will likely help if you feel like your willpower is in question.

7. Socialize

The biggest complaint many have to offer about working from home is the lack of socialization. You likely went from eating lunch with coworkers and attending in person meetings throughout the day to being by yourself for hours on end. So, make it a point to meet with coworkers for meetings, meals, and even post-work cocktails over Zoom and Google Hangout. If you’re leading work meetings, start things off by asking everyone round table style how they’re doing. A quick catch up has the ability to remind everyone that though you’re not all physically together, you’re still equally as connected virtually.

8. Go for a Walk

It’s easy to not even realize how many steps you take walking to and from your car into work and throughout your workplace during the day until you’re at home without the need to move around as much. So, get outside! Take a walk in the morning before you start working, plan to walk again after lunch, and consider taking another walk at the end of your day. Use this time to listen to music, an audiobook, or a podcast. You’ll feel refreshed and energized to keep going, and you’ll get your steps in.

9. Log Off

When you’re working from home, you’re likely working from your computer, which is now just feet or a few rooms away from you at all times. The temptation to work at odd times or to keep working into the night is definitely there. But, if you typically walk away from work when you work in-person, keep that up! The best way to make sure this happens is to sign out of all of the apps and programs you use rather than keeping them open on your desktop. Knowing you have to login oftentimes provides enough of a barrier to keep you from continuing to work.

10. Plan Your Evening

The other thing that will help you to sign off from work and feel as though you still have separation between your personal and professional lives is to make plans during the evening. Schedule a call with friends, let your family know you want to have a movie night together, remember to watch your favorite TV shows, workout virtually, make dinner, catch up on chores, etc. Knowing you have things to do will make you feel encouraged to use your time well during the day so you can rest at night.

Do you work from home? What do you find helps you to embrace it? Let us know on Facebook!

5 effective ways to reward customer loyalty

These days, rewarding customer loyalty is often expected in the competitive marketplace as part of doing business. One study found that 79% of customers will only consider shopping with brands that demonstrate they understand and care about them. Brands looking to prove to customers they care should consider ways to reward customer loyalty.  

On average, loyal customers are worth ten times the value of their first purchase, so it pays to court newcomers to become regulars. The decision to reward loyal customers is, of course, the easy part. The more difficult task is finding effective ways to reward customer loyalty that are also profitable for your business.

What Do People Want From a Customer Loyalty Program?

In any loyalty program, customers expect to:

  • Easily understand what your program is all about.
  • Save money through store credit or members-only discounts.
  • Have some choice in reward.
  • Receive a reward they don’t have to wait for. 
  • Receive special treatment with exclusive VIP perks.
  • Feel an emotional connection with your brand.

It’s not enough to simply say, “Thank You.” Businesses these days are expected to show their gratitude in a unique, brand-focused way. 

5 Effective Ways to Reward Customer Loyalty

Consider these popular methods of rewarding the most loyal brand ambassadors:

  1. VIP Services

Department stores in particular benefit from rolling out the red carpet for their shoppers; Forrester Research found that more than three-quarters of department store shoppers say they prefer to receive premium service through their loyalty programs. For instance, members of Nordstrom’s “Nordy Club” receive VIP services that other shoppers don’t have access to such as early access to the retailer’s anniversary sale, extra points with every purchase, curbside pickup, free clothing alterations, and priority access to special events. The program is free to join but is structured in four different levels, depending on spending, with benefits increasing at each tier. 

  1. Partnerships

5 ways to reward customer loyaltyStrategic brand partnerships are increasingly becoming more important, as companies look to add value; expand their benefits beyond what they alone provide; and find exciting new ways to reinvigorate their brand image. When the benefits are reciprocal, they also serve to increase the size of their loyalty base. The NikePlus Unlocks reward program began providing partner perks from Apple Music, the Headspace mindfulness app, and ClassPass studio fitness program membership when their own fitness app users reached running milestones or completed new workout routines. Select purchases also aligned with partner perks. Members purchasing a Nike Epic React Flyknit shoe in an exclusive color would receive four months of Apple Music for free. 

  1. Punch Cards

Punch cards are traditional ways to build brand affinity and encourage customer loyalty. What do you want your customers to buy or do? Clearly state the path and reward and watch participation grow. It’s as simple as offering a free coffee and a fresh punch card after a loyal customer has already purchased nine. They’re encouraged to return to your business with a promise of being rewarded for their loyalty.   

  1. Referral Bonus

Often, your already loyal customers will lead to even more loyal customers because people tend to trust their family and friends’ recommendations. Offering a referral bonus is an easy way to introduce yourself to an expanded network. The best referrals provide something free for the referrer and the referee, so it’s a win-win proposition. For instance, meal service HelloFresh provides three free referral gift cards worth $40 off for up to three months. Friends and family receive the discounted meals, while the referrer gets a $20 credit for each new referral. Once a person starts referring, the perks increase. 

  1. Gift Cards

For the last 12 years, the National Retail Federation has reported that gift cards are the most desired gift. When it comes to loyalty programs, consumers say they prefer gift cards 2:1 over any other type of reward. If consumers can choose their own gift cards, they are even more satisfied. Shopkick is a mobile shopping app that offers gift cards to retailers like Target, Walmart, and Sephora in exchange for shopper engagement. With Shopkick, consumers receive “kicks” that can be redeemed for gift cards to the retailer of their choice. These incentives don’t just encourage the use of the app. They also build brand affinity, as the consumer attributes the rewards to the brand they used to get them. 

For the last 12 years, the National Retail Federation has reported that gift cards are the most desired gift.

By leveraging one or all of these ways to reward customer loyalty, brands can bet on building a relationship that encourages customers to return time after time.  

If you’re looking for the most effective ways to reward customer loyalty, become one of our partners. Shopkick users are encouraged to engage with partnering brands and retailers through rewards and incentives. Contact us to learn how easy it is to offer greater rewards and earn customer loyalty. 

Image courtesy of Black Salmon

5 Cheap April Fools’ Day Pranks You Can Pick Up at the Grocery Store

For better or for worse, April Fools’ Day is upon us. If you’ve always wanted to get in on the fun, but can’t plot out a prank, we’ve got you covered. We asked our users and rounded up our 5 favorite fun and cheap pranks to pull on April 1 with just a few supplies from your local grocery store!


Breakfast Is Served

On April Fools’ Eve prepare a bowl of cereal for your significant other, friend, roomie, or kids and pop it in the freezer — spoon and all. In the morning, set the table for breakfast and enjoy watching their confused reaction when they go for the spoon. (You could also add gelatin to their juice or milk for a jiggly surprise!)

You’ll Need: Favorite cereal, milk, gelatin

target april fools


Invisible Door

Stretch plastic wrap across a door frame (as tight as possible) and use duct tape to fasten to the sides of the door. Stand by as unsuspecting  people try to walk through!

You’ll Need: Plastic wrap, duct tape

target april fools


Eye Gotcha!

Attach googly eyes to everything in your kids’ lunchboxes, everything in the family fridge, or everything in your friend’s closet for an innocent laugh.

You’ll Need: Googly eyes, glue

target april fools


Color Wheel

Dip a q-tip in the food coloring of your choice, and run it around the inside of the bathroom or kitchen faucet. When the water is turned on, they’re in for a colorful surprise!

You’ll Need: Gel food coloring, q-tips

target april fools


Sweet Surprise

Swap out the ice cubes in your freezer ice machine for some colorful colorful candy. Make sure you are close by to witness their reaction!

You’ll Need: M&Ms, Skittles, Reeses Piece’s or another favorite treat

target april fools



Before you head to the store to pick up your prank supplies and more, download the FREE Shopkick app to earn rewards in the form of kicks for not only walking into the store, but also for scanning items and making purchases. Kicks are redeemed for free gift cards to your favorite stores — including Target, Walmart and more!

Earn MONUMENTAL Kicks for Presidents’ Day Weekend

Presidents’ Day weekend has officially arrived. These next few days have long received my vote as some of the best of the winter. I think that’s due in part to being able to enjoy a celebratory weekend off with friends and family. In between catching up and adventuring around town, our time together is also typically punctuated by shopping the holiday sales. This year they are even more worthwhile thanks to Shopkick! Let’s peruse the top five categories, shall we?


I just heard this is the time of year when New Year’s resolutions are put by the wayside. Not this year! If working out and reaching your fitness goals is on your agenda for the year, let’s keep the momentum going.

Stop into Modell’s to get your fitness into gear with all of your sport’s must-haves as well as a new pair of sneakers. You can also shop and earn big kicks at Fabletics! Sometimes working out is all about confidence and wearing what you love will help.


Whether you’re prepping for spring cleaning or wanting to stock up on all of your family’s must haves from food to toiletries, Presidents’ Day weekend is a great time to check things off of your list! has everything at fantastic prices, and you can also shop in bulk through Sam’s Club! Both stores are offering big kicks online this weekend when you shop through your Shopkick app.


I have spring fashion on my mind thanks to upcoming trips {LINK TO TRAVEL BLOG} and the arrival of warmer temperatures, which means I’m already looking at spring fashion. Wedding season, spring break, and every day in between, pick up new pieces online from Forever 21 with Shopkick!


If you’re planning to relax this weekend and catch up on your must-watch list, consider purchasing a subscription to Hulu! Some of the best shows are streamed through them, and you can also rediscover old shows and movies you haven’t seen in ages. It sounds like my kind of weekend! While you’re watching, you can also browse online for new home décor with Amazon Home, Overstock, and Big Lots.

Kids’ Style:

How often do you spot styles meant for kids and think, “I wish they made that in my size?” It comes to mind all the time for me! While that might not happen, there is still so much enjoyment to experience while shopping for your favorite kids at Carter’s and OshGosh B’gosh! This weekend, both brands are offering double the kicks when you make purchases in store with Shopkick.

How are you spending your Presidents’ Day weekend? We hope you earn MONUMENTAL kicks!

What’s Keeping Mom Up at Night?

This Mother’s Day, we decided to look above and beyond what moms are hoping to receive as gifts and dig into the pressing issues on their minds as they raise their children.

In a survey of over 5,600 moms across the country ranging from ages 18-71, Shopkick
uncovered how moms really feel about raising children today, how their values affect their
spending habits, and more. From Millennials to the Silent Generation, from Californians to
Floridians, moms are engaging their children in dialogues about what’s happening in the world and their communities.

On Mom’s Mind

  • Biggest Concerns: Physical safety of their children is the #1 concern for moms today (30 percent), followed closely by financial security (26 percent), according to survey results. For single moms, specifically, financial security (33 percent) is the predominant concern, while physical safety remains a close second (30 percent).
  • Fostering Conversations: Seventy-five percent of moms are engaging their children in conversations about such current events, with school safety as the #1 topic of discussion (37 percent of moms engaging). Racial equality (25 percent) comes in second, followed by gender equality (11 percent), and presidential politics (8 percent).
  • Generational Differences: The up-and-coming generation of mothers in Gen Z are
    most concerned with financial security (38 percent), and the most likely to discuss
    gender equality with their children (17 percent). Millennial moms place nearly equal
    emphasis on discussing school safety and race equality (31 percent and 30 percent
    respectively). Moms that fall into the Silent Generation spend the most time of all age groups discussing presidential politics (25 percent) and racial equality with their children (38 percent).
  • Regional Insights*: New York moms are the most likely (80 percent) to engage in
    conversations with their kids about the outlined issues (money, physical safety, online behavior and privacy, health and bullying), topping Florida (78 percent), California (76 percent), Illinois (75 percent) and Texas (73 percent).* Moms in Illinois spend the most time discussing and teaching their children about school safety (44 percent).

Managing the Family Purse Strings

  • Shopping Their Values: When it comes to managing household finances, the
    overwhelming majority of moms (78 percent) state they shop their values and are
    impacted by a brand’s ethics when considering where and what to purchase. However, only 25 percent of moms change where or how they spend based on their political beliefs.
  • Generational Differences: Silent Generation and Gen Z moms are more likely to adjust their shopping habits based on their political beliefs (35 percent versus 25 percent of moms in the middle generations).
  • Regional Insights*: Floridians are the most likely (80 percent) to match their shopping habits with their values and to be impacted by brand ethics. Moms in Illinois are second only to those in California in their likelihood to change where and how they spend their money based on political beliefs (28 percent and 31 percent respectively).

Shopkick conducted a survey of over 5,600 users who self-identified as mothers to uncover the issues of most concern and their shopping decisions. Shopkick classifies age groups as: Silent Generation (over 71), Baby Boomer (54-71), Generation X (42-53), Xennial (33-41), Millennial (20-32), and Generation Z (under 20). The survey was conducted between April 6 and 12, 2018.

*Based on the top 5 states (California, Texas, Florida, New York, and Illinois) in terms of volume of respondents.

Enjoy life to the fullest and earn kicks

The New Year is here, and so is the new you. You’ve committed to get fit, save more money, and clear out the clutter. With all that hard work, it’s time for a thoroughly enjoyable resolution: enjoy life to the fullest!

live life to the fullest with shopkick

Shopkicker Katie F. from Ogden, Utah uses Shopkick to help her spend more time with family and friends. Shopkicking friends, family members, and even couples plan Shopkicking dates to get kicks together.

Whether you want to see the world, spend more time with family and friends, or try your hand at a new hobby, we’ve got you covered.

Get off the beaten path

Check out our tips and top finds to help you achieve your travel, quality time, and hobby goals. Plus, get kicks while you’re at it!

1. Work on your travel bucket list

enjoy life travel

Traveling to new places isn’t just exciting (or relaxing, depending on your destination). Studies show that visiting a new locale not only gives you wonderful memories to last a lifetime, but can lengthen your perception of time, making your trip feel even longer. That same trip can help you think more creatively once you return home.

Make 2018 unforgettable and earn kicks when you cross each destination off your bucket list. Check out our guide to the top 10 travel destinations this year.

2. Find quality time on a dime

enjoy life at concerts shows games

Set aside time to have fun this year with the people who matter the most. Get tickets to your favorite band, see a show, or go to the game together to maximize quality time with loved ones.

Need some inspiration? Take a look at these suggestions from Seatgeek. As a bonus, you’ll earn kicks for every dollar you spend.

3. Train your brain

enjoy life with new hobbies

Have you always wanted to improve your culinary skills, hone your creativity, or pick up an instrument? Dive into new experiences by trying a new hobby or activity. Staying sharp in the New Year is even more rewarding with these 10 finds from that will earn you major kicks.

Stay the course

According to a Shopkick poll, 64% of respondents abandon their goals by spring. But never fear! You’re more likely to keep your resolutions if you have accountability partners. Share your resolutions with friends and fellow Shopkickers for additional encouragement. We’re all in this together!

Get started

Open the app to start earning gift cards and see how Shopkick can help you achieve your New Year’s resolutions to enjoy life to the fullest. Don’t have the app? Download it here to join the fun!


Pack your bags! comes to Shopkick

Some very informative articles popping up in my Facebook feed say that the anticipation of a vacation sometimes brings even more happiness than the vacation itself. Well, now that has come to Shopkick, we can not only enjoy the anticipation of a great trip, but also have a nice, big, free gift card waiting for us on the other side of it!

Shopkick is combining two of my favorite things: shopping and traveling. When I book my next flight, hotel, or excursion on, I will also get to look forward to the kicks I’ll receive when the trip is over. No more post-holiday blues for me as I’ll have a bunch of new kicks to look forward to – and have fun thinking about how I’ll use them!

How Works

I love the researching and planning stage of a trip. makes it both easy and fun to explore different hotels and provides handy tools for figuring out where to stay. I’ll admit I like a good deal on a hotel – I want it to be central, safe, quiet, and clean while not breaking the bank. will give me even deeper discounts on great, highly rated hotels.

[left] hotel search through shopkick[/left][right] hotel search result through shopkick[/right]

With lots of people using and leaving in-depth reviews, I’m never surprised by what I’m gonna get. If I choose to ignore some warnings in a few of the reviews….well, I only really have myself to blame when I get that noisy room! hotel review through shopkick

How to Get the Best Deal with and Shopkick

Now I can open the Shopkick app, check out what’s new, grab a few kicks right then and there by watching a video or searching for an instant surprise. Then I can click on from Online Stores to plan my next adventure and score additional kicks. I can’t wait to use a Target gift card from the kicks I earned from my last vacation (and my many grocery store runs!) to buy something cute for my next trip booked on… and then enjoy even more kicks afterward! The travel options on Shopkick are like gifts that keep on giving — all my shopping and travel planning are fun and help fund each other. Why would I ever shop or travel without Shopkick by my side? is easy to use with Shopkick! From the Shopkick app, look under “online stores” and click on to book your trip and get your kicks from your reservations.

[left] kicks at online stores in shopkick app


[/left][right] through shopkick app[/right] I’m loving earning kicks with online shopping on Shopkick. Have you tried it yet? Watch this video to see how it’s done. Don’t have the Shopkick app yet? Download it today and get started earning reward points toward free gift cards!