8 Ways to Celebrate Graduation While Quarantined

We have celebrated birthdays and even a few holidays as the quarantine continues throughout the United States. But, many of us have remained hopeful that students, especially high school and college seniors, would be able to return to school in time to finish their years surrounded by friends. Instead, graduations are being postponed or cancelled entirely. But, graduates should still celebrate and feel hopeful about their futures. To inspire your graduation festivities while in quarantine, we’ve come up with eight ideas below! This might not be the graduation you or your student had planned, but it will certainly be memorable for everyone.

1. Car Parade:

Although we cannot gather together, we can most certainly still celebrate. So, plan a car parade to surprise your graduate! Consider inviting family and friends, and ask them to decorate their cars. Ask your senior to wait outside, and enjoy as they see their own personal parade arriving car-by-car. The great perk of these parades is we’re able to see and shout a few words back and forth with our favorite people who many of us haven’t seen face-to-face in weeks.

2. Send Flowers:

Flowers are still able to be shipped and delivered, so think about sending a bouquet and a card with a note to your graduating senior. Everyone loves getting mail and packages, especially now! If you’re looking for a flower source, consider 1800Flowers.com.

3. Watch a Commencement Speech:

The great thing about YouTube is you can find just about any video online, so watch a commencement speech (or a complete series!) together. John Krasinski recently released an episode of Some Good News, his weekly show, in honor of graduating seniors, and well-known figures, like Steven Spielberg, Martha Stewart, Oprah Winfrey, and more shared plenty of inspiration.

4. Zoom Cocktail Hour:

If you know a student celebrating a college graduation, plan a Zoom cocktail party! Before the call, think about dropping off champagne on the graduate’s doorstep or having some shipped right to them. Then encourage everyone joining to sip their favorite drink while you catch up for an hour or more. A bonus would be if attendees shared a favorite memory of the graduate or offered their best advice. 

5. Ship a Gift:

Consider sending a high school or college graduate a gift they can enjoy now under quarantine or when they begin their next steps in their collegiate or professional career. Apple AirPods, a backpack that can transition into a briefcase, a gift card for Uber Eats, or any other tech are all great ideas that can be enjoyed now and later.

6. Yard Decorations & Signs:

We have seen houses in our communities decorated to celebrate birthdays, and the same companies are offering to decorate for graduations! Another option is to purchase a sign for your front yard or window to celebrate the college your student will attend or the school where they should have been graduating from. 

7. Share a Meal:

Many graduation parties are celebrated over lunch or dinner, so consider calling a restaurant you know the graduate loves and placing an order to surprise them with takeout. Another idea is to have dessert from a favorite bakery shipped or honor the place where the student plans to move next with food from that area. 

8. Capture Photos:

Although this might not be the graduation experience anyone expected, it should still be documented. Capture pictures of your family together, and encourage your student to put on their cap and gown. You can also search #PorchPhotographer or #PorchPortrait on social media in order to uncover local photographers who are capturing pictures for families on their porches or front lawns. It’s a fun way to have family photos taken while also ensuring everyone remains at a safe distance apart.

How are you celebrating graduation? Share your plans with us and our Shopkick community on Facebook!