Shopkick named top app in ComScore’s 2017 Mobile App Report

ComScore released its annual US Mobile App Report that charts trends in the mobile app landscape. The report explores the dynamics of mobile media consumption, breaking down app usage and behavior by audience segments, and uncovering other insights to help advertisers and publishers take advantage of these trends.

One of the major takeaways from the report is that apps are dominating consumer’s digital media habits, with 57% of consumers’ time spent using digital media now taking place in mobile apps. Consumers are also fairly established in which apps they use, with most of their time concentrated in their top apps. 90% of mobile app time is spent in consumer’s top five apps, and 50% of time is in their top app.

With consumers’ time being concentrated in a small number of their favorite apps, it’s critical for marketers to understand where their target audience spends time in order to effectively reach and engage them.

While the most popular apps by time spent are predominantly Facebook and Google, a more nuanced look at the top indexing apps by age segment reveals social and entertainment affinity among younger adults, and news and retail affinity among older adults.

Shopkick is reported as one of the top apps for Gen Xers (35-54), the age segment that is most likely to download and use retail and shopping apps.

Shopkick was also identified as one of consumers’ top hidden gems, defined as “the one app that you love, but that you think is not widely known or not used by many people, but think it should be.”

Read the full Mobile App Report here