4 Simple Hacks for Productivity

Do you feel like you’re due for a reset whenever a new season begins? We’re right there with you! Currently, we’re tempted to edit all areas of our lives, from recipes we’re cooking to how we’re staying organized. Instead of tackling everything all at once (life is better in moderation anyway!), we thought we would do a deep dive into one area: productivity.  

One of the best feelings at the end of the day is knowing you spent your time well, and that looks different for all of us. One person might say they feel like their day is an A+ when they complete every task on their to-do list, while someone else might say they had a great day because they enjoyed a great workout, read a book, or spent time with family. Although our days may look different, the feelings that offer us fulfillment are the same: we did what we set out to do. 

So, here is our question to you: Why limit your great days to those that happen now and again? Here are four quick and easy tips to get your productivity on track so you can give the day an A+ more often than not!

Focus on the Small Picture:

Just like you, we create long to-do lists. However, sometimes we end up feeling overwhelmed by the number of tasks we need to complete rather than energized by having things to do. So, break it down and hone in on the “small picture” rather than focusing solely on the “big picture”.

For example, if you want to organize your closest, you have uncovered your big picture goal. But, a quick look inside will tell you there is quite a distance between how it might look now and the ideal situation you have in your mind. So, create smaller goals. Something like sort t-shirts into groups to keep, toss, or donate groups or place same season clothes together feels much more doable. 

The important thing to keep in mind is each small task you complete acts as a building block. Sooner rather than later you will have built your way toward placing a check mark next your big picture goal! 

Set Three Goals:

Similar to the above, it’s unlikely you will be able to complete a long to-do list in one day. So, choose three goals or tasks to work on throughout the day. It may look like working out, meeting a deadline, and attending a soccer game. If you finish a task or all three, feel free to add an additional goal if time allows. The key thing is if you *only* complete those top three goals, you will still end the day knowing you got your three *most important* things done. And, that counts! 

Limit Your Screen Time:

We see this suggestion time and time again, but we still find we spend quite a bit of time on our phones. Our suggestion? Make physical changes by creating barriers, so your phone truly isn’t an opinion.

Consider charging your phone (or other screens!) in another room if you’re trying to work or even watch TV uninterrupted. Another idea is to set a “screen time” within your phone’s Settings. A message will pop up when you’ve spent too much time on social media, for example. A third idea is to create “no phone zones”, whether that involves not using your phone in certain rooms or areas of your home (the dinner table!) or times when you need to put it away (right before bed). 

By creating physical barriers, you will find you not only spend less time in front of a screen but also that you want to spend more time doing something else!

Block Your Time:

If your high school had block scheduling, this concept will likely sound familiar. Essentially, the idea is to section your day off into specific “blocks” of time. For example, you might start your day off with a block of time to spend with your kids and your dog. Then, you might have a block of time devoted to emails. After that, you might tackle a more difficult project for another period of time before pausing for lunch and to-dos that don’t require as much effort.

The goal with blocking your time is to allow yourself to have the space during your day to devote serious time to focusing on one specific task. That way you don’t feel as though you’re popping from one thing to the next before anything is complete.

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