5 Ways to Celebrate Memorial Day at Home

Thanks to the date when it occurs every year toward the end of May, Memorial Day serves as both a day to honor the fallen members of our military as well as a day to celebrate the unofficial start of summer. Celebrations may have been cancelled this year that would have encouraged us to gather together with family and friends, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create your own fun at home. Below, we’re sharing five family friendly ways you can celebrate Memorial Day, honor our military, and still experience the excitement of summer being on the horizon from home.

1. Create Chalk Art for Soldiers

In one of her first Facebook Live segments, first grade teacher Mrs. Lamb shared how she and her kids were creating mosaic chalk art. If you have already created chalk art or you’re looking for a fun weekend activity, create chalk art in your driveway, but try to only use red, white, and blue chalk! You can also add notes to our military, like “Thank you for your service”, and even honor the various branches to celebrate all who serve. 

2. Barbecue

Although friends and family may not be joining your barbecue this year, you should still make your favorite recipes! We love classic hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill, and you can also add to your spread if you grill vegetables, pizza, and fruit, like pineapple. This flag cake is also a fun item to enjoy for dessert, or you can also opt to make s’mores by the fire or in the oven.

3. Play Water Games:

If you have a pool in your backyard, make sure to jump in! Otherwise, think about playing water games with your family. A water balloon toss is a classic way to have fun, and you can also try making your own slip-n-slide or play Drip, Drip, Drench, which is a fun take on Duck, Duck, Goose. Also, remember when you ran through the sprinkler for hours when you were growing up? Introduce your kids to this way to have a blast! 

4. Make Ice Cream:

Did you know you can make ice cream without an ice cream maker? You can! This strawberry ice cream recipe from Southern Living Magazine actually allows you to create ice cream in a bag. Kids will love mixing together the ingredients, and either you or they will enjoy quite the arm workout while you’re shaking the bag of ice. Enjoy the delicious results, Shopkickers!

5. Decorate Your Bike:

Many parades have been cancelled this year, so create your own even if it’s just you and your family. With your kids, decorate your bikes using streamers and crepe paper. Make sure to don your red, white, and blue attire! Then take a spin around your neighborhood. Your neighbors will love it, and some may even choose to join in from a safe social distance, of course! 

How are you and your family celebrating Memorial Day this year? Let us know your plans on Facebook!