Camp Shopkick: Barbecue Week

Our summers may look different this year, but that means it’s time to get creative and make sure all of the fun of summer’s past is still in the mix at your home! To help you foster meaningful memories with your family, we’re launching Camp Shopkick. We believe it’s not summer unless your weeks are themed with plenty of activities, so we’ll be introducing a new batch of fun each week. To kick things off, it’s Barbecue Week!

Prep Your Grill:

Grilling is a summer family favorite, and there isn’t a week that goes by when we’re not cooking lunch or dinner outside over the flame. With that in mind, it’s important to keep your grill clean. For that task, we turned to the pros from Home Depot who shared this step-by-step article on how to clean charcoal and gas grills. Take a look!

Do a Craft:

Any experienced summer camper knows that a week at camp simply must include a craft! If you and your kids are going to be cooking on your grill, we thought you might want to add to your attire.

When we spotted these no-sew DIY aprons from Say Yes, we knew we had found the ideal craft for you to make with your kids. All you need is a dish towel (the author scored a $1 towel from Ikea), bonding tape, glue and glue gun, ribbon, fabric scissors, and an iron. The steps are simple, and this craft can be completed in no time. Plus, your kids will have a new apron to wear!

If your kids love to paint, another idea is to purchase canvas or fabric aprons and fabric paint. Encourage your little ones to paint their own designs on aprons for them or aprons for the adults they love. A sentimental idea is to have them add their handprints. These are pieces you will use and treasure for years to come!

Get Cooking:

Of course, the ultimate goal with grilling is to create new recipes. To help you to cook something new, here are a few ideas: 

  1. We shared three new-to-use recipes in the Shopkick app. As a fun hint: None of our recipes include hamburgers! We’re thinking beyond the classics.
  2. Check out this blog where we shared fruits, vegetables, and complete meals you can make on your grill. Pineapple, peaches, quesadillas, and pizza are all on the menu!
  3. Epicurious is a wonderful source for recipes for kids! Their team rounded up 16 barbecue recipes for kids that reach beyond hotdogs on their site. Take a look!

Have fun at camp during Barbecue Week, Shopkickers! Let us know what your family makes on Facebook.