10 Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving at Home

Many of us are trading in travel plans for a cozy day and night at home this Thanksgiving. Even though this year’s holiday may look a little different, there are still plenty of ways to make sure your family’s day still feels equally as festive. From kid-friendly crafts and can’t-miss TV specials to delicious recipes to serve and much more, keep reading below for 10 ways to ensure your at-home Thanksgiving still leaves you feeling extra grateful.

Get Crafting: 

One of the sweetest ways to decorate your home during the holidays is with crafts created by your kids! We spotted this turkey DIY, this pumpkin pie garland, these painted leaves and rocks (kids love collecting items!), and this coloring page (perfect for older kids and adults, too). What will you and your family make?

Watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade: 

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade always signals Thanksgiving and the holiday season has officially arrived, so plan to tune in with your family. The parade will still happen just as it always does (with a few Covid changes, of course), and it always offers such a fun peek at New York City. The parade starts to air live at 9 a.m. EST on NBC!

Watch the National Dog Show: 

Don’t change the channel when the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade comes to a close because the National Dog Show airs right after on NBC. This special is a competition, but the announcers always offer plenty of insight into the dogs and their breeds. If you’re thinking about adopting a dog, the National Dog Show will offer plenty of inspiration, not to mention an abundance of cute pups.

Take a Hike: 

Whether you visit a local park or search for a new-to-you trail to explore with your family, spending time outside is one of the most fun ways to spend a holiday. You can even turn your hike into a scavenger hunt for your kids by asking them to point out different colors, animals, or items found in nature.  

Run a 5K: 

Before the tryptophan hits, consider running (or walking!) a 5K with your family. You don’t need to follow a specific route; you just need to complete 3.1 miles. If you’re hoping to do a more official race, look online for virtual options to help to hold you and your crew accountable.

Set the Table: 

Today is a great day to use the “good” china! Pull the pieces you save for holidays off of their shelves, and set a table that will make you feel extra fancy (even if you’re planning to feast in your daytime pajamas). You can even make your own centerpiece to add extra flair.

Bake a New Recipe: 

If you have been eying a new recipe, Thanksgiving is a great day to give it a try! If you’re searching for delicious desserts, pop into the app, take a peek at Sally’s Baking Addiction, or pay Ina Garten (aka: The Barefoot Contessa) a visit. All three sources have plenty of recommendations to share!

Zoom Cocktail Hour: 

Whether you’re missing family and friends or simply want to say “hi”, invite your favorite people to a Zoom cocktail hour. You can even share cocktail recipes beforehand or make them live together. Outside of catching up with your loved ones, defining your Zoom as a “cocktail hour” places a time limit just in case the energy starts to lag.

Share Your Grateful List: 

Now more than ever, we’re all searching for positivity. Even though this year has had plenty of twists and turns, we do firmly believe there’s at least one thing (even if it’s small and simple) that has left you feeling grateful. Whether you share what you’re grateful for over dinner or dessert or throughout the day, make sure you do. Hearing positivity is certain to make you smile.

Watch a Holiday Movie: 

End your Thanksgiving Day by welcoming the holiday season! Plan to watch a holiday movie with your family inside cozied up on the sofa or outside on a projector. You can’t go wrong with “Love Actually” (for teenagers and adults) or “The Grinch” (perfect for anyone at any age)!

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Top 5 Thanksgiving Hacks to Make Hosting Fun and Easy

When we think about Thanksgiving, family favorite recipes and visions of loved ones gathered together immediately comes to mind. During a year when we have spent more time apart from family and friends than ever before, a holiday spent (safely!) together sounds like an absolute delight. 

Even though Thanksgiving is one of the most joyful holidays, there’s also an element of stress for the host. So, if you’re planning to host your first Thanksgiving or your fiftieth, keep reading! We’re sharing our own list of 5 tips and tricks to make this year’s hosting duties a breeze.

Top 5 Thanksgiving Hacks to Make Hosting Fun and Easy | www.shopkick.com

1. The Early Shopper Always Wins: 

This year, Thanksgiving is on Thursday, November 26. You’re likely thinking you have plenty of time to shop – and you do! But, why wait until the week of Thanksgiving when grocery stores will be packed to purchase everything you need? Instead, start adding nonperishables and paper products (more on this below) to your pantry, especially if items are on sale. As the holiday approaches, you will only have items like turkey, vegetables, and any fruit still on your list.

Top 5 Thanksgiving Hacks to Make Hosting Fun and Easy | www.shopkick.com

2. “I’m attracted to pie.”

We’ve all heard that homemade recipes are the best recipes, but Lorelai Gilmore wouldn’t knock pre-made pie and neither should you! Consider picking up a pre-made pie or use pre-made pie crust for your pumpkin pie recipe. By purchasing pre-made where you can, you can still add a homemade twist. The difference is the time needed will be far less and will feel much more doable.

Top 5 Thanksgiving Hacks to Make Hosting Fun and Easy | www.shopkick.com

3. Warm it Up: 

Most Thanksgiving dishes require differing temperatures and timelines for cooking, so warming settings will prove helpful. Consider using slow cookers to keep dishes, like mashed potatoes, stored and warm. You can also use thermoses to keep gravy warm, and you can always warm things up in the microwave.

Top 5 Thanksgiving Hacks to Make Hosting Fun and Easy | www.shopkick.com

4. Dress Down Your Code: 

If ever there was a year for a casual dress code, 2020 is the year! While we do suggest wearing something other than your daytime pajamas, encouraging your family and friends to arrive in clothes they feel comfortable wearing will create a more relaxed atmosphere. This year, the focus is truly on spending time together.

Top 5 Thanksgiving Hacks to Make Hosting Fun and Easy | www.shopkick.com

5. Make Cleanup a Breeze

Holidays are typically when we all like to use the “good china”, but why? On holidays, we’re joined by more people than those who typically sit around our tables on an everyday basis. That means more cleanup! To make cleanup a breeze, opt for paper products for everything from plates and napkins to silverware and cups. The added bonus of paper products this year is you won’t be washing used items (a great added safety layer during Covid). 

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