Celebrate Scavenger Hunt Day with Shopkick

What was your favorite book when you were growing up? If you’re like us, Roald Dahl’s classic “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” likely topped your book list. Willy Wonka’s world of wonder and chocolate and colorful candy was one we wanted to inhabit. And, who didn’t dream of finding a golden ticket? Well, your dream may become a reality because golden tickets and millions of kicks will be up for grabs next week!

Monday, May 24 is National Scavenger Hunt Day, and Shopkick is celebrating the best way we know how – with a week-long scavenger hunt filled with nostalgia and plenty of kicks! We’re launching a scan mission at Walmart stores throughout the country where you can scan a select grouping of products in order to earn 100 bonus kicks. 

But, there’s more! 

(Because, of course there is.)

To give you even more of an incentive to go on your own scavenger hunt in honor of National Scavenger Hunt Day, allow us to unveil the biggest news of all…

We’re hiding a limited number of Shopkick golden tickets in stores throughout the country worth $500 in kicks (each)! Your job is to find one and mail it in by May 31 to receive your prize! 

We aren’t sharing the locations (what kind of scavenger hunt would!?), but we can share a few hints. One city is located in Colorado, another is in Florida, and one more is in Florida…!

So, what are you waiting for? Get your search on!

P.S: If you’re looking for even more chances to win kicks, we’re also giving away 35,000 kicks to select Shopkickers who share their Shopkick Scavenger Hunt journey! Simply snap a photo or video of you (and your crew!) completing the Shopkick Scavenger Hunt and upload it to the app. We’ll announce the winners once our week of scavenger hunt fun is complete!