The Best in Home Décor with Big Lots, Casper, Houzz, and Pier 1

When you ask a child what they want to be when they grow up, “interior designer” has to be one of the most unlikely answers. And, yet, that was the answer I gave for over half of my life.  Although my career aspirations did change (hello, writing!), my love for home décor has never wavered. With that in mind, I thought I would introduce you to a few of my favorite home décor brands. Big Lots, Casper, Houzz, and Pier1 are about to become four of your best home décor resources. Get ready to earn kicks and save, Shopkickers!

Big Lots:

Big Lots is one of the best one stop shops for all things home. They have a vast selection of furniture, including outdoor pieces, plus they also have an incredible selection of bedding and linens, all things bath, appliances, and even seasonal décor. With all of this in mind, one of my favorite sections to peruse on Big Lots is area rugs.

Although most stores have area rugs in store, I find they never have a ton on the floor. As a result, I always end up shopping online with Big Lots. Area rugs are one of the best ways to add color and texture to a space, and my best tip is to decide on the size rug you would like to purchase for your space before you start shopping. Once you’re on the Big Lots site, filter your search so you’re only shown options that match your criteria. I’m certain you will find an area rug you love!


Everyone who purchases a Casper mattress is always amazed by five things:

  1. You can purchase your Casper mattress online! You can compare and contrast the features of their three mattress options – The Wave, The Casper, and The Essential – in order to find the mattress you feel will suit you best before you order.
  2. Casper mattresses are reasonably priced! In the past, a mattress has always felt like such an investment. However, Casper’s price points make mattress shopping completely affordable. Prices start at $350 and go up to $1,250 for a five-layer mattress, Casper’s Wave.
  3. Your new Casper mattress will ship to you in a box! Watching your Casper mattress come to life before your eyes is such a fun sight to see.
  4. Casper mattress are comfortable! I have yet to hear anyone say they don’t love the comfort of the three options from which you can choose.
  5. You can experience a Casper trial period! Casper’s motto is try your new mattress for 100 days. If you don’t like it, they will pick it up and offer a refund. If it’s not for you, that’s okay (but, I highly doubt you will be returning it!).


When you’re choosing your pieces for your home, I think it has to be done with visuals. Houzz not only has plenty of products you can shop on their site for any room in your home, but they also offer features where you can shop all of the products in sample rooms they have designed. There’s nothing like seeing products in action, specifically seeing how they pair with other pieces in terms of size.

Asking for recommendations is great, but what if you could find recommendations that are vetted from home design pros? That’s another great feature of the Houzz site! You can not only shop products, but you can find professionals who can install them in your house. Do you really want to be the one to install your new sink? Unless you’re Chip Gaines, I think not.

Pier 1:

If I’m honest, half of the furniture in my house is from Pier 1. No matter if I’m purchasing a desk, a sofa, or a new dining set for my kitchen, the quality, design, and comfort are always on point. And, if I ever have questions, their customer service is top notch!

Not only can you purchase furniture on their site, but they also have some of the most unique pieces of décor, especially for the holidays. They have plenty of Christmas decorations, including trees and ornaments, and they also have a fantastic selection of plates, glasses, and silverware that are as functional as they are luxurious and fun for holiday parties.

Did I mention you can search “Joanna Gaines” in their search bar, and the Queen of Magnolia’s line loads right away? You can and you will want to add it all to your cart.

Happy shopping for your home, Shopkickers! Let us know what you purchase in the comments, and make sure to join our community of Shopkickers on Facebook and Instagram.