Five Tips for Easy Meal Planning with Shopkick

My social media feeds are currently filled with families celebrating the first few days of school for their kids. It seems almost everyone embraces the harmony this season brings! One of the common fall rhythms that is back once again is new requests for meal planning tips to enjoy after busy school and activity days. Whether you are a fellow parent celebrating the school year or a young professional cooking for one, I thought now would be a great time to explore five easy ways to meal plan with Shopkick.

1. Check Pinterest:

Pinterest always feels like a treasure trove of some of the best recipes. There are plenty of recipes for food sensitive family members, quick and easy one pan, pot, or sheet options, or new ideas to try for lunch. Bon Appetit, Cookie & Kate, Food Network, and SkinnyTaste are a few of my go-to accounts to review whenever I’m searching for something new. Plus, Shopkick has three boards filled with recipes – healthy recipes, easy cooking, and sweet treats – that are definitely worth a follow!

2. Explore the Discover Tab:

As you’re searching for new ideas or planning your grocery list, check the Discover Tab in the Shopkick app! Some of the most well-loved brands share simple step-by-step recipe ideas and easy to find ingredients. Plus, the Discover Tab is also a great spot to learn about recently released products. You can’t mix up your meal routine more than when you introduce a new find!

3. Plan It Out:

I love the ease of searching digitally, but once I’ve found my what I want to try I turn to paper. I find writing each day’s meal idea into my planner is my best bet because it’s a tool I use daily, and I like viewing a full week of plans at a glance rather than a single day. Typically, I’ll try 1-2 new recipes each week, reserve a night for pizza and another to eat out, and then add in tried and true favorites for all other days. That schedule helps to broaden my meal horizons while also keeping my realistic availability in check. Once you have a plan, make your grocery list!

4. Try Ordering Groceries Online:

Once your grocery list is ready to go, the most obvious step is to shop in person. However, if you’re short on time, try ordering groceries online from a store like Walmart Grocery. You can still purchase all of the brands and ingredients you buy every week, and you can add to your cart from the comfort of your house or even your car via your phone.

5. Save Your Favorites:

After you try a new-to-you recipe, decide whether or not you and your family enjoyed it. Then take things one step further, and pin it onto a Pinterest board noting the recipes you and your family enjoy. You can also create a second board of recipes you didn’t like to help to ensure you don’t make them again even if they pop up in the future. By doing this, you will collect a great variety of options over time, which will allow meal planning to become quicker and easier!

How do you and your family plan your meals? Chime in on Facebook and let us know!

Shop and Save with Shopkick Over Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day is only a few days away, which means some of the best sales of the late summer and early fall seasons are on the horizon! In between beach trips and pool days, I always like to check the online sales in order to score some of the deals I’ve been waiting for all season long. From fashion and décor to beauty and fun experiences, keep reading below to learn where you can save and earn extra kicks with Shopkick this holiday weekend!

Online Labor Day Sales |


Summer is a favorite season, but it always feels refreshing to be able to add layers to styles once more as we welcome fall’s arrival. LOFT and Lane Bryant are both having great sales this weekend, and you can also earn elevated kicks. LOFT is a personal favorite of mine, and I also know many of my friends who are teachers love their options because they’re professional while still being comfortable and in style.

If you’re shopping for back to school or even slightly more formal styles to wear to dances, formals, or weddings, don’t miss the sales (and extra kicks!) currently happening at ASOS and Express. Both always have great prices, and the range of styles available at ASOS, in particular, is incredible!

As a new season begins, it’s also a great time to stock up on new undergarments. Make sure to check out Catherines and earn extra kicks!


The Body Shop offers a complete line of products, including skin, hair, makeup, body, and even fragrance. Who doesn’t love a place that’s known for their quality and how they honor their pledge to not test their products on animals that just so happens to be a one-stop-shop for all things beauty? Stock up on all of your favorites, especially if you’re in college or going back soon, and make sure to try new to you products as well with your Shopkick app!


I speak from personal experience when I say Pier 1 feels like a hidden gem while shopping for home décor! I always know I am going to find unique pieces that are high quality – two of my forever must-haves while searching for décor – every time I shop with them. And, their prices are always on point! Their pillows and blankets are two things I tend to purchase each season to bring new colors into my spaces, and Pier 1 is also one of my first stops whenever I’m looking for new furniture. Did I mention Joanna Gaines designs a line for Pier 1? She does, and the rugs are beautiful in person and incredibly soft. I could keep going, but I’ll let you see for yourself when you shop online with your Shopkick app and earn extra kicks! 


I always think the fall is one of the best times to enjoy the outdoors. So many of my friends plan hikes almost every weekend, and there’s also another group who loves to camp. There’s still time to canoe and kayak before it gets too cold. So, stock up on all of your adventure needs at Backcountry through your Shopkick app! They have nearly everything you could ever want or need for an outdoor excursion, and the quality of their products can’t be beat. 

Finally, don’t miss out on scoring deals with SeatGeek. Baseball season is still underway, football has kicked off once again, and there are plenty of opportunities to go to concerts and more. SeatGeek makes purchasing tickets easy, affordable, and fast. So, purchase tickets as a gift or as a way to gather friends and family together for an afternoon or evening out together. Make sure to use your Shopkick app to save and earn kicks!

Download Shopkick for free in time for Labor Day weekend, and join our Facebook community for more shopkicking fun!

Top 10 Tech Must-Haves for Back to School

It’s back to school season once again, and I can’t be the only one who feels like we were celebrating Memorial Day and the start of summer yesterday! Even though the summer is starting to come to a close, back to school season always feels like its own holiday. I am not heading back to school this year, but I still wanted to get in the spirit of the season. So, I culled through all of the back to school gear to create a top 10 list of tech must-haves for students, especially for high school and college students. Take a look below, and get ready to shop and save on tech this year!

1. Computer/Laptop:

A computer is a must for students. I have tried a number of different brands from HP to Dell, and I have to admit Apple is my favorite. I cannot recommend my Macbook Pro enough (I have a 13”) because it reboots quickly, runs the Adobe programs I started using while in college, and doesn’t need to be replaced for years.

Where to purchase? Best Buy or

2. Programs:

Although Macbooks come equipped with Apple programs, I’m still a fan of the Microsoft Office suite. You can purchase your cloud access in store. Make sure to look for the option for Microsoft Office Home & Student because there is a savings.

Where to purchase? Best Buy

3. Calculator:

I still remember purchasing my first scientific calculator in middle school, and it felt like a right of passage. It’s not an inexpensive item, so the best thing to do is to shop for one in store at Best Buy or online at The prices will likely be comparable, and you will be able to earn kicks toward a gift card which will feel like receiving cash back!

Where to purchase? Best Buy or 

4. Headphones:

Headphones are a must for all students, and they can easily serve many purposes. They’re great to have on hand during the day while studying in the library, going to the gym in between classes, walking around campus, and catching up on your favorite show without interrupting your roommate at night. Bose and Airpods are a few of my go-to options.

Where to purchase? Best Buy or,,, or 

5. Smart Watch:

I haven’t purchased a smart watch yet, but my friends who are in grad school have said they are complete game changers during the school year! Those who have them say it’s helpful to be able to send quick texts back to friends and family on-the-go without having to pull out their phones, track steps to ensure they’re staying active in between classes, and have quick access to favorite apps. Of course, there are plenty of other benefits, like the most basic one of being able to tell time – a key thing to know while taking a test to ensure you complete the exam!

Where to purchase? Best Buy or,, or

6. Roku TV:

From my experience of purchasing TVs, Roku is definitely the way to go, especially for dorms! Being able to access apps like Hulu, Netflix, Prime Video, and YouTube directly from your TV makes streaming even more fun and simple. The value is definitely there, and friends will definitely want to gather in your room or apartment which makes a great TV an investment in meeting others.

Where to purchase? Best Buy Note: Don’t forget to purchase a subscription to Hulu through your Shopkick app because you will earn kicks!

7. Kindle:

As a communications major, I had plenty of assigned reading for all of my classes. However, I still looked forward to reading a book of my choice at the end of the day. I find I complete books more quickly when I read them on my Kindle, and my Kindle is so lightweight which makes me feel encouraged to slip it into a bag while I’m on the go.

Where to purchase? Amazon Devices

8. Smartphone:

A smartphone is a natural choice for a student! Access to all of the typical capabilities of a phone are obvious, but the addition of apps and email at your fingertips is what makes a smartphone a must-have for high school and college students.

Where to purchase? Best Buy Note: While you can purchase a smartphone at many retailers in store and online, the major perk of Best Buy, outside of your ability to earn kicks, is almost every cell phone company has representatives in stores. Purchasing your phone and signing a new contract at the same time makes the process quicker and easier!

9. Backpack:

A great backpack is a must for every student! In every bag I purchase, I always look for a protected compartment for my computer. Look and size are also important, and I’ve always had great luck with Tumi, Jansport, and The North Face. The quality of all three has always been great, and I’ve been able to transition my bags from high school to college and then to my career without fear of looking too young.

Where to purchase?,, or

10. Gaming System:

A gaming system might not be an obvious choice for back to school, but it will provide a fun and quick way to make friends in college! A Nintendo Switch offers a great price point and system size. You will also have the advantage of being able to play classic games like Mario Kart and Super Mario Party. Dorm room floor challenge, anyone?

Where to purchase? Best Buy or

Make sure to shop for your tech with Shopkick, so you can earn kicks to redeem for a free gift card. Join the back to school conversation happening now in our Facebook community!

How to Make Grocery Shopping Fun for Kids

Rarely has grocery shopping ever felt like a chore. From meal planning to letting me push the cart, helping to place groceries in bags at checkout to loading our car before we left, my parents always did a great job of including me on a weekly task that always felt like fun. To this day, I still view grocery shopping in a positive light!

I can completely understand why grocery shopping with kids might not be at the top of everyone’s list of enjoyable things to do, but I think it can be a great experience if you keep a few things in mind. Below are five tips for making grocery shopping fun for kids (and you!). 

Meal Plan Together:

This may not always work, especially if you have kids with more picky palettes, but my mom always asked us what we wanted to eat for dinner that week while she was preparing her list. We would rattle off recipes we enjoyed (some were frequent repeats!), and we would see how many of us were on board. The ingredients for the winners were placed onto the list, and we could get excited about that week’s meals. We would always chat through breakfast and lunch options too.

I’ve always thought meal planning together works well because I was able to be involved in making meal choices. I also knew decisions had already been made prior to the grocery store, so I was less likely to ask to add items to the cart that had not already been talked about before shopping.

Go on a Scavenger Hunt:

Another way to make grocery shopping fun for kids is to make your shopping trip into a game. Playing I Spy is always an option, but I’ve found creating a scavenger hunt with help from Shopkick is even more engaging. Simply open your app, view the items available to be scanned at your grocery store, and try to find as many as possible while you’re walking down the aisles. It’s engaging for kids because they feel encouraged to shop through the store with you, and it offers them something fun to do while you fill your cart. Plus, you earn kicks (reward points) you can redeem for a free gift card! 

Opt for Kid-Sized:

The inventor of kid-sized carts deserves an award! I remember being thrilled the first time I spotted a kid-sized cart at my grocery store. I insisted on not only pushing the cart myself but also filling it with as many items as possible. Having “my own” cart kept me endlessly entertained, and I know I’m not the only one! Today, I love seeing kids pushing carts at the grocery store because I can tell they’re excited to add new items to their cart as quickly as possible. While a smaller cart might not be large enough for a weekly trip to the grocery store, it is perfect for when you need to run inside for a few additional items throughout the week! 

Watch Videos:

Another great way to use your Shopkick app while grocery shopping is to watch videos. There are often videos available after scanning items, which allows you to earn additional kicks. Plus, your kids can also explore the Discover Tab to earn even more kicks while they watch videos from the comfort of the cart. Again, you will be well on your way to a free gift card! 

Time Alone with You:

Grocery shopping was always something my mom and I did together, and this “chore” always felt special as a result. Now, I have many friends who opt to turn grocery shopping into a date with their kids. Often, they will ask their older child to grocery shop with them alone while their younger child stays home with their partner. They have found it’s a great way to encourage one-on-one time and check off an errand at the same time. The great thing about kids is they are typically completely entertained by simple tasks, especially if they get to spend time with you!

What are your best tips for making grocery shopping with kids fun and engaging? Let us know on Facebook, and don’t forget to download Shopkick for free!

Shop for Groceries Online and Save with Walmart Grocery

Do you enjoy grocery shopping? On certain occasions, I truly do. However, when my schedule is packed or there’s a more interesting invitation on the table, grocery shopping can truly be a pain. Although there are several services in my area that will deliver groceries right to my doorstep, I’ve always been skeptical. However, I put everything aside when Shopkick launched their partnership with Walmart Grocery!

Each week (sometimes several times each week), I stop into Walmart. It’s one of the best stores to go to truly save money, and I always know I’m going to earn kicks while I’m there. Simply put, it’s a store I trust for both prices and top products, and I knew I would experience the same great quality and competitive prices while shopping online with Walmart Grocery. Here’s why you need to give Walmart Grocery a try:

Online Shopping

Shopping for groceries online with Walmart Grocery is quick and easy. You can shop by department, event (back to school!), or even by the specific item. Once you see the item you would like to purchase, simply add it to your cart. My favorite feature is the ability to create a “favorites list” of products I purchase often. The list appears on the homepage of the Walmart Grocery site, which makes grocery shopping even faster because you can add items to your cart with a few quick clicks.

Pickup or Delivery

I live in an area where Walmart Grocery delivers, which is wonderful. However, if Walmart Grocery doesn’t deliver in your area, their team can still shop for you. The only thing you will need to do is park in a designated Walmart Grocery parking spot, and their team will bring your order out to your car.

Purchase What You Need

While I don’t yet have kids who will inevitably request items that are not on the list, I do have to contend with myself in the grocery store. The rule is to never shop while you’re hungry, and it’s something I rarely remember to abide by. New things always end up in my cart! While it’s fun to try new items, it’s not always helpful when I would rather stick to my budget. Shopping online with Walmart Grocery means I only purchase what I need!

Shop Other Departments

Walmart has nearly every item you could ever need, which is wonderful. And, I’m happy to report Walmart Grocery is the same way! Like I mentioned, you can shop by category or department. It’s so simple to shop for everything you need for back to school season with Walmart Grocery. Plus, you can also purchase items for babies and pets, as well as toys, sports equipment, and more. I also love their Stock Up section to purchase well-loved items in bulk.

You Can Earn Kicks

I always know I’m going to earn kicks when I shop in store (or online!) at Walmart, and I was thrilled to learn I can still earn plenty while shopping online with Walmart Grocery. To offer you an extra incentive, you will earn 450 kicks every time you order with Walmart Grocery through your Shopkick app. It’s worth a try already!

Have you tried Walmart Grocery? What’s the biggest perk you’ve found? Let us know on Facebook

Shop Amazon Prime Day Deals with Shopkick

Are you addicted to Amazon Prime? I signed up for a subscription a year ago, and I have been hooked ever since. I love the convenience of shopping online with Amazon, placing orders for the items I need without fear I’ll pay a hefty shipping charge (you never pay for two-day shipping!), and knowing my purchases will be dropped off on my doorstep within two days. Sometimes, I even happen upon a box the very next day! Plus, when you’re a member, you receive access to Amazon Prime Day, which kicks off TODAY!

If you are not yet an Amazon Prime member, I highly suggest jumping onboard right now. Better yet, sign up for your first year of Amazon Prime with Shopkick! When you do, you will immediately earn a $20 Amazon gift card you can use during a future shopping trip. Plus, you will be able to access all of the Prime Day deals happening today through 11:59 p.m. PST tomorrow, July 16.  

Not only can you earn a gift card for signing up for Amazon Prime with Shopkick, but you can also earn plenty of additional kicks when you shop the sale using the app. Here’s how:

Amazon Devices

Amazon Kindles are wonderful because you have access to a never ending supply of books right at your fingertips. If you’re a member of your local library, you can also download books right to your Kindle from your library’s app. It’s wonderful, and it makes traveling even more enjoyable because you can pack light with one device. Shop for a new Kindle through Amazon Devices and SAVE during Prime Day. Plus, you will earn extra kicks!

Amazon Fashion

Take a look at Amazon Fashion while you’re perusing all of the sales! Amazon has their own fashion brands, such as Lark & Ro, Mae, Ella Moon, and Arabella. Expect to find everything from comfortable basics and active wear to outfits perfect to wear to work. Similar to Amazon Devices, you will earn kicks when you shop Amazon Fashion brands through your Shopkick app!

Amazon Subscriptions

Have you tried Audible? It’s part of Amazon Subscriptions, and it’s a complete library of audiobooks. If you’re trying to read more books each month, Audible may be a great choice for you because you can listen on the go or while you’re relaxing on the beach. When you sign up for an Audible Gold membership with Shopkick, you will save. You can also check out Amazon Music Unlimited and Kindle Unlimited memberships.

Amazon Home

Amazon Home is always stocked with the latest finds for your home, whether you’re searching for décor or appliances. Expect to save money because Amazon always has some of the best deals. When you shop via your Shopkick app you will also earn kicks toward a gift card, which feels like getting cash back on your purchases.

 Happy Prime Day shopping, Shopkickers! Let us know your shopping strategy on Facebook.

How to Take 10,000 Steps with Shopkick

Do you have a step goal? Do you try to reach it daily? Rumor has it, we’re supposed to reach 10,000 steps per day, which is equivalent to just under five miles. That’s quite a walk! If you live in a city and walk from place-to-place or you’re a runner, it likely isn’t terribly difficult for you to reach that milestone. However, it can present a challenge for those of us who don’t live in cities or run and work while sitting down during the week. With that in mind, I have discovered three 10,000 step hacks thanks to our Shopkick community on Facebook. A hint? Scan everything! Let’s get into the details.

1. Complete a Scan Scavenger Hunt

We asked fellow Shopkickers why they enjoy earning kicks, and many were quick to note the app helps them get their steps in! The top way our users are reaching 10,000 steps per day is by taking a walk and participating in their own scan scavenger hunts while shopping in-stores. To join in on the 10K step fun, simply open your Shopkick app when you walk into stores, like Walmart and Target, where scans are plentiful. Then try to scan every item on the scan list! You will find you will take a tour of the store as you attempt to find each item, which means you will take plenty of steps.

2. Run all of your errands in one day

Another great way to get your 10,000 steps in is to save all of your errands for one day. I frequently do this during the summer because I find I would rather skip single errands in favor of creating more time to spend by the pool or at the beach. In the span of a few hours on Saturday or Sunday, I can pick up a birthday gift at the mall (and do an extra lap to clock even more steps!), stop by Best Buy to purchase new headphones (and earn kicks with my QR code!), stroll through Target (and earn kicks for scanning and submitting my receipt!), and stock up on my weekly groceries. It’s a win all around!

3. Head to the mall

Not only is the mall a great place to go to earn kicks at stores like H&M, Harry & David, and Yankee Candle, but it’s also one of the best places to go to walk. The mall is like a more fun version of a track: it’s air conditioned, completely protected from the elements of the outdoors, and there’s plenty to see to keep your mind occupied if you’re not a huge fan of exercise. Think about inviting friends along, so you can catch up while you stroll (and earn kicks!). You could also pop in earbuds, sign up for Audible or Music Unlimited through Amazon Subscriptions on your app, and listen to either while you walk.

Reaching 10,000 steps per day no longer has to feel like a stretch, especially if you make your steps fun and engaging with Shopkick! Make sure you’re part of our Facebook community for even more tips.

Top Three Last Minute Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day

It’s official, we have entered into the final days of our countdown to Father’s Day because this Sunday, June 16, is for dads! If you’re feeling as though it was just January and suddenly we’re about to experience the middle of June, I am right there with you. In case the fact that the year feels like it’s flying by has officially caught up with you and you’re not quite ready to celebrate, I thought I would help you get back on track. Below, let’s chat through three simple, easy, fun, and completely doable last minute gifts and ways to celebrate Father’s Day with your dad with a little help from Shopkick!

1. Go on a Scavenger Hunt

If you’re on a budget but still hoping to do something fun, go on a kick scavenger hunt with your dad! Visit stores like Target, Walmart, or even the grocery store and see how many kicks you can earn by scanning throughout the store. You can even split up, set a timer, and see who can earn the most if you would like to have a friendly competition! If staying at home feels more your speed, open the app and view lookbooks and videos together. You can still enjoy a competition, and you will still earn kicks because they’re hidden throughout the content on the Discover tab! May the best shopkicker win! Shopkick Tip: You only need to earn 250 kicks to redeem for your first gift card, which can be earned in a single errand run!

2. See a Game with SeatGeek

In my opinion, experiences are always more enjoyable than things. This year, skip the tie and explore SeatGeek. You can purchase tickets to games, concerts, and more, and you could very well score tickets to enjoy on Father’s Day. Of course, another option is to purchase tickets and wrap them or simply place them in a card for you and your dad to enjoy together soon. Your dad will be thrilled time with you is on the horizon! Shopkick Tip: Make sure you shop for tickets on SeatGeek with your Shopkick app! Through this weekend, you can earn BIG KICKS per $1 spent, and you won’t want to miss out.

3. Stock Up on Tech

Dads love tech, and so do we! If you would like to check out the latest gadgets, plan an afternoon out together to explore everything Best Buy has to offer. He can view new televisions in person, finally purchase the new camera he’s been eyeing just in time for summer vacation season, stock up on phone accessories, buy a new printer (perhaps one to print family photos!), say “yes” to a new appliance, explore new movies and television shows, and so much more. Shopkick Tip: Once his cart is full and you’re checking out, make sure to present your Shopkick Best Buy QR code to the cashier before they click “total”! You will earn plenty of kicks, and you might just be able to redeem for a gift card too!

What are your top ways to celebrate Father’s Day? Join the conversation on Facebook and Instagram, and let us know!

Top 5 Apps to Use While Shopping in Stores

I have a question that’s often met with a great debate: Do you like shopping in stores in person, or do you prefer shopping online? I am not a stranger to the joys and pure convenience of shopping online. After all, nearly everything we need is at our fingertips without a closing time. However, I find it’s enjoyable, and often eye opening, to shop in stores. 

My allegiance to shopping in stores may be due to the fact that I truly love any excuse for an outing – I typically catch up on podcasts or audiobooks while I drive, and I often join with friends to shop together. Plus, I almost always discover something in stores that I would have scrolled past online, especially if I’m searching for a new piece to add to my current season’s wardrobe.

In the past, the point that may have encouraged me to shop online rather than in stores was the ability to save money by using apps. But, I have discovered great options that completely justify my in-store allegiance and create the same type of seamless experience. Whether you’re running to Target, shopping for clothes, or purchasing your weekly groceries, I like to think of these apps as the top five best apps to use while shopping in stores. Here’s the rundown:

1. Target:

Because it’s so easy to add one more thing to my cart when I’m shopping at Target, I have turned to Target’s app for years. Their app used to be called Cartwheel, but they merged the Cartwheel feature together with the ability to search and shop. The combination has proven helpful, so now I can look through Target’s weekly ad to see the latest deals, click through the Cartwheel ads to see which of my frequently purchased products or categories are on sale, and even see if my local store has something in stock without ever leaving the app. Paired with the ability to save 5% each time I make a purchase with my Target card, the app has been such a helpful way to save money in stores!   

2. Shopkick:

I discovered Shopkick last year, and I have used the app ever since! Shopkick allows you to earn “kicks” or points when you’re shopping in stores or online. I use the in-store shopping feature the most because I am able to earn kicks for simply walking inside. The walk-in kicks are typically awarded at the store’s entrance, so I like to make sure I have my app open when I arrive. While I walk down the aisle in stores like Target, Walmart, or even CVS, I scan products currently featured in the app to earn even more kicks. You can also submit your receipt when you have purchased products that you have scanned to earn even more!

My favorite feature about the app is I am able to cash in my kicks for gift cards or even cash back through PayPal whenever I’m ready. You only have to earn 500 kicks, which I can do in a single errand run, particularly if I am visiting Target and Ulta, to cash in for a $2 gift card. You can also cash in for gift cards of higher value! Last year, I saved my kicks and cashed in for a $25 gift card to take with me on my trip to Disney World. 

3. Ebates:

Thanks to a recommendation from a blog I read daily, I rarely shop without Ebates when I am shopping online. As long as you have their plugin turned on, Ebates notifies you whenever you’re visiting one of their partners’ websites where you can earn cash back. Last year, I realized they also offer the same feature in stores!

When you open the app, you can explore their “In-Store” section located at the bottom of your screen. There, you will uncover the many brands who team up with Ebates. Simply link your credit card in the app, and you will earn cash back on every purchase you make in the stores supported by Ebates! It’s a great way to save with very minimal effort. But, please note: your cash back arrives in the form of a “Big Check” once per quarter, so your cash back is not immediate.

4. Fetch:

The grocery store where I shop weekly is a family owned business, so it’s not supported by many of the most popular apps. They simply don’t know the company exists! That’s why I’m such a fan of the app Fetch.

Fetch is best used when shopping at the grocery store – any grocery store. What’s great is the app is filled with products from 250+ brands, like Breyers, Campbell’s, and Kraft. Whenever you purchase a product from one of Fetch’s supported brands, you can submit your receipt. The technology developed within the app compares the items you purchased with those currently highlighted on Fetch to uncover where you can earn points. The main downside I have experienced is you can only earn points when purchasing a brand’s specific product.

5. RetailMeNot:

RetailMeNot takes the questioning out of couponing and wondering whether you have all of the latest deals at your fingertips. I use RetailMeNot most when I am shopping in stores like The Gap, Pier1, and Staples.  Although the app does have cash back features, I use it most often for its coupons.

I cannot be the only one who tosses nearly every deal that arrives by mail only to realize later during the promotional period that I do actually need something from that store. It’s the worst! With RetailMeNot, I can find the coupons I previously threw away and present them on my phone at the cash register when I check out. Though I may have initially felt frustrated when I have tossed a coupon that arrived from a retailer, RetailMeNot saves the day because they have the same deals from the retailers saved in the app with none of the paperwork to cart around in my bag. Win-win!

Have I convinced you to shop in stores? What apps do you like to use to save money? Pro tip: you can pair multiple apps together to save when more while you’re shopping!

Seek Theme Park Fun and Thrills This Summer

As much as I love beaches and visits to cities, I will forever and always believe there is nothing like planning a vacation (or even a single day!) to visit a theme park in the summer. Theme parks offering something for everyone – there are shows for entertainment lovers or those who aren’t fans of rides, there are roller coasters for adrenaline seekers, and there are themed attractions created to remind us of some of our most-loved movies. What’s not to love?

To keep your budget in check (and to help you say yes to a theme park vacation), you can earn 10 kicks per $1 spent when you book your trip with through your Shopkick app between now and May 27, 2019. To save even more, you can also trade in your kicks for gift cards that you can use during your stay! With kicks and money saved, isn’t it time to make this summer one to remember by planning a visit to a theme park? I’m going to make a bold statement and say it’s time!

To help you decide which park and destination to visit, I thought I would offer even more inspiration:


If you and your family have yet to visit a Disney park or if you’ve been more times than you can count, Disneyland should be on your list! The park is located just south of Los Angeles in Anaheim, California, and it’s a complete experience you won’t soon forget. Similar to its East Coast counterpart, Walt Disney World, Disneyland also has Disney hotels and resorts that will add plenty of perks to your experience. With that said, if budget is your main concern, there are a host of well-known hotels located a stone’s throw away from the park or closer to the city. The choice is completely up to you, but make sure to book your stay with through your Shopkick app to earn kicks!

The length of time needed to explore Disneyland is completely up to you! However, Disneyland offers the opportunity to visit the park of the same name as well as Disney’s California Adventure. You and your family will find classic Disney rides at Disneyland, as well as parades and everyone’s favorite characters. Kids young, old, and young-at-heart are sure to enjoy it, but if you’re traveling with an older group or thrill seekers, Disney’s California Adventure and its many thrill rides may be more their speed. Please note: if you wish to explore both parks, you will need to purchase separate tickets.

Universal Studios Florida:

Thanks to its location in Orlando, Universal Studios Florida is one of the most easily accessible parks on the East Coast. Plan to fly into Orlando International Airport (their airport code is MCO) and stay at Universal. There are a few hotels associated with the resort, and there are also plenty more located nearby. Plus, if you’re planning a trip to Walt Disney World, it’s so easy (and common!) to incorporate Universal Studios Florida into your vacation because they’re quite close to each other.

Before you go, it helps to determine which rides and shows your family is most excited to experience. If everyone loves movies and TV shows, you won’t want to miss Universal Studios Florida. Be warned: If everyone in your party enjoys Harry Potter, a visit to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter World is a must do! Make sure to allow plenty of time to view every nook and cranny and ride every ride. And, if you’re traveling with a group who loves roller coasters and attractions to test their adrenaline, you will also want to visit Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay:

Busch Gardens has two locations. One in Tampa, and one in Williamsburg. But, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay tops our list!

Busch Gardens’ location in Tampa makes it equally as accessible as Universal Studios, Florida. You could even plan the ultimate vacation and visit both in one trip! There are plenty of hotels near the park, and there are even more in Tampa itself. So, it will be easy for you to book your accommodations with through your Shopkick app!

Once you’ve arrived, your family will have plenty of fun at their fingertips. Busch Gardens is home to a host of roller coasters, including the new roller coaster Tigris, so adventure seekers will have plenty of fun. There are also wonderful themed areas for the littlest of visitors, thanks to the recent opening of Sesame Street Safari of Fun! Here, kids can meet characters, see shows, and ride rides that are definitely their speed. And, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay also offers a safari! You won’t want to leave.

Have you booked your trip? You only have until May 27, 2019 to earn 10 kicks/$1 on, so don’t miss out on earning up to 4% back in kicks!

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Three Ways Shopkick Can Replace Walmart Savings Catcher

As I have gotten older, I have started to appreciate any time I get to spend with my girlfriends so much more. Some of us live in the city while others have opted for the suburbs. To add even more layers to our group, we’re all experiencing different life stages too. Though we may be different, our conversations always flow easily from our careers and our passions to our families and even ways we’ve found to save money.

During one of our most recent nights in, we ended up diving into where we shop and which stores we favor most for different items. Of course, Walmart was a fan favorite! As a result, it was inevitable for us to share our views on Walmart’s recently announced decision to stop supporting their Savings Catcher program.

Like so many others, a few of my friends have saved hundreds by submitting their receipts to Walmart who then reimburses them if they found products offered at lesser prices. Some have used their savings from Savings Catcher to pay for vacations, others have rolled their money forward to pay for future shopping trips, and a few have opted to save up their savings in order to purchase holiday presents. Naturally, the closure of the program is an upsetting one!

Outside of using Savings Catcher, I’ve also found Shopkick is a great way to save even more. While I won’t be able to continue to use Savings Catcher, I can still continue to use Shopkick. So, I shared three ways my friends can join me and start using my go-to shopping app, and I thought I would share them with you too!

1. Earn Kicks Without Making Purchases:

The biggest bummer about Savings Catcher is you can only save when you discover a product you’re purchasing is offered less at another retailer. With Shopkick, you can earn kicks whether you’re making purchases or not. Open the app when you’re walking into stores and earn kicks simply because you went inside of a store. Scan products while you’re walking around (you can even scan at Walmart!) to continue to earn. Watch videos in the app, and discover new inspiration by viewing lookbooks at home. I think saving when you’re not spending is a total win, but of course you’ll earn gift cards much faster if you make purchases.

2. Shop Online & In-Store:

You can use Savings Catcher online and in Walmart’s stores, but those are the only places where the program works. With Shopkick, you can earn kicks at a complete variety of retailers both in-stores and online. Some stores offer opportunities to earn by walking in, scanning, and submitting your receipt, and others offer the chance to earn kicks when you purchase your items with a credit card that’s linked to your Shopkick app’s account. I would much rather be able to save while I shop at a variety of stores I visit all the time than just at one store and only if I can find the product cheaper elsewhere (which takes time too).

3. Redeem Kicks for Gift Cards:

My friends are most upset about losing one way they frequently turn to, to save money, but I reminded them they can create a similar experience through Shopkick. Each time they earn kicks, they count toward their grand total. Once you earn as few as 500 kicks, which I’ve done in a single day of errands, you can redeem your kicks for a gift card to retailers you frequent, like Starbucks, Target, Amazon, and even Walmart. Use your gift card to treat yourself, help pay for items for a vacation, or to pay for gifts during the holidays (aka: all of the things you were doing through Savings Catcher, but now you can earn kicks through many avenues!).

My friends joined Shopkick during our girls’ night, which was the first time I ever witnessed so many friends joining an app at the same time. Savings Catcher users, join us and continue to save while also earning gift cards with Shopkick!

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P.S.: Even MSN recommends Shopkick as a replacement for Savings Catcher!

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We always share our favorite finds in lookbooks, which you can find on the Discover page of the app! But, we’ve decided we want to share them outside of the app, which is why we’re thrilled to share what we’re shopping on our blog too. Just like you check the app often to discover new products and stores, make sure you visit the blog too for additional links. Now, let’s shop!

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