5 Lunch and Dinner Recipes for Kids

Whether your kids are dreaming of becoming a chef or you’re hoping they become more willing to try new things, we’ve learned most kids, no matter their age, love to help in the kitchen. To encourage this activity, especially right now when we’re all spending more time at home, we thought we would share five recipes (and themed night!) that are hands-on for you and your kids to make for lunch or dinner with you.

5 Lunch and Dinner Recipes Your Kids Can Make with You | www.shopkick.com


There are plenty of fun ways to make pizza together. Purchase premade dough and pick up cheese, sauce, and toppings. Then create individual pizzas so each member of your family can add their own preferred mixture. If you want to skip dough, try English muffins or bagels.

To try a completely different type of pizza recipe, we also spotted these Pizza Skewers! They remind us of kabobs, and they’re perfect for kids to make with you because they can create the order of the ingredients on the sticks and even what’s included.

5 Lunch and Dinner Recipes Your Kids Can Make with You | www.shopkick.com


Tacos are an obvious choice for a themed night, and Tuesdays are typically a go-to. Consider creating platters you and your family can pass around your table so each person can add their go-to toppings, or create a taco bar on your kitchen counter where all of the ingredients are lined up for easy serving. If you want to bypass the typical chicken or beef fillings, try making Breakfast Tacos!

5 Lunch and Dinner Recipes Your Kids Can Make with You | www.shopkick.com


Sandwiches are a quick and easy option for lunch and even dinner, but we wanted to find recipes that reinvented this classic option. Weelicious shared eight Savory Toast recipes, and they all sound delicious. Plus, they all represent recipes your kids can help to prepare. Additionally, we spotted these Chicken & Bacon Rollups, which present a great way to use up leftover roast or rotisserie chicken. We’re also drawn to these Peanut Butter Granola Pinwheels!

5 Lunch and Dinner Recipes Your Kids Can Make with You | www.shopkick.com

Breakfast for Dinner:

We mentioned creating breakfast tacos for dinner, which of course fall into this category too. But, we also thought about creating parfaits, and we added these Apple Yogurt Parfaits to our “to make” lists. Omelets and eggs made any style also fall into this category, and you can always make pancakes or waffles. There are plenty of options to create a fun breakfast menu at night!


Why not try your hand at making your own pasta? We went live with Sugar Beet Schoolhouse on Facebook Live, and Cheryl walked us through the (relatively!) easy steps to create pasta at home. You only need one egg and one cup of all-purpose flour for this recipe, and we think it’s a fun one to try over the weekend. 

Which recipe will you and your kids try to make together? Chime in on Facebook and keep sharing so we can all uncover new ideas!

Top 5 Tips on How to Utilize Online Grocery to Save Money

Do you shop for your groceries online? I have been opting to skip shopping in stores over the past few weeks as a way to keep myself, my family, and my fellow shoppers safe. However, I have to admit shopping for groceries online is not an entirely new practice for me. One of the top ways to experience a sudden increase in your grocery bill is by adding additional items to your cart while you’re roaming the aisles, and I’ve found shopping online is a great way to curb that habit. Below, I’m sharing details about how to best utilize online grocery shopping, including explaining why we think it’s best to do curbside pickup rather than at-home delivery.

5. Lookout for Hidden Fees or Service Charges:

Many online grocery delivery services offer you the perceived value of ultimate convenience; however, this convenience usually comes in the form of a fee or service charge. Looking for options that are a little less convenient (Store Pick Up, Curbside & Click and Collect) could be a better option as most of these services are free to shoppers.

4. Plan Your Meals Ahead:

Traditional grocery shopping offers the opportunity for in-store surprise and delight via end caps and displays. In the online grocery environment, shoppers can plan out cost effective meal solutions via recipe websites or influencer blogs to find cost-saving tips paired with inspiration.

3. Identify Promotions:

Many retailers are adapting their models to extend savings to their shoppers via Online Grocery (especially the pickup version). Pairing those with rewards and savings can be a winning combination. Some retailers that run specific pricing promotions have reduced these during this time of Covid-19 due to excessive demand; however, retailers such as Walmart who maintain an EveryDay Low Price model have been winning the value equation over the past several months.

2. What about Leftovers:

Shoppers right now have the opportunity to make an online grocery order be more efficient and save money by thinking through what is the follow up leftover meal that follows the previous day’s recipe. There are countless websites that can provide this leftover strategy as you are thinking about eliminating food waste during this time and helping your dollar go farther.

1. Pickup is the Key:

I don’t want to belabor the point, but the best way to drive savings and avoid pesky upcharges is to make the effort to go to curbside pickup at your participating grocery location. Almost all grocery retailers are extending pricing and discounts for at-store pickup orders. This gives you full confidence you are maximizing the convenience factor while avoiding delivery fees and up-charges.

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The Best House Plants for Your Home

While we have been spending more time at home, we have been looking for ways to bring nature inside. It’s felt like a welcome respite to see plants and flowers throughout our homes! In order to source new house plants, we have been looking for online options with great selections. And, we have noticed 1800Flowers.com has plenty to explore! After searching through their inventory, we thought we would share some of the house plants we have discovered that promise to last for years while only requiring you to follow simple care instructions. 

The Best House Plants for Your Home | www.shopkick.com

Dieffenbachia Plant:

The Dieffenbachia Plant is available in three sizes on 1800Flowers.com – floor, table size, and shelf – which means you can choose the best option for your home. The leaves feature a variety of green and yellow tones, which we’re drawn to. Plus, the plant loves indirect sunlight and evenly moist soil. The care is simple, but it will require a little more effort than other options on our list.

The Best House Plants for Your Home | www.shopkick.com

My Pet Plant:

We spotted this Pet Plant, and immediately thought of dog and cat lovers as well as kids. The plant that arrives in the cat or dog planter is a spider plant, which only requires water when the soil is dry. Spider plants don’t love direct sunlight, but any other kind of light will work! If you opt to purchase this house plant, you can also choose to have it arrive with cat or dog treats for your real life animal.

The Best House Plants for Your Home | www.shopkick.com

Pilea Peperomioides Plant:

If you have heard about propagating, which means starting a new plant using a leaf and roots from an existing plant, the Pilea Peperomioides Plant might be for you! 1800Flowers.com describes this plant as one that has extra bright and airy green leaves. It requires water when the soil is dry, which means the care is very simple! Plus, it doesn’t grow too large, which means it will always look wonderful on a table, desk, or counter.

The Best House Plants for Your Home | www.shopkick.com

Snake Plant:

Snake Plants grow vertically, so they will always feel like 1800Flowers describes – modern and architectural. Similar to the other options on our list, snake plants only require water when the soil is dry, and they do enjoy indirect sunlight the most. A bonus? They purify the air! 

The Best House Plants for Your Home | www.shopkick.com

Fiddle Leaf Fig Floor Plant:

If you have spent any time reading blogs or exploring Instagram, you have likely seen Fiddle Leaf Fig trees! They are one of the most popular house plants, but be warned – they do require a bit more work in order to truly thrive. According to 1800Flowers.com, Fiddle Leaf Figs do best in inside spaces that offer indirect sunlight, watering when the soil is dry paired with daily misting, and space to grow. Humidity is also a bonus for Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees, so you will definitely benefit if you live in the south!

Do you like to grow house plants at home? What plants would you recommend that are easy to care for? Let us know on Facebook!

5 Books Turned into Shows to Watch on Hulu

Since the debut of streaming services, like Hulu, there has felt like there is a complete plethora of new movies and series. That’s definitely beneficial now while many of us are practicing physical distancing at home! We’re always most curious to watch shows that originated as books because we’re eager to see how the production and creative teams have changed the storylines (if at all). So, today we’re highlighting five books turned into TV shows that you can start streaming now on Hulu! 

1. Little Fires Everywhere

Celeste Ng’s “Little Fires Everywhere” debuted in March as a new series on Hulu, and Hello Sunshine, Reese Witherspoon’s production company, is one of the teams behind the series. Reese also stars in the show as Elena, one of the main characters, along with Kerry Washington, who plays Mia – an artist who moves to town with her daughter Pearl. Through twists and turns, the series follows both women and their families as their lives intertwine in the ‘90s in Shaker Heights, Ohio. You will be guessing about who started the little fires you see in the first scene until the very end of episode eight when the season comes to a close. We’re already hoping there will be a season two!

2. Big Little Lies

Liane Moriarty’s “Big Little Lies” is one of the author’s most well received novels. It weaves together the story about Madeline, Celeste, and Jane, and the book opens with a murder. The book felt made for TV, so when Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, and Shailene Woodley debuted on the screen as the famed characters, the series was immediately a cult favorite. The first season featured seven episodes, and fans were quickly requesting a second season. The creative team happily obliged, so there are currently two seasons available on Hulu!

3. Pretty Little Liars

If you enjoy YA novels with a mysterious twist, you will likely be a fan of “Pretty Little Liars”. The book series is set outside of Philadelphia, and it centers around the lives of five high school best friends. The problem is one of their friends, Alison, is found dead in her yard, and the four remaining friends keep receiving messages from “A”. Who is “A”? You’ll have to watch the series, which is available on Hulu, to find out! There are seven seasons available.

4. Pride & Prejudice

In 1995, Jane Austin’s “Pride and Prejudice” debuted on the BBC starring Colin Firth. Now, the famed novel and series are both available for you to stream on Hulu. There is only one season available, but it does tell the complete story of the Bennett sisters and their love interests, including Mr. Darcy.

5. Younger

Can Liza successfully find a new job in publishing after raising her daughter? Will her peers believe she’s half her age? “Younger” originated as a book by the same name by Pamela Redmond Satran, and the series, which is set in New York City, follows the same arc (with new twists, of course). Starring Sutton Foster and Hilary Duff, the series is reminiscent of “Gilmore Girls” if Lorelai and Rory were living in the city. There are currently six seasons of “Younger” available on Hulu, and the next season will hopefully debut later this year on TV Land. 

Will you read the book before watching the series? And, which series piques your interest the most? Let us know on Facebook!