5 Lunch and Dinner Recipes for Kids

Whether your kids are dreaming of becoming a chef or you’re hoping they become more willing to try new things, we’ve learned most kids, no matter their age, love to help in the kitchen. To encourage this activity, especially right now when we’re all spending more time at home, we thought we would share five recipes (and themed night!) that are hands-on for you and your kids to make for lunch or dinner with you.

5 Lunch and Dinner Recipes Your Kids Can Make with You | www.shopkick.com


There are plenty of fun ways to make pizza together. Purchase premade dough and pick up cheese, sauce, and toppings. Then create individual pizzas so each member of your family can add their own preferred mixture. If you want to skip dough, try English muffins or bagels.

To try a completely different type of pizza recipe, we also spotted these Pizza Skewers! They remind us of kabobs, and they’re perfect for kids to make with you because they can create the order of the ingredients on the sticks and even what’s included.

5 Lunch and Dinner Recipes Your Kids Can Make with You | www.shopkick.com


Tacos are an obvious choice for a themed night, and Tuesdays are typically a go-to. Consider creating platters you and your family can pass around your table so each person can add their go-to toppings, or create a taco bar on your kitchen counter where all of the ingredients are lined up for easy serving. If you want to bypass the typical chicken or beef fillings, try making Breakfast Tacos!

5 Lunch and Dinner Recipes Your Kids Can Make with You | www.shopkick.com


Sandwiches are a quick and easy option for lunch and even dinner, but we wanted to find recipes that reinvented this classic option. Weelicious shared eight Savory Toast recipes, and they all sound delicious. Plus, they all represent recipes your kids can help to prepare. Additionally, we spotted these Chicken & Bacon Rollups, which present a great way to use up leftover roast or rotisserie chicken. We’re also drawn to these Peanut Butter Granola Pinwheels!

5 Lunch and Dinner Recipes Your Kids Can Make with You | www.shopkick.com

Breakfast for Dinner:

We mentioned creating breakfast tacos for dinner, which of course fall into this category too. But, we also thought about creating parfaits, and we added these Apple Yogurt Parfaits to our “to make” lists. Omelets and eggs made any style also fall into this category, and you can always make pancakes or waffles. There are plenty of options to create a fun breakfast menu at night!


Why not try your hand at making your own pasta? We went live with Sugar Beet Schoolhouse on Facebook Live, and Cheryl walked us through the (relatively!) easy steps to create pasta at home. You only need one egg and one cup of all-purpose flour for this recipe, and we think it’s a fun one to try over the weekend. 

Which recipe will you and your kids try to make together? Chime in on Facebook and keep sharing so we can all uncover new ideas!

Top 5 Tips on How to Utilize Online Grocery to Save Money

Do you shop for your groceries online? I have been opting to skip shopping in stores over the past few weeks as a way to keep myself, my family, and my fellow shoppers safe. However, I have to admit shopping for groceries online is not an entirely new practice for me. One of the top ways to experience a sudden increase in your grocery bill is by adding additional items to your cart while you’re roaming the aisles, and I’ve found shopping online is a great way to curb that habit. Below, I’m sharing details about how to best utilize online grocery shopping, including explaining why we think it’s best to do curbside pickup rather than at-home delivery.

5. Lookout for Hidden Fees or Service Charges:

Many online grocery delivery services offer you the perceived value of ultimate convenience; however, this convenience usually comes in the form of a fee or service charge. Looking for options that are a little less convenient (Store Pick Up, Curbside & Click and Collect) could be a better option as most of these services are free to shoppers.

4. Plan Your Meals Ahead:

Traditional grocery shopping offers the opportunity for in-store surprise and delight via end caps and displays. In the online grocery environment, shoppers can plan out cost effective meal solutions via recipe websites or influencer blogs to find cost-saving tips paired with inspiration.

3. Identify Promotions:

Many retailers are adapting their models to extend savings to their shoppers via Online Grocery (especially the pickup version). Pairing those with rewards and savings can be a winning combination. Some retailers that run specific pricing promotions have reduced these during this time of Covid-19 due to excessive demand; however, retailers such as Walmart who maintain an EveryDay Low Price model have been winning the value equation over the past several months.

2. What about Leftovers:

Shoppers right now have the opportunity to make an online grocery order be more efficient and save money by thinking through what is the follow up leftover meal that follows the previous day’s recipe. There are countless websites that can provide this leftover strategy as you are thinking about eliminating food waste during this time and helping your dollar go farther.

1. Pickup is the Key:

I don’t want to belabor the point, but the best way to drive savings and avoid pesky upcharges is to make the effort to go to curbside pickup at your participating grocery location. Almost all grocery retailers are extending pricing and discounts for at-store pickup orders. This gives you full confidence you are maximizing the convenience factor while avoiding delivery fees and up-charges.

How have you been saving money on your weekly grocery budget? Join the conversation with fellow Shopkickers on Facebook!

4 Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 10, so we are a little more than a week away from celebrating our favorite ladies. With that in mind, first grade teacher Mrs. Lamb was back on Facebook Live today to share four fun and sweet crafts your kids can make for any and all ladies who are impacting their lives. Let’s take a closer look at Mrs. Lamb’s ideas below! 

4 Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids:


Mrs. Lamb’s first suggestion is one of the easiest! Ask each of your kids a series of questions about each of their favorite ladies. You can either type their responses or ask them to write down their answers. Once the interview is complete, ask them to draw a portrait of the subject of their interview! Make sure to frame the final piece before mailing it or dropping it off on their favorite lady’s front porch.

I Wished for You Fingerprint Art:

This art project looks like a dandelion blowing in the wind, and kids will love adding their fingerprints. Mrs. Lamb said she and her kids dipped their thumbs in watercolor paint to create the piece they made, but any water based paint will do the trick. This is another craft you can easily frame and ship to a happy recipient. 

Simile Poem:

A simile poem is a great idea for older kids! Talk about similes. Then ask them to make comparisons. Your kids can also create patterns when coloring in the border, and they can also draw a portrait of their recipient. This is another piece you can frame and keep or drop into the mail.  

Heart Photo:

Mrs. Lamb’s final Mother’s Day craft suggestion is her favorite, and we love it too! Start by cutting hearts out of construction paper. Mrs. Lamb’s kids used red, but any color or a collection of colors will look wonderful. Once you have a group of hearts in various sizes, tape them onto your wall. You will want to place them slightly higher than your kids, and you will want them to start at a point and float either out or up. Finally, capture a photo of your kids “blowing” the hearts out of their hands. The result is a photo that looks like they’re making a loving wish for their favorite ladies. This is a great project to text or email to friends and family, or you can print the photo and send hard copies in the mail.

What will your kids make for their most-loved ladies in honor of Mother’s Day? Let us know! Make sure to watch the full Facebook Live, and tune in next week for more fun learning tips from Mrs. Lamb.

5 Books Turned into Shows to Watch on Hulu

Since the debut of streaming services, like Hulu, there has felt like there is a complete plethora of new movies and series. That’s definitely beneficial now while many of us are practicing physical distancing at home! We’re always most curious to watch shows that originated as books because we’re eager to see how the production and creative teams have changed the storylines (if at all). So, today we’re highlighting five books turned into TV shows that you can start streaming now on Hulu! 

1. Little Fires Everywhere

Celeste Ng’s “Little Fires Everywhere” debuted in March as a new series on Hulu, and Hello Sunshine, Reese Witherspoon’s production company, is one of the teams behind the series. Reese also stars in the show as Elena, one of the main characters, along with Kerry Washington, who plays Mia – an artist who moves to town with her daughter Pearl. Through twists and turns, the series follows both women and their families as their lives intertwine in the ‘90s in Shaker Heights, Ohio. You will be guessing about who started the little fires you see in the first scene until the very end of episode eight when the season comes to a close. We’re already hoping there will be a season two!

2. Big Little Lies

Liane Moriarty’s “Big Little Lies” is one of the author’s most well received novels. It weaves together the story about Madeline, Celeste, and Jane, and the book opens with a murder. The book felt made for TV, so when Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, and Shailene Woodley debuted on the screen as the famed characters, the series was immediately a cult favorite. The first season featured seven episodes, and fans were quickly requesting a second season. The creative team happily obliged, so there are currently two seasons available on Hulu!

3. Pretty Little Liars

If you enjoy YA novels with a mysterious twist, you will likely be a fan of “Pretty Little Liars”. The book series is set outside of Philadelphia, and it centers around the lives of five high school best friends. The problem is one of their friends, Alison, is found dead in her yard, and the four remaining friends keep receiving messages from “A”. Who is “A”? You’ll have to watch the series, which is available on Hulu, to find out! There are seven seasons available.

4. Pride & Prejudice

In 1995, Jane Austin’s “Pride and Prejudice” debuted on the BBC starring Colin Firth. Now, the famed novel and series are both available for you to stream on Hulu. There is only one season available, but it does tell the complete story of the Bennett sisters and their love interests, including Mr. Darcy.

5. Younger

Can Liza successfully find a new job in publishing after raising her daughter? Will her peers believe she’s half her age? “Younger” originated as a book by the same name by Pamela Redmond Satran, and the series, which is set in New York City, follows the same arc (with new twists, of course). Starring Sutton Foster and Hilary Duff, the series is reminiscent of “Gilmore Girls” if Lorelai and Rory were living in the city. There are currently six seasons of “Younger” available on Hulu, and the next season will hopefully debut later this year on TV Land. 

Will you read the book before watching the series? And, which series piques your interest the most? Let us know on Facebook!

How to Keep Your House Clean

Anyone else feel like they are constantly cleaning? Through researching and talking with friends and family to ask for opinions, we’ve landed on five tips that we’re already putting to the test.

Put Things Away:

It’s tempting to allow dishes to sit in your dishwasher, laundry to remain unfolded, and toys to stay where kids were last playing with them, but try to put things away instead. Run your dishwasher overnight and put your dishes away while you’re waiting for coffee to brew in the morning. Fold your laundry in your laundry room so you only need to put it away. Ask your kids to put away their toys at the end of the day so they can start playing again in an organized space the next day. By putting things away as you go, you won’t have to spend more than a few moments tidying up at any one time. 

Clean Room-by-Room:

We like to clean each room completely – whether we’re cleaning it quickly or doing a deeper clean – rather than jumping from room to room. By doing this, we’ve found it’s easy to stick to a schedule. Another idea is to do a task a day (i.e.: vacuum, dust, mop, etc.).

Let Small Tasks Add Up:

When we think of small tasks, many of the chores we’ve mentioned, like running and emptying the dishwasher and putting things away, come to mind. We can also add sticking to a laundry schedule, sorting through mail, making sure keys are kept in a central location, and shoes aren’t scattered to the list. If you have kids, they can easily help to ensure these small tasks add up throughout the week – it’s their space too!

Do a Quick Clean: 

Sometimes when we think about cleaning a room, we think we need to completely scrub down every corner of the space. In most cases, that doesn’t have to be true! You can quickly clean a space by dusting or wiping down surfaces, vacuuming, and generally tidying up within 20-30 minutes. By completing a quick clean of high traffic spaces, like bedrooms and bathrooms, frequently, you will feel confident cutting back on the amount of times you choose to deep clean the same rooms.

Create a Playlist:   

Cleaning does not have to be something you dread! One of the best ways we’ve found to enjoy the time we spend tidying is by creating a playlist. Look to songs that put you in a great mood and want to move with purpose or cue up a podcast or two to listen to while you clean. Either promises to take your mind off of what you’re actually doing (cleaning!) while making you feel encouraged to complete the task even faster. 

What are your top tips for cleaning? We’re ready to hear what you do! Leave your comments for us on Facebook.

3 Ways to Engage Young Readers

Happy Thursday, Shopkickers! First grade teacher Mrs. Lamb filmed another segment today on Facebook Live. Because we want to make sure we’re answering the questions you have, Mrs. Lamb answered one of your questions today. She shared three great tips about how to keep young readers engaged, and we have the recap below.

Lego Sight Words

Mrs. Lamb touched on the importance of sight words for young readers, and she revealed a fun new way to help students to learn them – Legos! Simply write one letter on one (or both) sides of a Lego brick. Keep going until you have a collection. Then ask your student to create sight words with the lettered bricks.

By participating in this learning activity, they’re learning about:

  • Fine Motor Skills – The act of making mini groupings of Legos helps with this.
  • Letter Identification – Your student must know which letter is on the Lego in order to use it.
  • Spelling – Your student is learning how to spell their sight words while they’re building.
  • Sentences – Once your student has built a few words, ask him or her to create sentences using the groupings.

Roll + Read

Similar to creating words with Legos, Roll + Read allows kids to be interactive while reviewing sight words. The idea is simple: create a mini board with the numbers 1-6 written vertically down the side. Next to each number add three sight words across the board horizontally. It helps to use a whiteboard if possible!

In order to learn, your student will roll a dice and choose a word from the row associated with the dice’s number from the board. They will read it out loud, and as long as it’s correct, erase it from the board. This is a great activity for kids to do independently, and you could also turn it into a game to see how fast the board can be completed. Then, decide on a fun reading reward! 

How to make a whiteboard:

  • DVD Case:
    • Remove the front and back covers from a white DVD case. Leave the plastic on.
    • Use a permanent or whiteboard marker to write on the board.
    • Use an old sock to erase.
  • One Gallon Bag:
    • Place white computer paper inside a zipped one gallon bag. If you use a mini stack, it will be easier to write on the board.
    • A permanent marker, whiteboard marker, and an old sock work here too.

Roll + Retell

Mrs. Lamb’s final tip to engage young readers is called Roll + Retell. This PDF from Fun in First is a great tool because it offers prompts for readers to answer about the key components of a story, like characters, setting, and more. Each component of a story is associated with a number from a dice, so you or your student will want to roll the dice in order to see which story question they should answer. Roll + Retell is interactive and fun, plus it’s also ensuring your student is learning and absorbing while enjoying listening or reading books. 

If you’re looking for great story resources, visit YouTube! Plenty of authors, illustrators, and celebrities have been taking to the internet to read to young students. Your kids will be busy for a while!

How do you encourage your young reader to read? Let us know and make sure to tune into Mrs. Lamb’s next Facebook Live segment on Tuesday!

At Home Science Experiment: Egg Drop

First grade teacher Mrs. Lamb was live again yesterday on Facebook, and we’re back to recap her session! This time, she dove into science after receiving requests to explore this fun subject. And, after chatting with a friend, she decided to explore the egg drop. Many of us remember the day when we had to create a structure that would protect an egg from a fall, and Mrs. Lamb introduced her kids to the experiment first and now you’re invited to take part too.

The steps to try this experiment at home are simple!

How to Do an Egg Drop Experiment at Home:

  1. Explain the concept of dropping an egg to your student. Older kids may have learned about force in their science classes, which is the ultimate lesson. However, there is plenty of creativity to be had for younger students too.
  2. Ask your student to create a structure they think can withstand a drop from a second or third story window or even from a lower down ladder. Encourage them to get creative and think about what might protect their egg during a fall. The key thing Mrs. Lamb noted was she encouraged her kids to use anything that could be recycled, which is a great idea in general and also in celebration of Earth Day.
  3. Encourage your student to decorate their egg! Mrs. Lamb’s kids got creative and drew on their eggs, which we thought was such a fun touch. They also named them for even more personalization.
  4. Prepare the egg for the drop! Place it inside the structure, make sure it’s secure, then head to the spot where you will drop it.
  5. Mrs. Lamb’s kids waited in the yard outside where they took videos of their eggs dropping in slow motion. The videos are fantastic!
  6. Open the structures to see if your egg survived the fall. The goal is for it to be intact.

After taking a peek at their eggs post-fall and reviewing why certain structures worked while others didn’t, Mrs. Lamb’s kids asked to try again. One experiment turned into a complete activity for Mrs. Lamb and her family, and we think you and your family will have fun too!

Will you take part in the egg drop experiment? If you do, make sure to share it with us on Facebook. Stay tuned for next week because Mrs. Lamb will be back on Tuesday to share even more ideas live!

15 Things to Do in Quarantine This Weekend

Welcome to the weekend! Saturdays and Sundays have definitely felt different for the past few weeks while we have been practicing social distancing. Going out to run errands, meeting up with friends, attending a game, or enjoying a meal out at a restaurant are off of the table, and our sole options have become things we can do at home. It’s very easy for overwhelm to take over as you try to think of new activities to do over the weekend, and you’re likely also battling feeling a bit stir-crazy. So, we thought we would share 15 things you can do this weekend while quarantined at home! 

1. Bake or Cook a New Recipe

If you have new recipes on your list that you’ve been wanting to try, now is a great time to jump in and try something new. Source a new recipe (or many!) and piece it together. If you really want to challenge yourself, try making a new breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipe. You might find new options to add to your weekly rotation! P.S: If you want to try to bake bread for the first time, this focaccia recipe from Bon Appetit is excellent and easy to make.

2. Read Outside

Do exactly as it says – take your magazine, book, or newspaper outside! Sometimes a simple change of scenery can make an activity you have been turning to frequently feel completely new.

3. Dine Outside

Support a local business and order takeout from a restaurant to mix up your cooking routine. Then set up a table and chairs outside or take this as your sign to get your backyard furniture ready for the season. Fresh air is needed, especially now!

4. Get Crafty

We have been sharing great crafts to do with kids or on your own, so take a peek at some of our past posts (here + here). Crafts can feel relaxing, and they almost always take your mind off of the present.

5. Garden

Continue to practice social distancing as you pick up flowers, pots, and potting soil from Lowe’s, The Home Depot, or your local gardening store. Then get busy outside and plant everything! You could also opt to plant your first fruit, vegetable, or herb garden if you’re looking to try something new.  

6. Do a Puzzle

There are plenty of puzzles available for you to purchase online to pick up curbside, and they’re something you can complete at your leisure rather than piecing the entire puzzle together in one sitting. Also, think about completing a crossword puzzle or download Sudoku pages online.

7. Learn Something New

If you have been wanting to try a new craft, learn how to sew, try your hand at guitar, learn a new language, or take up another new-to-you hobby, purchase the supplies you will need and give it a try!

8. Try a New Workout

There are plenty of fitness classes that are currently available online, and many companies are waiving fees for a month or even three for you to join. One that we have been enjoying is the Peloton app. There are yoga, stretching, HIIT, running, and cycling classes, plus many more available, and the majority you can do from home without purchasing anything new.

9. Build a Fort

Gather pillows, sheets, and blankets together and turn a space in your home into a fort! Utilizing your living room, family room, or basement is always fun, especially if the space has a TV where you can watch shows and movies while in your fort. This is definitely a family favorite activity, and one your kids will surely appreciate!

10. Watch a Performance

From city orchestras to ballet companies and Broadway shows, there are nearly countless opportunities to take in a performance from home. This article from Town & Country magazine is a great resource for Broadway shows, and a quick Google search for your local arts groups will likely help you to uncover more options for your city.

11. Print Your Photos

Simply put, get your photos off of your phone or computer! Walmart has great options to print your photos, and you can also turn to a company like Artifact Uprising if you’re hoping to house your photos in a modern album. Consider creating yearbooks of your family’s memories. It does take time to organize and print your photos, but it’s a process that offers a fun way to remember past moments.

12. Hang New Art

If you would like to update your space with minimal modifications or if you’ve been wanting to hang a gallery wall, switch up the art on your walls! This small change has the ability to make any room feel completely different, which is a feeling we could all use at this point.

13. Have a Spa Day

We recommend you leave cutting your hair to an expert, but you can definitely paint your nails, take a bath, or do a face mask this weekend! A day of self-care is sure to help any anxiety you may be battling.

14. Take a Ride

You might not have a specific destination in mind, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a ride! Get in your car, roll down the windows, and turn on a great playlist while you drive around town. You can even pop by to see family, friends, or neighbors to say “hi” from a very safe distance. A change of scenery can offer plenty of refreshed energy!

15. Organize

When all else fails, organize! Think about tackling a closet, kitchen, bathroom (check for expired makeup, clean your makeup brushes), playroom (are your kids playing with all of their toys?), basement, or garage. It will take time, and the results are definitely worth it!

How have you been spending your weekends? Let us know on Facebook!

Family Fun Themed Easter Basket

This weekend, we’re welcoming a chance to celebrate because Sunday is Easter! Since families are spending more time together than ever before, we thought we would curate an Easter basket with a family fun theme. From LED Easter eggs for a fun nighttime egg hunt to corn hole, a book, and even something for your pup, all of the items we’ve included below are budget-friendly (for the most part!), wonderful to enjoy together, perfect for many ages, and completely available online so you can shop with your Shopkick app and earn kicks. Let’s fill your Easter basket! 

Family Fun Easter Basket | www.shopkick.com

1. DIY Birdhouse

If you and your kids are looking for a new activity to enjoy together, consider building a birdhouse. The Home Depot has a complete tutorial available online, and their stores are still open for you to purchase all of your supplies. Once complete, your family will be able to enjoy the new animals that stop by to visit your birdhouse!

2. Corn Hole

Corn hole is a classic outdoor game, and it’s perfect for all ages to enjoy. This set from Dick’s Sporting Goods arrives with two boards and eight beanbags – four for each team – ready for you to play. Corn hole is a game you will enjoy long after our quarantine ends, and it’s the perfect addition to barbecues if you’re looking to up your gathering (once we can gather again!) with a little friendly competition.

3. Giant Jenga

Like corn hole, Jenga is another great family game! This Jenga set from Dick’s Sporting Goods takes the fun of the classic game to the next level thanks to its giant size. Add this set to your backyard collection to encourage you and your family to spend more time outside together on Easter and beyond.

4. Easter Book

Get ready to read along as Pete the Cat helps the Easter Bunny in “Pet the Cat: Big Easter Adventure”! Pete the Cat is already beloved by many kids, so whether your kids are fans or you’re hoping to find a new book for them to enjoy, this New York Times Bestseller is definitely the way to go. Find it online with Walmart.

5. Rainbow Kite

Bright colors are such a source of fun and joy, especially now when we’re all looking to find happy details. Fly this kite into the sky on Easter in your backyard and make sure to save it for summer beach trips that will start happening soon. You can add this rainbow kite to your Easter basket when you shop online with Walmart!

6. LED Easter Eggs

One of the highlights of any Easter holiday is an egg hunt with family, and these LED Easter Eggs from Walmart are about to make your hunt even more interesting! You can definitely still enjoy a classic egg hunt during the day, but make your Easter evening more fun when you hide this set of eggs in the dark. The glow is sure to make sure kids smile!

7. Disney Theme Park Edition Candyland Game

If you were supposed to spend your spring break at Disney World or Disneyland, you can still pay the parks a virtual visit. We found Candyland online with shopDisney, and this version might be even more fun than the original. It’s based off of Walt Disney World’s theme parks!

8. “Frozen II”

Once your Easter evening is underway, gather your family together for a movie night. It’s always more fun when you’re watching a new-to-you movie, so add the newly released “Frozen II” to your family fun Easter basket. You can shop this movie and many more on shopDisney’s website!

9. Pet Ball Thrower

It’s safe to say our pets are enjoying having us home the most! If you’ve been playing more fetch than ever before, make your job as Official Thrower even easier with this Hyper Pet Throw-N-Go Tennis Ball Launcher Dog Toy from Pet Care Supplies. There’s room for two tennis balls – one to toss and an extra, just in case – so you will be set for a long game of fetch.

10. Bunny Dog Toy

Your pup needs to join in on the festivities, so purchase a bunny dog toy from Pet Care Supplies! Available in three sizes, this Kong Wubba Ballistic Friends Dog Toy is durable and ready for play.

How are you and your family celebrating Easter? What items are you thinking about adding to your own family-fun themed Easter basket? Let’s keep the conversation going on Facebook!

10 Ways to Combat Anxiety

Have you been feeling more anxious over the past few weeks? It’s safe to say the majority of us are right there with you. There is new information daily about the coronavirus, the timeline for social distancing was extended earlier this week, and many of us are missing our daily routines. To offer a respite of calm to you, we thought we would share 10 ways we’re combatting our anxiety in order to weather the storm for the long haul.

1. Practice Deep Breathing

On Tuesday, first grade teacher Mrs. Lamb shared two great breathing exercises. The first involves inhaling for five counts and exhaling for five counts. The second is called Smelling the Cake and Blowing Out the Candles. Envision a birthday cake and breathe in as though you are smelling it (five counts works well). Then, exhale as though you are blowing out the candles (five counts works well here too). Repeat as needed!

2. Create a Routine

Many of us crave routine, and keeping one in place is a great way to create continuity in your day even if you’re spending the majority of your time at home. In fact, keeping your morning routine in place can work wonders to keep your mind in a positive place. We find one of the keys is to make sure to get dressed daily. Then, be mindful of meal times, and don’t be afraid to work in different rooms in your house if you’re working from home. Keeping your kids on a schedule they know can help to guide them too.

3. Limit News Intake

We find we feel more anxious the more we watch and read the news, so it can be helpful to limit how much information you’re able to absorb. Think about checking for the latest updates in the morning and perhaps once more later in the day rather than receiving information all day long. Sometimes the most helpful thing to do, mentally, is to take a step back.

4. Take a Walk

One of the best ways to keep your anxiety in check is through movement and exercise. It helps because it offers a change of pace and scenery, plus a walk offers the opportunity for a further distraction. Turn on an audiobook, listen to music, or catch up on a podcast! A walk doesn’t have to only occur one time each day either – multiple walks have benefits.

5. Get Cozy

Although stores may be closed for the foreseeable future, there are plenty of great deals to enjoy online. LOFT has great sweatpants and joggers, Carter’s and OshKosh B’gosh have colorful and fun layers for kids, and Old Navy and Gap have athleisure pieces that are on par with more expensive brands at bargain prices. Plus, you can also stock up on essential oils and beauty products to have an at-home spa day, and there are weighted blankets you can purchase online.

6. Enjoy Screen Time

Sign up for a new Hulu membership and get lost in a new series (we’ve heard “Little Fires Everywhere” is excellent!), make progress on your “must watch” movie list with help from FandangoNOW, and more. TV and movies have the great ability to transport us to other places, and that’s definitely necessary right now.

7. Create a Playlist

Like TV and movies, music offers a great source of distraction. Create a playlist of uplifting songs or even those known to calm you down on your go-to site for streaming music. We’ve seen more than a few playlists titled “Quarantunes”, and we think the name is great! You might find your playlist is one you turn to during other moments that are known to cause stress even after our current climate shifts.

8. Socialize

A great conversation with a friend can make you feel so much better, so don’t be a stranger to friends and family! Schedule Zoom calls, Facetime, or simply talk on the phone. Everyone feels very similarly during these times, and it’s helpful to hear about someone else’s day to keep that in perspective.

9. Pursue a New Hobby

If there’s a hobby you have been wanting to try and you can easily pursue it from home, now is a great time to start! There is not a need to become an expert over the next few days and weeks, but jumping in is the very first step. Maybe you want to learn how to bake or cook; perhaps sewing or learning how to play the guitar are on your agenda; maybe taking up running or cycling have been on your list. Whatever you’ve been considering, give it a try!

10. Look to the Future

Even though we’re uncertain when our social distancing and unsettling newsfeeds will officially come to an end, all sources are pointing to the fact that this, too, shall pass. Remind yourself of that fact often. Consider making loose plans with friends and family to have dinner, meet for ice cream, or go to the beach once we’re able to gather again. Sometimes simply having a date (that can be altered!) on the calendar helps because it means you’re looking ahead.

What are some of the best ways you have found to stay calm? Chime in on Facebook  and join us later today as we go LIVE on our page for a yoga class!