The Best House Plants for Your Home

While we have been spending more time at home, we have been looking for ways to bring nature inside. It’s felt like a welcome respite to see plants and flowers throughout our homes! In order to source new house plants, we have been looking for online options with great selections. And, we have noticed has plenty to explore! After searching through their inventory, we thought we would share some of the house plants we have discovered that promise to last for years while only requiring you to follow simple care instructions. 

The Best House Plants for Your Home |

Dieffenbachia Plant:

The Dieffenbachia Plant is available in three sizes on – floor, table size, and shelf – which means you can choose the best option for your home. The leaves feature a variety of green and yellow tones, which we’re drawn to. Plus, the plant loves indirect sunlight and evenly moist soil. The care is simple, but it will require a little more effort than other options on our list.

The Best House Plants for Your Home |

My Pet Plant:

We spotted this Pet Plant, and immediately thought of dog and cat lovers as well as kids. The plant that arrives in the cat or dog planter is a spider plant, which only requires water when the soil is dry. Spider plants don’t love direct sunlight, but any other kind of light will work! If you opt to purchase this house plant, you can also choose to have it arrive with cat or dog treats for your real life animal.

The Best House Plants for Your Home |

Pilea Peperomioides Plant:

If you have heard about propagating, which means starting a new plant using a leaf and roots from an existing plant, the Pilea Peperomioides Plant might be for you! describes this plant as one that has extra bright and airy green leaves. It requires water when the soil is dry, which means the care is very simple! Plus, it doesn’t grow too large, which means it will always look wonderful on a table, desk, or counter.

The Best House Plants for Your Home |

Snake Plant:

Snake Plants grow vertically, so they will always feel like 1800Flowers describes – modern and architectural. Similar to the other options on our list, snake plants only require water when the soil is dry, and they do enjoy indirect sunlight the most. A bonus? They purify the air! 

The Best House Plants for Your Home |

Fiddle Leaf Fig Floor Plant:

If you have spent any time reading blogs or exploring Instagram, you have likely seen Fiddle Leaf Fig trees! They are one of the most popular house plants, but be warned – they do require a bit more work in order to truly thrive. According to, Fiddle Leaf Figs do best in inside spaces that offer indirect sunlight, watering when the soil is dry paired with daily misting, and space to grow. Humidity is also a bonus for Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees, so you will definitely benefit if you live in the south!

Do you like to grow house plants at home? What plants would you recommend that are easy to care for? Let us know on Facebook!

Earn MONUMENTAL Kicks for Presidents’ Day Weekend

Presidents’ Day weekend has officially arrived. These next few days have long received my vote as some of the best of the winter. I think that’s due in part to being able to enjoy a celebratory weekend off with friends and family. In between catching up and adventuring around town, our time together is also typically punctuated by shopping the holiday sales. This year they are even more worthwhile thanks to Shopkick! Let’s peruse the top five categories, shall we?


I just heard this is the time of year when New Year’s resolutions are put by the wayside. Not this year! If working out and reaching your fitness goals is on your agenda for the year, let’s keep the momentum going.

Stop into Modell’s to get your fitness into gear with all of your sport’s must-haves as well as a new pair of sneakers. You can also shop and earn big kicks at Fabletics! Sometimes working out is all about confidence and wearing what you love will help.


Whether you’re prepping for spring cleaning or wanting to stock up on all of your family’s must haves from food to toiletries, Presidents’ Day weekend is a great time to check things off of your list! has everything at fantastic prices, and you can also shop in bulk through Sam’s Club! Both stores are offering big kicks online this weekend when you shop through your Shopkick app.


I have spring fashion on my mind thanks to upcoming trips {LINK TO TRAVEL BLOG} and the arrival of warmer temperatures, which means I’m already looking at spring fashion. Wedding season, spring break, and every day in between, pick up new pieces online from Forever 21 with Shopkick!


If you’re planning to relax this weekend and catch up on your must-watch list, consider purchasing a subscription to Hulu! Some of the best shows are streamed through them, and you can also rediscover old shows and movies you haven’t seen in ages. It sounds like my kind of weekend! While you’re watching, you can also browse online for new home décor with Amazon Home, Overstock, and Big Lots.

Kids’ Style:

How often do you spot styles meant for kids and think, “I wish they made that in my size?” It comes to mind all the time for me! While that might not happen, there is still so much enjoyment to experience while shopping for your favorite kids at Carter’s and OshGosh B’gosh! This weekend, both brands are offering double the kicks when you make purchases in store with Shopkick.

How are you spending your Presidents’ Day weekend? We hope you earn MONUMENTAL kicks!

5 Benefits of Shopping with QVC

I have to be honest, I’m a self-admitted shopaholic. I can’t resist the urge to freshen up my wardrobe, makeup, and home décor every time beautiful autumn rolls around. Maybe it’s because I love the feeling of entering each new year as a better version of myself, and I feel I can put my best foot forward with a transformation in my style. One of my favorite places to shop with Shopkick as I add to my style each year is likely a brand you’ve heard of before: QVC.

QVC does the famous live streaming on TV where you could always find your mother and grandmother shopping using their remote and telephones. But, one thing most people don’t know is they have started to cater to younger generations too, and they are simply AMAZING. I love shopping on QVC, preferably through their online e-commerce website, because they make it incredibly easy to shop and pay. Here are 5 benefits and reasons why I will always shop on QVC:

Live Stream – Product Demos

QVC has a wonderful marketing strategy of providing live streams of all product demos that they continuously update on their website and YouTube. They also show their live streams on television. You can see your products being displayed in real time, like the host twirling in the perfect cashmere sweater or a model getting airbrushed with the right foundation shade. It’s a great way to see the products in action!


QVC offers all types of products, and they deliver the best selection in all things home, fashion, beauty, tech and more! Inventory is added daily, so you can always find exactly what you are looking for and even some things you didn’t realize you were looking for!

Quality and Top Designer Brands

With brands such as Vince Camuto, Josie Martin, and Dooney & Bourke, it’s no wonder QVC is known for selling quality, designer products. Whether I am shopping for a new purse, shoes, or even a vacuum, I know I’m getting the best quality there is! That’s what they stand for: Quality, Value, Convenience.

Flex Pay

QVC offers an easy-to-pay option that breaks up your payments into smaller but more frequent payments if the original sum is too much for you! Instead of paying around $1,000 for an already great deal on a new Apple MacBook Air, I can space out 6 payments of $168. This takes the stress out of purchasing and allows me to get what I need, when I need it!

Daily Deals

QVC runs promotions for a handful of products every day that they call “Today’s Special Value.” I always check for these special deals because they usually have wonderful products at incredibly affordable prices like insulated totes, new Amazon tablets, and cozy home décor.

Since 1986, QVC has provided the most trusted source of brand name fashion, home, and beauty products to millions of shoppers worldwide. The best part of QVC is their approach to home shopping that offers true-to-word Quality, Value, and Convenience. Whether you are looking for a durable and colorful kitchen pan set, the perfect cashmere cardigan for fall, or a flawless foundation shade, QVC will show you the brand names and products you can trust and will treasure for years to come. Now you can earn kicks for every $1 spent when you purchase through QVC using your Shopkick app.

Happy Shopkicking!