Five Tips for Easy Meal Planning with Shopkick

My social media feeds are currently filled with families celebrating the first few days of school for their kids. It seems almost everyone embraces the harmony this season brings! One of the common fall rhythms that is back once again is new requests for meal planning tips to enjoy after busy school and activity days. Whether you are a fellow parent celebrating the school year or a young professional cooking for one, I thought now would be a great time to explore five easy ways to meal plan with Shopkick.

1. Check Pinterest:

Pinterest always feels like a treasure trove of some of the best recipes. There are plenty of recipes for food sensitive family members, quick and easy one pan, pot, or sheet options, or new ideas to try for lunch. Bon Appetit, Cookie & Kate, Food Network, and SkinnyTaste are a few of my go-to accounts to review whenever I’m searching for something new. Plus, Shopkick has three boards filled with recipes – healthy recipes, easy cooking, and sweet treats – that are definitely worth a follow!

2. Explore the Discover Tab:

As you’re searching for new ideas or planning your grocery list, check the Discover Tab in the Shopkick app! Some of the most well-loved brands share simple step-by-step recipe ideas and easy to find ingredients. Plus, the Discover Tab is also a great spot to learn about recently released products. You can’t mix up your meal routine more than when you introduce a new find!

3. Plan It Out:

I love the ease of searching digitally, but once I’ve found my what I want to try I turn to paper. I find writing each day’s meal idea into my planner is my best bet because it’s a tool I use daily, and I like viewing a full week of plans at a glance rather than a single day. Typically, I’ll try 1-2 new recipes each week, reserve a night for pizza and another to eat out, and then add in tried and true favorites for all other days. That schedule helps to broaden my meal horizons while also keeping my realistic availability in check. Once you have a plan, make your grocery list!

4. Try Ordering Groceries Online:

Once your grocery list is ready to go, the most obvious step is to shop in person. However, if you’re short on time, try ordering groceries online from a store like Walmart Grocery. You can still purchase all of the brands and ingredients you buy every week, and you can add to your cart from the comfort of your house or even your car via your phone.

5. Save Your Favorites:

After you try a new-to-you recipe, decide whether or not you and your family enjoyed it. Then take things one step further, and pin it onto a Pinterest board noting the recipes you and your family enjoy. You can also create a second board of recipes you didn’t like to help to ensure you don’t make them again even if they pop up in the future. By doing this, you will collect a great variety of options over time, which will allow meal planning to become quicker and easier!

How do you and your family plan your meals? Chime in on Facebook and let us know!