9 Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day

Summer officially arrives this weekend, and we also have another reason to celebrate – Father’s Day is on Sunday, June 21! While this year might look and feel different than in year’s past, we do still think there are plenty of ways to celebrate. After all, celebrating feels like such a highlight! Below are nine ways to celebrate Father’s Day from near and far. 

Play Mini Golf:

If you would like to adventure out, consider playing mini golf or pitch and putt at a local golf course. It’s a fun activity for parents and kids alike. Plus, it’s fairly easy to remain socially distant while you play. Which member of your family will win your round? Do you think anyone will score a hole-in-one? 

Beach Day:

If your dad loves the beach, consider spending the day on the sand by the sea! Build sandcastles, play in the water, and take a walk on the beach. Think about bringing subs to eat on the sand or stop for pizza to-go for an easy dinner with minimal cleanup. 

Backyard Games:

Turn Father’s Day into a mini competition in your backyard! Play backyard games, like corn hole and Jenga, create an obstacle course, DIY a slip-n-slide, or play in your pool (if you have one!). There are plenty of options for backyard fun at home.

Relaxation Station:

Is your dad craving a break? Surprise him with a day in which your family members let him take the day off. Set up a hammock so he can read, listen to music, or nap. Think about making him lunch or dinner too. He’ll end his day feeling refreshed and ready to start playing again!

Movie Night:

Whether you watch a movie no one in your family has seen or one you all love to watch together, plan a screening inside or outside with a projector. For even more fun, let dad choose which movie he wants to watch! Bonus points if it’s from his childhood because it will serve as a fun introduction to a classic for kids. 


You can choose to go camping at a campsite or a park, or you can pitch a tent in your backyard. Share stories, enjoy a barbecue, and don’t forget to make s’mores. If you would rather camp inside that’s doable – just create your own campsite in your family room!


The Home Depot has plenty of DIY ideas you can easily make with dad! Take a peek at their site, stop by your local store for all of the supplies, and start building your creation together. 


Summer is synonymous with grilling, and we know many dads who love to cook the entire menu. Make all of his favorites! If you’re looking for new recipes, try your hand at grilling fruit. All Recipes has a great how-to!

Zoom or Driveway Happy Hour: 

If you can’t spend the day with dad, schedule a happy hour or dinner over Zoom! It’s not quite the same as being in person, but it does feel great to “see” each other. You will still be able to enjoy plenty of conversation! If you want to gather but at a safe social distance, host a happy hour in your driveway, ask everyone to bring their own beverages, and set up your own chairs 6’ apart.

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Top Three Last Minute Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day

It’s official, we have entered into the final days of our countdown to Father’s Day because this Sunday, June 16, is for dads! If you’re feeling as though it was just January and suddenly we’re about to experience the middle of June, I am right there with you. In case the fact that the year feels like it’s flying by has officially caught up with you and you’re not quite ready to celebrate, I thought I would help you get back on track. Below, let’s chat through three simple, easy, fun, and completely doable last minute gifts and ways to celebrate Father’s Day with your dad with a little help from Shopkick!

1. Go on a Scavenger Hunt

If you’re on a budget but still hoping to do something fun, go on a kick scavenger hunt with your dad! Visit stores like Target, Walmart, or even the grocery store and see how many kicks you can earn by scanning throughout the store. You can even split up, set a timer, and see who can earn the most if you would like to have a friendly competition! If staying at home feels more your speed, open the app and view lookbooks and videos together. You can still enjoy a competition, and you will still earn kicks because they’re hidden throughout the content on the Discover tab! May the best shopkicker win! Shopkick Tip: You only need to earn 250 kicks to redeem for your first gift card, which can be earned in a single errand run!

2. See a Game with SeatGeek

In my opinion, experiences are always more enjoyable than things. This year, skip the tie and explore SeatGeek. You can purchase tickets to games, concerts, and more, and you could very well score tickets to enjoy on Father’s Day. Of course, another option is to purchase tickets and wrap them or simply place them in a card for you and your dad to enjoy together soon. Your dad will be thrilled time with you is on the horizon! Shopkick Tip: Make sure you shop for tickets on SeatGeek with your Shopkick app! Through this weekend, you can earn BIG KICKS per $1 spent, and you won’t want to miss out.

3. Stock Up on Tech

Dads love tech, and so do we! If you would like to check out the latest gadgets, plan an afternoon out together to explore everything Best Buy has to offer. He can view new televisions in person, finally purchase the new camera he’s been eyeing just in time for summer vacation season, stock up on phone accessories, buy a new printer (perhaps one to print family photos!), say “yes” to a new appliance, explore new movies and television shows, and so much more. Shopkick Tip: Once his cart is full and you’re checking out, make sure to present your Shopkick Best Buy QR code to the cashier before they click “total”! You will earn plenty of kicks, and you might just be able to redeem for a gift card too!

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