Race Prep: Get Ready for Black Friday in 5 Steps

For years, Thanksgiving has nabbed my number one spot for Favorite Holiday. From baking pies with my best friend the night before to gathering together with my family for dinner on Thanksgiving, I love everything about it! With that said, there’s always one moment I enjoy most: Black Friday prep during Thanksgiving morning. This is like my Super Bowl.

Just like a runner training for a race, Black Friday is all about the prep! In order for you to not only survive but thrive during the biggest shopping weekend of the year, I thought I would share my five best tips with you. Consider this a peek inside my own personal Black Friday Shopkick game plan!

1. Gather:

Before you set out on your Black Friday race, put together a list of all of your gift ideas for your friends and family. Throughout the year, I tend to keep a running list of ideas in my phone. Just before Black Friday, I’ll explore my ideas, pull out the ones I think will work best, and create a holiday gift guide in my phone to refer back to as I jump from store-to-store. I find this list is a great way to feel organized and focused rather than waiting for inspiration to strike.

2. Plan:

Every year on Thanksgiving morning, I turn on the annual parades and peruse all of the Black Friday ads. I cannot be the only one who gets a serious adrenaline rush when I spot items on my list that are going to be on sale! Once I’ve viewed all of the ads and pulled my favorites, I create a route. This piece is key. Knowing which stores I will visit (and which ones will be offering big kicks when I use Shopkick!) helps me plan my route ahead of time rather than making rash decisions while I’m driving in the dark. I tend to visit my furthest point first and then shop my way closer to home. Pro Tip: Review how to earn kicks on Shopkick if you’re feeling a little rusty, visit the Explore page for tons of inspiration, and make sure you’re signed up for emails from Shopkick to be among the first to know when new deals drop!

3. Fuel:

Your list is prepped and ready, but are you? If you’re planning to be the first to nab a great deal, this is the time to bring out the camping year. Find your beach chair, grab a sleeping bag, and don’t forget a lantern, charger, and snacks! If you’re going to be waiting outside for your number one store to open, make sure you have all of the fuel you will need. This is the time to let your inner Boy or Girl Scout shine. Those scouting badges are about to be worth their weight in gold.

4. Pace:

Just like a race, Black Friday is a marathon not a sprint. My family and I tend to enjoy an earlier dinner together, which means I can visit my first store (or stores!) on Thanksgiving night (I can’t say I’ve ever camped before a store opening, but I definitely do know how to prep for one – see above!). I love crossing a few gifts off of my list just before Black Friday’s official start because it means I can stop for breakfast in the morning before the rest of my shopping commences. Also, I never panic if I can’t find an item or a size is sold out. Cyber Monday is (literally!) on the horizon, and I know I won’t miss out on the deal.  

5. Medal:

Once your car is filled with merriment and you have earned hundreds of kicks while using Shopkick in stores (and online!), it’s safe to say you will have earned your Black Friday medal. Seriously, you’re about to be on your way to having Expert Shopper Status, and that deserves a reward. Cash in your kicks for a gift card to your favorite store, and make sure to treat yourself. You did it!

Let’s crush Black Friday, Shopkickers! It’s time to get on the race course.