Join the battle to defend net neutrality

Our free and open Internet is at risk. We’re proud to join the fight to defend online freedom during the Internet-wide day of action to save net neutrality, July 12.

What is Net Neutrality?

Right now we have access to every website from every Internet connection in the world.  This democratization of information is easy to gloss over and often taken for granted.  After all, this is all we know – the Internet started this way and has always been this way. Net Neutrality is the basic principle that protects our free speech on the Internet.

What are we fighting for?

Today, this very fundamental right is under threat.  The companies that provide the underlying Internet network connections (telecom and cable companies mostly) want to charge more for our right to access certain websites depending on the content within them.  This will mean that the Internet will become more like cable TV, and will offer premium ‘channels/websites’ for an additional fee.  Without net neutrality, cable companies don’t have to let you use the best things on the Internet; they can force you to use their things unless you pay additional fees. In other words, instead of improving services, cable companies can just make other people’s services worse.

This image from Software Engineering Daily displays what the future will look like without net neutrality:

Internet with and without net neutrality

At Shopkick, we proudly join many major tech companies including Facebook, Google, and Amazon in the fight to save Net Neutrality. Together, we can stop censorship and corruption.

On July 12, the Internet is joining forces to let the government and the world know that the Internet must remain a place of freedom; and should not become like cable TV.  Join the fight to ensure that every website is treated the same, and stop cable companies from charging extra for the content you enjoy today.

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