How to Create a Kansas City and Tampa Inspired Super Bowl Menu

The Super Bowl kicks off this Sunday, February 7, as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers face off against the Kansas City Chiefs! In between choosing the team we will cheer on, learning more about the first poet to perform at a Super Bowl (we’re looking at you, Amanda Gorman), and replaying all of The Weeknd’s hit songs prior to the Super Bowl Halftime Show, we’re in the middle of planning our menus. So, what should you drink and eat on Sunday? Here are the key menu items to include if you want to honor Tampa and Kansas City!



Kansas is known for a classic drink most often enjoyed in the morning – coffee! Think about brewing your go-to brand and enjoying it hot or with ice. If you would prefer to sip on something alcoholic, you’ll want to turn to beer. Kansas is known for their breweries!


You can never have too many appetizers, so we recommend adding barbecue ribs, fried chicken, and onion rings to your menu. The first two don’t need any additional explanation, but onion rings make the list because they’re often included in a famous sandwich called the Z-Man, which involves brisket with barbecue sauce, provolone cheese, and the infamous onion rings.   

Main Course: 

This main course may sound like an odd pairing, but chili and cinnamon rolls are a favorite in Kansas! You’ll tick off your sweet and savory boxes with this course. 


Of course, a Super Bowl menu wouldn’t be complete without dessert, so you’ll want to turn to pie! This is where your Kansas City and Tampa menus can easily overlap because pie is a popular choice in Florida too.



For non-alcoholic fun, you will want to start your Super Bowl celebrating by toasting with glasses of orange juice – a Florida favorite. If you do want to add an alcoholic drink to your menu, a Mojito is the way to go!


Tampa is home to a number of great spots to stop for tacos, so salsa is a must for your first course. Rather than serving a traditional recipe, make it mango!

Main Course:

Cuban sandwiches are a Tampa favorite, so it gets the nod for the main course! A Cuban sandwich is made by combining salami, ham, pork, cheese, and fixings together (here’s a great recipe!). Think about cutting the sandwich into halves or quarters to make things more bite-sized.


As we mentioned above, celebrate Tampa and Kansas City together by serving pie for dessert. Key Lime pie is a favorite in the Sunshine State!

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